• Safretti - Cube Fireplace
    Safretti - Cube Fireplace
    As a pillar standing completely alone or as single block on the floor – the designer Jan des Bouvrie has designed a timeless and versatile fireplace for Safretti with Cube. It unifies simplicity, emotion and warmth. The Safretti Cube fireplace runs with the environmental friendly bio ethanol. With its clean burning, no smoke, smells or black carbon will emerge. Also traces won’t appear, The burner sits in a natural stone housing in Cube. Burner and lid are made out of brushed and stainless steel. The burner itself is extractable and possesses a capacity of 2 litres, this is equal to a burning time of 8-10 hours. Cube from Safretti is available in three sizes that differ in their size. The smaller fireplaces can furthermore be expanded or increased with an additionally available module.
  • Safretti - Prometheus Wall Fireplace
    Safretti - Prometheus Wall Fireplace
    At the design of the Prometheus, the view of an expressive artist plays a role. The solution is an outstanding design of the feather of Frans Schrofer, which is a combination of natural shapes, poetry and rhythm. The Prometheus Wall Fireplace by Safretti combines ball-shaped and cupped-shaped aluminium. It's outside is split, in a upper and lower half. The fire burns in the middle of the sculpture, which is also an fascinating view without fire. The fireplace was named after the Greek god Prometheus, who stole the other gods the fire and gave it to the human. The round model calls the feeling of the 'dividing-wanting', says Frans Schrofer, designer of the wall fireplace. Under the name Prometheus Safretti offers a whole series of wall fireplaces. They vary in their shape, colour and in the amount of the flames. Prometheus is available in long-oval (PG & PB), oval (EG & EB) or round (RG & RB). Plus there's an oval version, the two burning boards (OG & OB), and many versions with grey subshell (PG, EG, RG, OG). For the lightning of the Safretti Prometheus Wall Fireplace we recommend Bio-Alcohol.
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