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  • Elegant Touch Professional 6 Way File
    Elegant Touch Professional 6 Way File
    The Elegant Touch Professional 6 Way File is a multi-tasking nail file that will leave your nails perfectly neatened and smoothed. The different surfaces will file, shape, smooth, buff and shine your nails to leave them manicure-ready in an instant. L.M. Brand: Elegant Touch.
  • Tweezerman Sole Mates Dual Sided Foot File, Pink 1 ea
    Tweezerman Sole Mates Dual Sided Foot File, Pink 1 ea
    The secret of the Sole Mates dual sided foot file is its uniquely shaped, built in magnetic case. Two expert tools fit together perfectly for clean compact storage. Each side provides a specialized tool experience for expert pedicure maintenance: The Stainless Steel Micro File expertly removes calluses & rough skin. The Nickel Finishing File buffs skin to touchably soft smoothness. The sleek, high quality design is ideal for home & travel. "No Mess" compartment catches shavings and empties easily. Pamper feet with this pedi pair treat. Patent pending.
  • Camo Nail File
    Camo Nail File
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    Superdry Camo nail file. Twin pack of nail files in a camouflage design, featuring the iconic Superdry logo. Complete with their own embossed ziplock storage pouch.
  • Jessica Nails Jessica Professional Emery Boards - Soft Nails
    Jessica Nails Jessica Professional Emery Boards - Soft Nails
    Designed for soft weak and flaking nails, Jessica Professional Emery Boards for Soft Nails contains two professional emery boards designed specifically for the needs of weakened nails. Natural nails are composed of delicate layers that seal together for strength, so using the wrong nail file can separate and damage these layers resulting in flaking and peeling nails. Jessica Professional Emery Boards for Soft Nails have been created to address weakened nails, helping build stronger, healthier tips. Directions of use: Gently file in one direction. Do not 'saw' back and forth. Avoid filing into the sides of your nail as they provide strength and support. The shape of the free edge of the nail should reflect the shape of your cuticle. Filing your nails as recommended, using the correct emery board will promote healthy growth. Toe nails should be filed straight across to avoid ingrowing nails. Brand: Jessica Nails.
  • FOREVER 21 Manicure Set
    FOREVER 21 Manicure Set
    Style Deals - This Love & Beauty manicure set features all the essential tools you need for a great at-home manicure: a double-sided nail file, nail clippers, manicure brush, scissors, and tweezers. It's packaged in a clear case with a slide lock for easy travel. Length of tools 2.5” - 3.75” Imported.
  • VIOLENT LIPS The Pink Leopard
    VIOLENT LIPS The Pink Leopard
    One pack of Violent Lips contains three applications. The ultimate form of self-expression, Violent Lips temporary lip appliqués will give you a perfectly patterned pout that will last through the night. The vitamin-enhanced, FDA-approved appliqués last four to eight hours and are easy to apply to lips of all sizes.
  • Tweezerman Zip Files
    Tweezerman Zip Files
    TweezermanZip Files, PinkDetailsColorful fashion file extends for use and retracts to stay clean and protected in its lightweight travel case. With just a flick of the thumb the easy to use "zip tab" slides the file out for quick nail fixes. Practical, unique and fun. The only file on the market with a zip tab.
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