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Transform a large backyard into an inviting living and dining area. Get seating, including a few classic adirondack chairs, and an outdoor rug to get that living room feel outside. A sturdy patio umbrella over your dining set will shade you on those hot, sunny days. Add a bench for extra seating and ceramic planters to complement your garden beds. No matter the size of your outdoor space, string lights and lanterns will make relaxing outside on a starry night even more enjoyable.
  • 10" Round Onion Post with Galley - Caged
    10" Round Onion Post with Galley - Caged
    Large Onion Post with Galley 10" Globe - Caged Mdedium Base Socket Measures 12"w x 12"d x 20"h. The Onion Lantern, indoor and outdoor,hanging or wall mounted...we proudly offer the finest fixtures available! Each is handmade in Exeter New Hampshire as they have been for the last 20 years. These fixtures are solid brass or copper with a lifetime guarantee. All are UL listed
  • Nautical Post Fixture
    Nautical Post Fixture
    Nautical Collection: Post Fixture. Dimensions: 8.25"W x 8.25"D x 22"H. Pictured in Dark Brass. The Coastal Lantern, indoor and outdoor, hanging or wall mounted...we proudly offer the finest fixtures available! Each is handmade in Exeter New Hampshire as they have been for the last 20 years. These fixtures are solid brass or copper with a lifetime guarantee. All are UL listed.
  • Fresh American Trimaran Stripe Denim/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
    Fresh American Trimaran Stripe Denim/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
    Fresh American Trimaran Stripe Denim/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Pillow. Set sail for high style with our classic nautical stripe in a horde of happy hues. Spot clean. Professional cleaning recommended.
  • Uber-Fern
    Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest it seems there are ferns, ferns, ferns everywhere. They make our part of the world as lush and green as a tropical rainforest... well, we got the "rain" part right, anyway! We present UberFern for your botanical enjoyment -- inspired by and designed straight from nature to bring the forest to you, no matter where you are. This 19" x 19" indoor-outdoor pillow was handpainted with nontoxic, permanent textile paints on commercial acrylic fabric; tough enough for the great outdoors but refined enough for your fine home interiors. The overlapping envelope closure on the back allows for removal of the polyester fiberfill insert (machine washable). The cover itself may be hosed off, spot cleaned, or gently washed in cool water and laid flat to dry. How fabulous would this look on your patio, garden bench, hammock, porch swing, Adirondack chair, picnic blanket?
  • Green Lobster
    Green Lobster
    Way down under, off the coast of northern Australia, live the biggest, most scrumptuous, loveliest-shade-of-green Giant Lobsters. They can reach humongous size, and one tail can weigh up to a pound and a half, enough for three adult portions. We love to eat them, but we also love to admire their fascinating form. Handpainted on smooth commercial indoor-outdoor fabric, this fellow sports several lovely colors, ranging from sort of chartreuse-y to turquoise to deep, rich green (that's Green Yellow, Forest Green, and Turquoise Blue in Crayola-ese). Plus a few shades in between, and deep green-black for antenna and eyes. Measuring 19" square, there is a plush insert filled with polyester fiber inside a polypropylene casing. This durable fabric can weather the rain, wind, sun, sleet, pollen and global warming. Spot cleans or hoses off if needed, or gentle wash cool. Designed, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted by the artist; the first and only one just like it in the known universe. This guy would look great on your boat, deck chairs, patio, hammock, recliner or sofa -- please take him home and love him! And see how lovely he looks with his crab and seastar friends!!
  • Fresh American Trumpet Turquoise/Tangerine Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
    Fresh American Trumpet Turquoise/Tangerine Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
    Fresh American Trumpet Turquoise/Tangerine Indoor/Outdoor Pillow. Pillows that pop with personality? We've got 'em, like this cheery number in shades of tangerine, fuchsia, lemon, and azure. Measures 22-in x 16-in. Spot clean. Professional cleaning recommended.
  • Blue Mussel
    Blue Mussel
    You'd be blue too if everyone wanted to steam, bake, batter or stew you, or even eat you raw! Oh, the plight of the hapless blue mussel - just hanging onto a rock with your fellow mollusks, praying the tide comes back in before you get grabbed by a seagull, crow, predatory snail, sea star or hungry human. These blue mussel pillows were inspired by the famous Penn Cove Mussel Farm just across the water on the next island. Of course the local mussels never reach the size of these: 21" long, 11" wide and about 4" thick. These indoor-outdoor pillows are handpainted with nontoxic textile paint which is heat-set for permanence. Stuffed with lots of nice polyester fiberfill, they repel water, dust, dog hair, sun and airborne particulates. The curvy part feels great under your neck on that hammock, sofa, yard swing, or beach blanket; even the sofa or guestroom bed! Mussels look fairly non-glamorous on the outside, but inside is that gorgeous iridescent mother-of-pearl shell lining and that scrumptous yet delicate meat - yum! Maybe get two and start your own mussel farm! Designed, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted on an island in the Pacific Northwest. Each arrives in a shiny, crinkly cello bag with a glossy hangtag, ready for gifting. Enjoy!
  • Oyster Pillow
    Oyster Pillow
    "O Oysters," said the Carpenter, "You've had a pleasant run! Shall we be trotting home again?" But answer came there none - And this was scarcely odd, because They'd eaten every one. ("The Walrus and the Carpenter" by Lewis Carroll, 1872) A feast for the palate, a treat for the eyes. Lewis Carroll waxed poetic on the topic of oysters, and so could I. Here in the Pacific Northwest U.S. we have growing all around us the wild Giant Pacific Oyster, a magnificent bivalve which can reach eight inches in length. We also have the smaller Native Pacific Oyster, about three inches in length, and equally delicious! The mariculture industry in this region supports shellfish farms both huge and small, because, doggone it, people just love oysters! The local mollusks do not present us with pearls, alas, but their succulent innards sure taste great! I have always enjoyed (dare we say, craved?) these strange, gooey bivalves; and developing an apparent allergy to them has only piqued my interest. If you can't eat 'em, paint 'em! These hand-painted all-weather oyster pillows are created one at a time right next to the salty waters wherein they grow, and grow, and grow! Measurements are approximately 20"x15", firmly stuffed with fiberfill and meant to be used and enjoyed outdoors or in. The commercial upholstery fabric withstands sun, rain, wind, and atmospheric nuclear particulates. That being said, be assured that these high-quality pillows are eminently suitable for your interior spaces as well. Spot clean, spray with a garden hose, or gently launder; air dry. Designed, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted on an island north of Seattle. Due to the handcrafting process, no two oysters are just alike (as in nature). Please keep them away from walruses and carpenters.
  • New York Mermaid
    New York Mermaid
    So some of Neptune's daughters are nearsighted, OK? Why shouldn't they also enjoy the admiration of humans and be immortalized on a pillow? By request a friend of the artist from New York. The handpainted indoor-outdoor pillow is perfect for your sun deck, garden, patio or yacht. Measures 19"x19" and about 5" thick at the center. Separate fiberfill insert removes for laundering. New York Mermaid looks good with her hunky mer-guy, and ichthyatic love abounds whenever they're together. Their family includes a lovely young mermaidette daughter named Elizabeth. ( I don't know them well enough to ask just how that was accomplished.) Available in other hair and scale colors, just convo the artist. Designed, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted on an island north of Seattle, where we have quite a variety of merfolk.
  • Girl Pirate
    Girl Pirate
    Not all pirates were male, of course. A great many spunky women have become successful Nautical Acquisition and Redistribution Specialists. The prohibition against female pirates was set out in Article VI of the Pirates's Code aboard Black Bart's ship (1721), "No boy or woman to be allowed amongst them", but the temptation was evidently irresistible. In fact, there have been several famous/infamous lady pirates, even pirate captains, whose reputations endure as their legends continue to grow. So as not to frighten the children, this design features a rather benign, non-threatening version of the skeletal remains of what must have been a female pirate (would that be "pirette"?). She makes an able companion for the manly pirate pillow found in this shop. This indoor-outdoor pillow is enough to shiver anyone's timbers. Measures 19"x19" and about 5" thick at the center. Removable polyester fiberfill insert makes it a snap to clean if needed. Just spot clean, hose off, or gently launder in cool water; air dry. Created, designed, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted by a professional beachcomber living on a small island not far from Seattle. Yar!
  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee
    The fascinating Western Honey Bee's image has been supersized for your lounging and viewing enjoyment on a 19" square cushy all-weather pillow. A beautiful designer accent for your garden, deck, patio, sofa, hammock, beach blanket, Adirondack chair or seagrass mat. Painted with nontoxic, permanent, textile colors on commercial indoor-outdoor fabric, the interesting features of this industrious little creature have been realistically depicted, except for the size, that is! Her wingspan measures 15 1/2", about fifteen inches larger than the real thing. Seeing as most of the thirty to fifty thousand workers in a hive are female, it is only befitting that I, her human counterpart, worked with such dedication and industry to get this design just right for you. Her little saddlebags are bulging with pollen to feed the voracious grubs back at the hive. She may live anywhere from six weeks to four months, depending on the climate conditions, then buzz off to that great beehive in the sky knowing that she has done her part for future generations of her kind. Fluffed with half a pound of polyester fiberfill in a polypropylene casing, just spot clean, hose down or gentle wash the cover in cool water. Insert removes easily through the envelope closure overlap on the back. Not a reprint or transfer, but an artist's handpainted original. Designed, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted on a beautiful little island in Washington State, where discovering a honey bee out and about is always a source of delight. Bee happy!
  • Laguna Gazebo
    Laguna Gazebo
    Limited Edition Giclee Reproduction of 50. 20" x 24" Laguna Gazebo is a collectible museum quality reproduction printed on cotton rag paper with archival inks. The piece is hand signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Green Sea Turtle
    Green Sea Turtle
    Green Sea Turtles are found nearly worldwide, but have a select number of preferred nesting/hatching sites to which they will return as adults. Little is known of the sea turtle's first five years of life, but under favorable circumstances he or she may live to age 80. Green Sea Turtles are so named because of the color of their innards rather than outtards -- to put it bluntly, the fat of their flesh is greenish. But people wouldn't know that unless they were viewing them as dinner ingredients instead of beautiful creatures. Now they are a protected (in some places, endangered) species. If the artist may be forgiven for depicting them in deep green, please enjoy their image. This 19"x19" handpainted pillow is crafted with all-weather fabric suitable for all climates and pretty much no-maintenance. Can be hosed clean or spot cleaned or even machine-washed gentle/cool. The removable polyester fiberfill insert is generously fluffy and oh, so comfy under your head in a hammock. Or lawn chair. Or on a beach blanket. Or garden bench. .. you get the idea. Nontoxic permanent textile paints will stay fresh-looking for years, and as each pillow is handpainted they vary just a bit. Custom colors at no extra charge. Not a transfer or reprint, but an original. Designed, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted by the artist on a small island in Washington State, USA. Enjoy!
  • Coral Seastars Solo
    Coral Seastars Solo
    Gorgeous, cushy, comfy indoor-outdoor pillow for your favorite deck chair or hammock. Sea stars really are the stars of the beach, with their interesting textures, variety of colors and popularity among landlubbers and old salts alike. This starfish bunch was handpainted in luscious shades of yummy sherbet orange and mango; they look especially great on deck and patio furniture. This 19" x 19" pillow is fluffed with polyester fiberfill in a removable polypropylene casing; spot clean or gentle wash the cover, even hose it down if needed. Constructed of commercial weather-resisitent fabric and textile paints, this cushion is made to last season after season. Refined enough for indoors but tough enough for patio or sailing vessel. Looks great with other pillows in the Crabby Chris collection! A handpainted original, not a reprint, decal or transfer. Designed, painted, copyrighted, sewn, stuffed and signed by the artist on an island in Washington State. Enjoy!
  • Waves Poolside Pillow
    Waves Poolside Pillow
    Oh, yeah -- summer's on its way! Here's the perfect headrest or lumbar pillow for your chaise lounge, Adirondack chair, patio furniture, or captain's chair on your humble yacht. Measures 11"x17"x4 and features two sets of 10" ties for the slats of a cedar deck chair or the frame of an anti-gravity lounger. Fabricated of commercial indoor-outdoor fabric, handpainted with care by a habitual beach dweller, and constructed with box corners so that the fiberfill goes all the way to each corner, offering maximum comfort to go along with its good looks. If you are blessed with a swimming pool, you might need a few of these for your poolside loungers. The durable fabric stands up to sun, rain, chlorinated water, bug larvae and UV rays. Easy to spot clean, hose off or gently launder; air dry in the sun. Available in other colors; just convo the artist. Not a transfer, reprint, reproduction or decal of any kind, but individually painted by hand for you! Please allow for slight variation between pillows due to the handcraft process. Imagineered, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted on a beautiful little island north of Seattle where we never take the sun for granted!
  • Fresh American Flora Crewel Turquoise Indoor/Outdoor Pillow 22"
    Fresh American Flora Crewel Turquoise Indoor/Outdoor Pillow 22"
    Fresh American Flora Crewel Turquoise Indoor/Outdoor Pillow. We've gotten crafty with these distinctive pillows, featuring acrylic embroidery on our signature indoor/outdoor polypropylene. Bold beauty for the bedroom, the backyard, and everywhere in between! Measures 22-in x 22-in. Spot clean. Professional cleaning recommended.
  • Turquoise Sea Siren
    Turquoise Sea Siren
    In the sixteenth century it was well known that Sirens, or Mermaids, were part woman, part dolphin and part lion. They lived on the island of Anthemoessa, between Sicily and Italy. Anthemoessa was protected by huge boulders that dealt certain destruction to ships that ventured too closely. Sirens had an irresistible attraction upon humans; it is said they could shed their fish tail in order to attract men. (Sailors' wives didn't like this at all.) It is a well-known fact that countless sailors have been saved by memaids after falling overboard. However, their singing seems to present some danger. This siren wouldn't think of bringing harm to anyone. She is actually all woman, but likes to wear Spandex skirts. ( I can state this with assurance because once I saw a mermaid fish-skirt hanging out to dry on a closeline.) The all-weather mermaid pillow measures 19"x19"x5" and was hand-painted on an island in Puget Sound in Washington State. We have highly variable weather conditions here, and this indoor-outdoor pillow stands up to them all. The nontoxic textile paints are weather-proof and the cover can be spot cleaned, hosed down or gentle machine washed. Removable polyester fiberfill insert is machine washable and dryable.
  • Driftwood Birdhouse
    Driftwood Birdhouse
    Our charming driftwood bird house can add decorative detail to your indoor space or outdoors in your yard while providing a comfortable home for your local winged friend. 10" w x 13" h x 9" d.
  • Reclaimed Wooden Planter
    Reclaimed Wooden Planter
    Each Living Simplistically planter box is unique and will transform you patio or porch into an attractive area to showcase your blooms. Constructed from reclaimed driftwood. Because of the natural materials used, each driftwood planter box is unique; with no other exactly like it. 8" Diameter.
  • Egret
    A prominent member of the Heron family, the Great Egret is only slightly smaller than his cousin, the Great Blue Heron. Easily recognized in flight by the S-curve in his retracted neck, he is all white except for his black feet and yellow beak. This beautiful creature is very widely distributed along the sunbelt; he travels the world over and may be spotted in many locations on his annual Snowbird Run. The Great White has been hand painted on lightweight upholstery fabric with permanent textile paints and is suited for use on your deck, patio or garden bench as well as indoors. Measures 19" square and about 6" thick in the center. Filled with a removable polyester fiberfill insert; cover can be spot cleaned, hosed off, gently washed or dry cleaned. Insert is machine-washable and -dryable. These beautiful creatures have a five-foot wingspan and stand around three feet tall. For all their elegance in flight, they sound pretty ungraceful with their attempts to imitate a rusty castle gate. They dine upon fish, frogs, small mammals, reptiles and insects, using their bill as a spear. All menu items are swallowed whole - no teeth, I guess. They can gobble a lot of grasshoppers over their fifteen-year lifespan! Every year Mr. and Mrs. Egret hatch three or four baby 'grets; unfortunately, there is a high mortality rate due to adolescent violence extant in egret society. At least the parents have stable long-term relationships - most of them stay with their S. O. for life. In the 1800's the egret was 95% decimated by plume hunters (Vanity, thy name is headwear), and their plight helped motivate the formation of The National Audubon Society. Since 1953 the Great Egret has been the symbol of this wonderful organization. Thank you for looking.
  • Dawhoo Large Burlap Drum
    Dawhoo Large Burlap Drum
    Dawhoo Large Burlap Drum dimensions 30D x 14H. The Carolina Lowcountry, with a past heaped in history and tradition, its beauty mesmerizing, is one of the most distinct and inspiring areas in the world. Talent of Lowcountry artists have been nurtured to create what has become a unique line of artisanal lighting. Using natural materials like marsh reeds, old metals, driftwood and an unusual indigenous type of translucent oyster shell, they have crafted a collection of lighting capturing the essence and spirit of the region. Each piece is custom made upon order so each is a unique work of art.
  • Crab and Eelgrass
    Crab and Eelgrass
    Here in the Pacific Northwest beachcombers may discover the wily Dungeness crab hiding in the eelgrass or algae, attempting to avoid becoming the headliner on someone's lunch menu. After the crabs shed their exoskeleton (molt) they are soft and vulnerable for several days while the new shell hardens, so they try to maintain a low profile. This little guy will have several more molts before he reaches legal catch-able size. The mossy green algae is called rockweed, and each branch terminates in a little air pocket that keeps the plant buoyant and makes a satisfying "pop" when squeezed. This is probably the inspiration for bubblewrap. This 19" x 19" acrylic all-weather throw pillow is handpainted (not a reprint or transfer, but an original) by our artist, then stuffed with polyester fiberfill in a polypropylene casing. Wears well outdoors and in; a hose-down or spot cleaning is usually all that is required to keep it fresh. Thanks for looking, and have a snappy day!
  • Yellow Lobster
    Yellow Lobster
    First there was Larry the Lobster. David Letterman's audience saved him from death by hot tub. He is greenish until cooked; he arrives dressed in red for dinner. Next Larry appeared in blue, the rare one-in-five-million pigment-deprived variation. Now there's. .(tah-dah). .. LAWRENCE, Larry's even rarer yellow cousin, by marriage, thrice removed and twice reinstated. Lawrence's arrival changes everything; this mean that Larry is actually medium-rare! This cushy 19"x19"x5" indoor-outdoor throw pillow looks great wherever you might throw it - patio, deck, leather sofa, yacht, guest room, master suite, hammock, porch swing. The acrylic cover is durable, sun-resistant, rain resistant, bug-resistant and stain resistant. An occasional spot cleaning or hosedown with keep it looking fresh for years. The nontoxic permanent textile paint has been heat set for permanence and the hand-painted image has been signed by the artist. Lawrence's beautiful physique was inspired by a lovely golden yellow crustacean caught in Narragansett Bay by lobsterman Denny Ingram of Newport, Rhode Island. Yellow lobsters are a one in thirty million rarity, but as far as can be determined, this is the first yellow lobster pillow ever painted. If it meets with your approval, it won't be the last! Designed, painted by hand, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted by Crabby Chris on a small island in Washington State, where, alas, we have no lobsters. Except Lawrence!
  • Concord Medium Wide 3-Light Post
    Concord Medium Wide 3-Light Post
    Medium Wide Pagoda Post. 3 Candelabra Sockets. Dimensions: 12.25"W x 12.25"D x 28"H Pictured in Antique Brass. The Coastal Lantern, indoor and outdoor,hanging or wall mounted...we proudly offer the finest fixtures available! Each is handmade in Exeter New Hampshire as they have been for the last 20 years. These fixtures are solid brass or copper with a lifetime guarantee. All are UL listed.
  • Concord Large 3-Light Post
    Concord Large 3-Light Post
    Large Pagoda Post With Raised Top. 3 Candelabra Sockets. Dimensions: 9.25"W x 9.25"D x 24"H. Pictured in Antique Brass. The Coastal Lantern, indoor and outdoor,hanging or wall mounted...we proudly offer the finest fixtures available! Each is handmade in Exeter New Hampshire as they have been for the last 20 years. These fixtures are solid brass or copper with a lifetime guarantee. All are UL listed.
  • 14" Round Hanging Onion Lantern
    14" Round Hanging Onion Lantern
    A customer favorite, our Round Onion Collection offers a new perspective to the traditional onion. Assembled with a circular glass globe, this large fixture is soldered with a double barred cage and wrapped with wire to ensure durability. Crafted with a detachable globe, they are easy to maintain. This lantern (pictured in antique brass with (3) 60-watt candelabra sockets and a 14" clear globe) is an X-Large caged round onion hanging fixture and includes 36" chain and 5" canopy. All joints are securely soldered in place with precision and attention to detail. Three solid brass thumbscrews secure the hand blown glass globe in place ensuring easy removal for cleaning and bulb replacement. The Onion Lantern, indoor and outdoor,hanging or wall mounted...we proudly offer the finest fixtures available! Each is handmade in Exeter New Hampshire as they have been for the last 20 years. These fixtures are solid brass or copper with a lifetime guarantee. All are UL listed.
  • Sea Star Poolside Pillow
    Sea Star Poolside Pillow
    Believe it or not, our artist has actually found sea stars the diameter of this one, which reaches clear across this 17"x11"x4" pillow. With two sets of 10" ties sewn into the top seam, this versatile cushion can be tied to the frame of a deck lounge chair or around the slats of wooden patio furniture. (Ties are easily trimmed off with scissors if you don't wish to use them.) A comfortable headrest, and feels great in the small of your back. Add a splash of fun and hospitality to your outdoor living space! Permanent, nontoxic textile paints on commercial all-weather fabric make this plump pillow suited for your poolside, porch, or patio; but it's refined enough for your fine interior spaces as well. Not a reprint, decal, photoprocess or transfer, but individually hand painted in her seaside studio on an island north of Seattle. Easily spot cleans, hoses off, or machine washes (cool, gentle, air dry).
  • Netted Blue Crab
    Netted Blue Crab
    Genuine fishnet overlaid on the beautiful Blue Crab. A nicely textured nautical accent for your deck, patio, porch, garden, beach house or everyday living quarters. Permanent textile paint on commercial all-weather fabric will weather any storm. Authentic fishing net is also weatherproof and stands up to the elements. Measures 19"x19"x5" thick, with removable polyester fiberfill insert. This would look great aboard your yacht! Pillow may be spot cleaned, hosed off, or gently machine washed; air dry flat. Handpainted on a beautiful little island in the Pacific Northwest, where crabs outnumber humans by the thousands! Designed, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted by the artist. What an easy way to catch a crab!!
  • Fabio Crabio
    Fabio Crabio
    Here in the Pacific Northwest, the salt water is teeming with an embarrassing abundance of scrumptuously edible critters. Many people claim the most delicious of them all is the Dungeness crab. This fellow is flashing his pre-"hot tub" live caught coloration -- orangish purplish brownish with cream; as soon as he hits the simmering water he'll turn orange all over. This handpainted indoor-outdoor pillow was designed and fabricated by an avid crabber who has been known to verbally assault the unwary with innumerable crab factoids, but one painting is worth a thousand words. The 19" x 19" pillow is plumped with polyester fiberfill in a polypropylene casing, amazingly durable and easy to care for. A quick hosedown or spot cleaning will keep your artist's original fresh looking season after season. Removable insert is machine washable and dryable. Designed after a good-lookin' fellow named Fabio (the Crabio), he was photographed, sketched, painted, sewn, stuffed and signed on Camano Island, Washington. Not a transfer or reprint, but a one-off. Refined enough for interiors but tough enough for patio, boat, garden, deck or hammock. Great gift for a fisherman, chef, marine biologist, restaurant owner or beachcomber. Have a snappy day!
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