• Pearl Dragon Abalone Napkin Rings
    Pearl Dragon Abalone Napkin Rings
    Glimpse a treasure trove of color within the deep grey iridescence of an abalone shell's natural gleaming lines. The Abalone Napkin Rings are made from shells responsibly collected in the Philippines, selected for the most advantageous shape, then lovingly converted into daring organic napkin rings that are elegant and apropos accessories on the summer dining table, yet make striking and novel additions to winter looks. W: 4.5". Set of 4.
  • Pearl Dragon Napkin Ring- 3" Undusa
    Pearl Dragon Napkin Ring- 3" Undusa
    Spirals of iridescence whisper through the well-proportioned curve of each Undusa Shell Napkin Ring, a pale and natural accessory to a place setting which creates the impression of oceanic elegance no matter how far inland you live. Exotic dining accessories from the Philippines, these naturally one-of-a-kind napkin rings offer a high point to your collection of tableware because their fragile, precise forms make such a stunning statement. Diameter: 3".
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