Shop for your outdoor space including patio furniture, garden decor, outdoor lighting and more! Whether you’re beautifying a sprawling deck or sprucing up a modest patio with a container garden, find chic furnishings and decorative accents on Polyvore. You can maximize your home by making your yard a lovely place to dwell for daily respite and for entertaining. Small space? No problem! Dine alfresco with a bistro dining set and create a lush oasis with hanging baskets and potted plants. For extra charm, add a wind chime or bird feeder. These little accents make a notable difference in your home and garden game!

Transform a large backyard into an inviting living and dining area. Get seating, including a few classic adirondack chairs, and an outdoor rug to get that living room feel outside. A sturdy patio umbrella over your dining set will shade you on those hot, sunny days. Add a bench for extra seating and ceramic planters to complement your garden beds. No matter the size of your outdoor space, string lights and lanterns will make relaxing outside on a starry night even more enjoyable.
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  • IN.SEK Small Hanging Planter
    IN.SEK Small Hanging Planter
    You get to wear jewelry why not find some jewelry for your home , too? We'd like to propose this stunner of a hanging planter by IN.SEK to do the job. Each bowl is slowly spun from a thin sheet of aluminum into the flawless hemisphere you see before you; add chains and a few succulents and you have a gem of a piece to adorn your abode. Made to order. Please allow extra shipping time. Care: Wipe clean. Brand: IN.SEK. Material: Powder Coated Aluminum. Origin: United States. Color: White. Measurements: H 2.50”. Diameter: 4”. Weight: 0.60 lbs.
  • Brussel's Bonsai Dwarf Jade In Water Pot
    Brussel's Bonsai Dwarf Jade In Water Pot
    An age-old relaxation aid that creates an object to beautify your space and calm your mind, the tradition of artistically tended miniature trees was originally passed from China to Japan and has persisted since at least the 8th century. The Dwarf Jade is one of the easiest indoor bonsai to grow and is recommended for beginners. With small, rounded, fleshy leaves that contrast nicely with straight, substantial trunks, Dwarf Jade trees adapt well to a variety of light conditions and can manage without water for long periods. Dwarf Jade is an indoor bonsai. Plant height varies from 6” to 10”. Plant arrives potted in a container. It takes several weeks for indoor bonsai to acclimate to a new environment. During this period, your bonsai may shed up to 20% of its foliage. This is normal. For best results, place your indoor bonsai near windows facing southeast or west. Exposure to sunlight enables your bonsai to replace foliage it may have lost. If you do not have a place for your tree to receive adequate sunlight, the use of a grow light is recommended. Indoor bonsai will flourish if grown outdoors on a patio or deck during summer months. The ideal placement is where the bonsai receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Brand: Brussel's Bonsai. Origin: United States. Color: Multi. Measurements: W 12” H 15”.
  • MakersKit Mason Herb Garden All Season Set
    MakersKit Mason Herb Garden All Season Set
    Add a blast of freshness to your kitchen with this Mason Herb Garden from Makerskit. Make the most of your kitchen, window ledge, dorm room, or other small space by turning it into a flourishing and edible garden. This set includes mason jars, organic potting soil, organic perlite, pea pebbles, and herb seeds: a perfect combination for success. Water your jars once a week and you will have fresh ingredients flourishing at your fingertips. Gardening expertise not required. Comes with two sets: Mason Herb Garden and Mason Herb Garden: Savory Collection. Mason Herb Garden Set contains basil, parsley, cilantro and clover seeds. Savory Collection includes savory, dill, arugula and chervil seeds. Care: Water once weekly. Brand: MakersKit. Material: Mason Jars, Potting Soil, Perlite, Pebbles, Herb Seeds, Craft Flags. Origin: United States. Color: Clear, Green.
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