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Manicure Tools
  • Manicure Tools
  • Diamancel Callus Conqueror #20 File 1 ea
    Diamancel Callus Conqueror #20 File 1 ea
    A unique line of genuine files. Effective, Durable and Washable! Use as your first step! This powerful file will safely sand-off hard corns and calluses. Ideal for dry, thick, cracked heels. Use on dry feet. Made in Canada.
  • 6-Piece Grooming Case
    6-Piece Grooming Case
    A compact case of essentials, every Dopp kit should include this six-piece manicure set. Includes a cuticle cleaner, small nail clipper, two scissors, a file, and tweezers, housed in an ultra-suede case. Ecru.
  • VIOLENT LIPS The Leopard
    VIOLENT LIPS The Leopard
    One pack of Violent Lips contains three applications. The ultimate form of self-expression, Violent Lips temporary lip appliqués will give you a perfectly patterned pout that will last through the night. The vitamin-enhanced, FDA-approved appliqués last four to eight hours and are easy to apply to lips of all sizes.
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