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  • Droog Design - Inside out Bedside Table
    Droog Design - Inside out Bedside Table
    A wardrobe with the special turn: The Inside Out bedside table from Droog Design turns its inside to the outside. And the superficialities are charmingly hidden this way. Droog took the big Gerrit Rietveld as model for the Inside Out bedside table: The openly viewed construction of the abstract table will delight. And the outside, turned to the inside, will store all kinds of utensils. Droog Design produces the Kuniko Maeda made Inside Out bedside table out of beech wood and steel. The consequent turn naturally shows all the screws and plastic joints.
  • Tojo Cube Night Stand
    Tojo Cube Night Stand
    Cube is a night stand and it feels best next to a bed of Tojo, named Tojo system, Tojo lieg and Tojo v. But the good piece is flexible: As telephone- and side stand is it as good as a night stand. And if you stack Cubes onto each other or put more of them next to each other, it will also work as a shelf. It is flexible because of its size and weight: To move it around is also easy and you don't need any muscles. And the massive beech wood out of which the little box is made of, makes the necessary robustness. So that its owner and viewer have a long and big enjoyment of it the wooden surface is treated with biological oil. Whatever is supposed to lay on it: Books, telephone, alarm clock, or lamp; with Cube everything is in the best hands. Besides the highest design desires the young company Tojo from Schorndorf in Baden-Württemberg counts with its designs on functionality in harmony with ecological sense of responsibility – Cube is another successful example for the success of this company.
  • Established & Sons - WrongWoods Bedside Table
    Established & Sons - WrongWoods Bedside Table
    The products family „WrongWoods“ is the result of the cooperation of the artist Richard Woods with the designer Sebastain Wrong. Established & Sons distributer the furniture pieces by the creative duo – among them also the WrongWoods Bedside Table. Richard Woods is famous for his striking prints. He re-interprets everyday patterns, whereby he especially focuses on abstraction. The wooden pattern which is displayed on the night table is one of his most famous and characteristic works. The construction of the night table is oriented by 1950s furniture pieces that served the designer Sebastian Wring as inspiration source. Hereby he concentrates on practicability and simplicity. Such a traditional shaping meets modern, exciting patterns for the night table WrongWoods, ensuring contrasts and making it so appealing at the same time. The night table is made out of plywood, the pattern is printed.
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