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  • Design im Dorf - Fire-Enchantment fire wood carrier
    Design im Dorf - Fire-Enchantment fire wood carrier
    The next winter comes – and firewood for the chimney comes from the outside into the house with the Fire-Enchantment carrier. The Fire-Enchantment firewood carried by Deisgn im Dorf is also suitable to transport other things, such as magazines. After it was used, the carrier for firewood designed by Annegret Ewert-Wurster in Germany can be stored space saving, since it is easily foldable.
  • Hey Sign - Fireplace Wood Basket with handle
    Hey Sign - Fireplace Wood Basket with handle
    The fireplace-wood-basket by Hey Sign is an innovative basket made of felt. Some people would call the basket a bag, because it does not have any massive walls or pads, but is only made of felt. The design of the basket is plain, it is unexpected robust and holds the weight without any problems. And it is easy to clean. The design equals the material, which seems effective and affects in plain quality. And also in the object area comes the positive character made of felt. It is pervious to air, sound absorbing, heat insulating and through its natural fat content dirt-repellent. And the best: The felt of Hey Sign is made of 100% pure new wool and is also pure new wool environmentally absolutely harmless. And so the felt plays its qualities also in the shape of a fireplace-wood basket. The basket is unexpected robust and holds the weight of many logs without any problem. And the basket is easy to clean. This characteristics allow the design of the fireplace-wood basket of Hey Sign, if the felt wouldn't be as robust as it is, the design couldn't be as light as it is. The fireplace-wood basket by Hey Sign can also be ordered with a humble material strength of 3 mm. And it is available in every Hey Sign colour.
  • Raumgestalt - Woodtower
    Raumgestalt - Woodtower
    Heating with wood – a pleasant atmosphere emerges. But… where to hide the wood? The WoodTower invites to fill it with wood-logs. So your wood will always be there, when it’s needed and it will furthermore look elegant. This means, the wood-stand will not only be practical to store wood, but it will also present wood elegantly. To ensure safe stand, the WoodTower possesses short cross struts. WoodTower will also stand alone with this construction, if it is not filled with wood. The design has been coined by Franz Maurer, in two different sizes and out of dark steel, so that the ambience is given a warm atmosphere that is even emphasized by the comfortable appearance of wood.
  • Iittala - Kaasa Fireplace
    Iittala - Kaasa Fireplace
    Kaasa is a bioethanol working fireplace for the interior and exterior illumination from Iittala. The design was coined by the Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanem. Kaasa is made out of heat resistant glass and stainless steel by Iittala. Initially, Kaasa was an historical sea-sign (Baken), which stool along the Bothnia sea coast before. They were manufactured out of stone or wood and were similar to wooden piles of fireplaces before burning. Some Kaasas were sea signs for sailors, others marked good fishing areas, Sometimes there was fire set near Kaasas, to keep enemies away. At the end of the 19th century Kaasas lost their meaning and were replaced by lighthouses. Ilkka Suppanem created a new interpretation of these historical sea signs for the Finnish manufacturer Iittala. The word “Kaasa” comes from the Finnish concept “kasa” which means pile or bunch. More details: Kaasa is adapted to be used in rooms at normal temperatures (15 to 25 °C). It shouldn’t be used at places with direct sun income or near warmth sources. It has to be mounted so that no direct wind comes to it, e.g. In front of an open door or an open window. The room, where Kaasa is used in, shouldn’t have less than 25 m² of area or 60 m³ of volume and it has to be sufficiently aired. Kaasa shouldn’t be used as heater.
  • Radius Design - Wall Flame II
    Radius Design - Wall Flame II
    Sitting at long winter evenings near the open chimney, who doesn’t dream about it? Something usual but rather inefficient at our grandmother’s days is a luxury today. The “Home Flame collection” offers flame romanticism on a bio-ethanol base for every demand. The combustion chamber with its ceramic sponge inside of it guarantees an especially beautiful, even flame game and simple availability until the last drop. The through thought construction allows an independent and free placing.
  • Radius Design - Wall Flame I
    Radius Design - Wall Flame I
    Sitting at long winter evenings at the open chimney flame, who does not dream about it? What was an everyday use in our grandmothers’ days, and rather inefficient regarding the warming function, is luxury today. The „Home Flame Collection“ offers flame romanticism on a bio ethanol base for every demand and purse. The burning chamber with its ceramic sponge inside, guarantees an especially beautiful, uniform flame game and a simple operation readiness until the last drop. The through thought construction allows an independent and free placing. “Wall flame I” is mounted at the wall and assumes playfully a convincing jewellery function, besides its original one. This elegant, controlled flammable wall board delights the viewer and makes the room wall much prettier. The burning chamber convinces through its low fuel use (approx. 500 Ml per hour). Also during low filling level, Wall Flame creates uniform flames and protects the light-facility even with a low reserve. At the housing there is only an extremely low heat development and thanking the double-wall building of the burning chamber there will always be optimal safety. The regulating flaps are step-less adjustable and the special ceramic burner stands for timeless and never ending usage. As fuel, Wall Flame needs liquid bio ethanol 96% denatured with 1% mek. That essentially becomes water steam and carbon dioxide. It is not necessary to use thickening like gels and pastes. Therefore it is a clean burning without traces.
  • Menu Design Menu - Fire Bucket
    Menu Design Menu - Fire Bucket
    With the Fire Bucket, Menu presented a product, which makes nostalgic feelings modern again: With the bucket, minimalistic design enters fireplaces. Once the oil container has been filled, the Fire Bucket will shine from inside: The bucket serves as light source that spreads the cosy feeling of fireplaces and torches – in clear Nordic design, which is always unobtrusive. The large version spreads its light from the ground, while the high version with carrying handle can also be hanged. The Fire Bucket by Menu can also be used as robust transport or storage possibility for all kinds of things, since it is made of stainless steel and has a handle in the high edition. The Menu Fire Buckets are especially emphasized in combination with the Fire Torches by the Danish manufacturer Menu.
  • Iittala - Fireplace
    Iittala - Fireplace
    Iittala presents a completely new product with the fireplace by Ilkka Suppanen – a fireplace for inside of the house. With this fireplace you can bring a comfortable fireplace inside of the house, completely without wood and a chimney. You can place the fireplace wherever you want. With its size, the fireplace can also be placed on tables or commodes. The fire creates a pleasant light everywhere, as well as a comfortable atmosphere. The fire burns inside of the bent glass panel and inside of a metal bowl. This is why it is saved and protected. The mythic and wild fire is controlled inside of the fireplace and only available for you, as relaxation pole, to inspire you in your own four walls. Fireplace is powered with bio-ethanol and burns scent-free as well as without carbon! The concept Bioethanol refers to only 100% ethanol or denatured ethanol. More details: Design: Ilkka Suppanen. Material: Glass, steel. Measurements: H 38 cm , L 43 cm. For indoor use only. Only use with a minimum safety distance of 0.5 m from walls, curtains, roof ceilings, as well as other inflammable materials as for example candles. Place on a horizontal and resistant surface. Keep away from the reach of children and pets. Not to be used as heater or cooking item. The exterior surfaces get hot, the risk o burns because of touching while it is on. Do not place on windy and hot places or on windowsills or near other electronic devices. The minimum room size is 25 m² or a room content of 60 m³
  • Conmoto - Muro Fireplace
    Conmoto - Muro Fireplace
    Out of glass fibre concrete, cast in a purist form and combined with fine stainless steel and glass, Muro is a minimalist fireplace for liquid bio-alcohol. The material and the form make its place versatile – on the floor, the sideboard, in the garden and everywhere in the house. With the included shapely stainless steel hook, the burn-tank can be adjusted step-less. It lies beside the fireplace or can be hanged at the wall through the hole at the handle.
  • artepuro - wipster wood stacker
    artepuro - wipster wood stacker
    It is art to store wood logs so that they apparently fit in a room ambience. The wooden logs stacker “wipster” by artepuro succeeds in creating a balance between a room-designing stele and a practical helper. The steel walls facing each other in “wipster” are flexible and they become an asymmetric V with every new log. The wooden logs which wedge when they are stacked, make up a resistant tower in the artepuro wipster. The sculptural accent of wipster furthermore emerges with the natural surface of the black steel: Its fine grain remains unchanged because of an elaborated procedure. Hereby the material is sealed with a special kind of oil instead of being powder coated or lacquered. The oil enters the structure deeply and it lets the surface untouched.
  • Radius Design - Uni Flame
    Radius Design - Uni Flame
    Sitting on long winter evenings on the open fireplace, who does not dream about this? What has been daily life and a inefficient warmth as it was at grandmothers times: Today it is luxury. The »Home Flame Collection« offers flame romantic on a bio-ethanol basis for every demand. The burning box with its ceramic sponge in the inside guarantees a very beautiful, equal flame game and simple availability u to the last drop. The thought through construction offers an independent and free placing.
  • Safretti - Cube Fireplace
    Safretti - Cube Fireplace
    As a pillar standing completely alone or as single block on the floor – the designer Jan des Bouvrie has designed a timeless and versatile fireplace for Safretti with Cube. It unifies simplicity, emotion and warmth. The Safretti Cube fireplace runs with the environmental friendly bio ethanol. With its clean burning, no smoke, smells or black carbon will emerge. Also traces won’t appear, The burner sits in a natural stone housing in Cube. Burner and lid are made out of brushed and stainless steel. The burner itself is extractable and possesses a capacity of 2 litres, this is equal to a burning time of 8-10 hours. Cube from Safretti is available in three sizes that differ in their size. The smaller fireplaces can furthermore be expanded or increased with an additionally available module.
  • Ponton - Fireplace
    Ponton - Fireplace
    Your bread on a stick should you still roast on the bonfire, but otherwise the Ponton Fireplace brings all fascinating facets of open light to your house - without chimney and hood. The fireplace works with usual burning gel. The heart of the glassy object is a stainless steel construction, which is floating screwed together with the glasscylinder. It has the burning box, whos cover has a motif which reminds of logs. It makes the flame picture more inersting and looks very good without fire. Of course the Ponton Fireplace is - in a cold condition - mobile and can also be used in the outside. Turning he fire can be made with the including metal plate. The burning time of the tank filling takes, depending on the burning gel, one to one and a half hours. In 2006 the Ponton Fireplace ("Geniol" Fireplace at that time) has been awarded with the Design Plus Award and received gold at the DDC-Award.
  • d-zn Artificial - Firekeeper
    d-zn Artificial - Firekeeper
    In cooperation with Knud Holscher, the company d-zn designed the Firekeeper; an inimitable blaze tool to make and keep a fire in the oven, fireplace and barbeque grill. The “Firekeeper “can be used as flame blower or as rabble and functions through simple blowing through the tube in the blaze. The combination of the optimal length and air flow makes the Firekeeper an effective tool, which is really easy to handle. The tube of Firekeeper is painted black, the mouth-piece and end-piece are silver.
  • Radius Design - Floor Flame
    Radius Design - Floor Flame
    »Floor Flame« can be placed freely into any room. Simply shaped it suits any ambience. When burning it looks like a flaming piece of art - makes heads turn and warm hearts.
  • wodtke - woodwall
    wodtke - woodwall
    This is how wood becomes a real eye-catcher: The woodwall by wodtke offers endless combination possibilities and it upgrades indoor rooms as well as outdoor areas evocatively. The cubic form of the woodwall offers geometric esthetics, connected to high utility. The more wood is to be stored, the more woodwall elements are added or removed. You fantasy is not limited when it comes to arrange the wodtke woodwall: This is how a room-economic woodwall or wooden bench becomes a stylish eye-catcher in an instant. The single elements of the woodwall can be transported easily. This is how it will be possible now to get more supply, to transport wood to the fireplace or to re-arrange your woodwall in a few seconds. The wodtke woodwall is suitable for wood-lengths of 25 to 33 cm. This much practice utility and creativity has be honored: Already shortly after the market-insertion, the wodtke woodwall has been honored with the Interior Innovation Award 2012 as “innovative top-performance”.
  • Carl Mertens - Fireplace
    Carl Mertens - Fireplace
    With the light object fireplace, created by the design student Gido Wahrmann, Carl Mertens is interpreting the archetype fire totally new and brings “fire” into the living area. Two stainless steel cylinders take over the function of the burning logs. They form together with a very unobtrusive bottom plate of shale an extraordinary light object for which design lovers will have a burning desire. The fireplace has an original character. In ancient times, it was necessary to surviving and provided energy, light and warmth and has always been pretty much fascinating for human mankind. The new light object by Carl Mertens reminds on the archaic origin and creates a bonfire atmosphere for modern nomads. Behind the reduced optic of the fireplace, there is hidden a very sophisticated technique. The high quality manufactured cylinders which are 18,5 cm long and made of stainless steel have got glass fibre wicks. Those wicks suck the lamp oil out of little tanks which is hidden in the closed part of the cylinder and ensure thus evenly spread light. The length of the wick can be changed. The tank can be opened and refilled easily. The stainless steel cylinders are positioned on a sealed shade plate which emphasizes the beautiful material. The extraordinary light object has been created within the project “light in the table top area” which took place between two German design schools. The uncommon creation of design student Gido Wahrmann brought enthusiasm to Carl Wahrmann. Wahrmanns idea has immediately been adapted and is now industrially produced in high quality stainless steel and the production halls of Solingen.
  • Conmoto - Teras P Fire Irons
    Conmoto - Teras P Fire Irons
    The straight-lined, 4 pieces chimney cutlery Teras P by Conmoto gets its visual weightlessness from the connection of stainless steel and glass. Thereby, Teras P picks up the contemporary, valuable living trend. The design was coined by Sebastian David Büscher. Conmoto manufactures the chimney cutlery Teras P out of powder coated steel. The handles consist of stainless steel. The middle part of the holding is made out of smoked glass which offers modern weightlessness to the construction. The 4-part chimney cutlery Teras P consists of a poker, tongs, a shovel and a sweep which are delivered altogether with a suitable holder.
  • Radius Design - Table Flame
    Radius Design - Table Flame
    The fireplace Table Flame from Radius is a small, weightless and mobile table fireplace, a so called „fire to take away“ for every romantic event. At home, with friends, in the vacation domicile or in the office: This beautiful flame game fits on every table top. The fireplace Pure Flame from Radius is the heart of the series. Place your burning chamber in a suitable place and enjoy the game of the flames.
  • artepuro - chimney grate Burning Wood
    artepuro - chimney grate Burning Wood
    The chimney grate Burning Wood from artepuro is functional and easy to handle. This special combination of materials steel and stainless steel emphasizes the sophisticated, prize awarded look from Burning Wood. The centric lowered deposit bars avoid slipping chimney wood. The Weber-Signet guarantees the uniqueness of the chimney grate and promises uncountable warming moments in front of the fire thanks to its long lasting. The chimney grate Burning Wood from artepuro was honoured with the Design Plus Award and was nominated with the German design price in the year 2006. An additionally fitting ashes-container made out of powder coated steel is also available.
  • Radius Design Radius-Design - Firewood trolley
    Radius Design Radius-Design - Firewood trolley
    This firewood trolley can be used inside as well as outside. It stores your fire wood in a classy way. You can place it either horizontally or vertically – just as you like it. In combination with the wood plate, the firewood trolley can be transformed into a bench or into a fancy bar table at your next garden party. The firewood trolley measures 110 cm in length, 41 cm in width and 41 cm in height. The trolley is available in two versions: Wood/stainless steel or wood/steel, galvanised and powdered. The delivery takes place without wood board and decoration.
  • Sompex - Standing Fireplace
    Sompex - Standing Fireplace
    The standing fireplace by Sompex keeps its flames in a “small frame” – this is practical, pretty and mustn't remain where you placed it. The standing fireplace by Sompex is detached, independent and unbounded to where it stands. It can change its position uncomplicated and without any problems contrasting a fixed chimney in house walls. Furthermore it can stand freely and it doesn’t need a back-wall for stability. This has for a consequence that the standing fireplace from Sompex can be admired from every side. Sompex's standing fireplace consists of metal and it is black or white lacquered. The high quality safety glass holds the flames in a “small frame”, ensuring that the fire spreads its calm atmosphere harmlessly for the own home. The standing chimney by Sompex is only suitable to be used inside.
  • artepuro - Takibi table fireplace
    artepuro - Takibi table fireplace
    A fire for contemporaneous nomads! The Takibi table fireplace was designed by Michael Koenig for artepuro. Takibi burns with bio ethanol, smoke-free and odourless. Thanks to an adjustable burning box, the fireplace reaches a burning time of up to 2.5 hours. The Tabiki design is characterized by arbitrary graceful linear structures. Takibi is the prehistoric instinct of surrounding a fireplace-interpretation of Michael Koenig. The arbitrary crossing lines of the table fireplace remind us of a fire of London’s branches. This meaning is also shown in the name of this fireplace: Takibi comes from Japan and means fireplace. Artepuros Takibi is also available as wall- or floor fireplace.
  • Radius Design - Top Flame
    Radius Design - Top Flame
    Perfect for the exposed places: Throught the elegant Top Flame every apron, wall and every jut becomes an absolut highlight. The purism of the Top Flame by Radius Design gives the flame the optical advance. In the in- and outside, this ambiente-wonder dips the surrounding into a festive- romantic atmosphere.
  • Safretti - Prometheus Wall Fireplace
    Safretti - Prometheus Wall Fireplace
    At the design of the Prometheus, the view of an expressive artist plays a role. The solution is an outstanding design of the feather of Frans Schrofer, which is a combination of natural shapes, poetry and rhythm. The Prometheus Wall Fireplace by Safretti combines ball-shaped and cupped-shaped aluminium. It's outside is split, in a upper and lower half. The fire burns in the middle of the sculpture, which is also an fascinating view without fire. The fireplace was named after the Greek god Prometheus, who stole the other gods the fire and gave it to the human. The round model calls the feeling of the 'dividing-wanting', says Frans Schrofer, designer of the wall fireplace. Under the name Prometheus Safretti offers a whole series of wall fireplaces. They vary in their shape, colour and in the amount of the flames. Prometheus is available in long-oval (PG & PB), oval (EG & EB) or round (RG & RB). Plus there's an oval version, the two burning boards (OG & OB), and many versions with grey subshell (PG, EG, RG, OG). For the lightning of the Safretti Prometheus Wall Fireplace we recommend Bio-Alcohol.
  • Baest - Caesar wood cradle
    Baest - Caesar wood cradle
    Caesar by Baest is a beautifully shaped wood cradle that encloses the wood softly. The round shape that balances its load with ease, has a capacity of 65 litres. It is a well-designed representative of good living culture. The capacity of the Caesar wood cradle secures the firewood supply for several evenings full of relaxation. The firewood is placed next to the oven, that’s practical and decorative and the wood is always within reach. The highly functional wood storage Caesar is made of strong and tough steel and it has been designed by the designer Anke Bernotat and her design studio Bernotat & Co. The wood cradle Caesar by Baest is also available out of stainless steel.
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