• Flos - Ipnos Indoor Floor Lamp
    Flos - Ipnos Indoor Floor Lamp
    Both designers Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi re-created what was a classic lantern radically. The Flos Ipnos indoor is a three-dimensional rectangular out of metal with light sources that aren’t seen from outside, hidden in the base of the frame. All the unnecessary elements were removed by the Italian team of designers. The free room inside of the Flos Ipnos is filled by the light of the floor lamp, This ensures fascinating effects, especially at night. The effects are even emphasized because of the slimness and the free space inside of the lamp. The slim frame of the Flos Ipnos indoor floor lamp is made of extruded aluminium. The warm white light (2700 Kelvin) of the 196 LEDs is matted by a diffuser. There is a dimmer at the cable, in order to adjust the right intensity of the light according to the event it illuminates. The Flos Ipnos is also available as outdoor lamp.
  • Flos - IC Floor Lamp
    Flos - IC Floor Lamp
    With the IC floor lamp , the manufacturer Flos presents a minimalistic object, which owes its origin to a rather unusual coincidence. The designer Michael Anastassiades explained: ”I saw a video clip of a contact juggler on the internet incidentally. He rolled around some balls, moving them over his arms and fingertips. And when I noticed how fascinated I was of the magic of his skills, the balls seemed completely unmovable. I wanted to catch that very moment. That was the beginning of the IC lamp.” The contrast of filigree lines and voluminous lamp bodies of metal and opalesced glass are responsible for a very own charm of the Flos IC floor lamp. The material reminds us of past times, while it is formally placed in a new context. The matt body of opal glass holds back a soft and dimmable light, which is spread in the room without glaring and which is especially suitable for the bedroom because of the comfortable mood it gives to the user. The IC floor lamp is made out of steel by Flos and it is also available with a finish of brushed brass and brushed, bronze-plated brass. Both editions are covered with clear lacquer, in order to keep their shine for many years.
  • Artemide - Tolomeo Basculante Lettura Floor Lamp
    Artemide - Tolomeo Basculante Lettura Floor Lamp
    The Tolomeo Basculante Lettura floor lamp from Artemide is obviously part of the famous Tolomeo collection designed by the Italians Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina: The unmistakable, adjustable arm out of polished aluminium is typical for the Tolomeo family. The lampshade of different, noble materials – depending on the selection of the customer – and the base out of polished aluminium complete the image of the Basculante: The shade looks less technical and cold than the “classic” Tolomeo lamp. The biggest part of the light of the Tolomeo floor lamp shines downwards. But the light can still be adjusted regarding its height and direction because of the flexible arm. That’s the reason why the Tolomeo Basculante Lettura also serves as reading lamp. The slightly translucent shade out of satin or parchment paper lets a little light shine through it, making it shimmer softly. This makes the Artemide Tolomeo Basculante Lettura floor lamp a real designer’s piece which enriches the Tolomeo collection with another interesting model.
  • Artemide - Tolomeo Mega Terra floor lamp
    Artemide - Tolomeo Mega Terra floor lamp
    Since 1987 the Italian company Artemide produces the well known Tolomeo lamps from the designers Giancarlo Fassina and Michele de Lucchi. Tolomeo Mega Terra is a floor lamp whose large lamp head can be adjusted to all directions because of counterbalancing springs. Giancarlo Fassina and Michele de Lucchi reached a trend-setting and extremely successful design of a desk lamp in that time, which is placed on numerous architects offices and agencies today, with Tolomeo. The design was proportionally enlarged for Mega Terra. For its qualities, the Tolomeo Mega Terra got the red dot design award in the year 2003. Through the subdivided lamp body and the counterbalancing spring-system at the lamps head, the Mega Terra floor lamp-light can exactly be adjusted according to your demands. The base and the adaptable arms of the Tolomeo Mega Terra floor lamp consist of glossy aluminium, the joints of polished aluminium. The lamp shade is also available in further sizes and out of parchment or silk satin.
  • Artemide - Tolomeo Terra Floor Lamp
    Artemide - Tolomeo Terra Floor Lamp
    The Italian lamps manufacturer Artemide produces the Tolomeo lamp from Giancarlo Fassina and Michele de Lucchi since 1987. The design duo achieved in designing a trend-setting and extremely successful lamp, which can be found on desks of uncountable architecture offices and agencies today. The successful design of the classic desk lamp from Artemide was transmitted to a floor lamp in this case. The highly flexible frame makes it possible to change the position of the direct light without any problems. The characteristics if the Tolomeo family – simple aluminium appearance and the hat-like shade – are also recognizable in the floor lamps edition. Artemide produces the lamp’s head from Tolomeo Terra out of matt anodised aluminium and the swivel arm as well as the spring-mechanism out of polished aluminium.
  • Pulpo - Company Pulpo - Oda lamp medium
    Pulpo - Company Pulpo - Oda lamp medium
    Oda is a light reservoir, a glass made light balloon with industrial charm. The pictures of Bernd and Hilla Becher and the industrial constructions and water towers displayed on them were the source of inspiration for these exceptional forms. The mouth-blown glass body of the Oda lamp is connected with a simple metal base made of powder coated steel. The independent style is responsible for the solitary character of the Oda lamp, which is decorative in bigger rooms as well. The materials are often used by the designer Sebastian Herkner, who works with exciting re-interpretations for homes that are revolutionary and eye-catching. Oda is available in further sizes and colours, acting airy, weightless and iconic with the transparent shades.
  • Artemide - Cabildo Floor Lamp
    Artemide - Cabildo Floor Lamp
    The Cabildo Floor Lamp was created by designer Eric Solè for the Italian manufacturer Artemide. The elegant and futuristic design is effectively accentuated by the indirect light scattering and produces a halo of decorative light. The body of the Cabildo consists of die-cast, lacquered aluminium. The halogen illuminant is on the inside of the lamp. This way, the inside is directly lightened up and appears in a sort of halo of decorative light. Therefore, the Cabildo Floor Lamp emits an indirect, scattered light. The round design of Cabildo was used by designer Eric Solé for a whole luminaire series that he designed for the Italian manufacturer Artemide: Pendant, wall and floor lamps are part of the Cabildo collection.
  • frauMaier - ThinLissie Floor Lamp
    frauMaier - ThinLissie Floor Lamp
    ThinLissie is a simple and functional floor lamp by frauMaier. The design clearness and simplicity is the same of the Sophie lamps collection, but ThinLissie has another peppy detail. For example, ThinLissie can be placed behind a sofa standing at a wall because of its shape. This is how ThinLissie is also useful as reading lamp, since it spreads its light just where you are sitting with a book in your hands. The lam’s shade and the frame make up a unity regarding their colour, you can choose out of six shiny tones. The floor lamp shall be equipped with an illuminant E27 max. 100 W. ThinLissie is also available in a non-dimmable On/Off edition with a foot switch in further colours.
  • Pulpo - Company Pulpo - Big Steel Drop Lamp
    Pulpo - Company Pulpo - Big Steel Drop Lamp
    A luminous sculpture: The Big Steel Drop lamp by pulpo creates an impresseion and presence wherever it is placed. Used as a floor lamp, the Pulpo Big Steel Drop offers magical light in the steel casing. Nevertheless, the Big Steel Drop Lamp can not only be used on the floor but also on a sideboard or on a table - in short, wherever expressive presence of light is desired. The Pulpo Big Steel Drop Lamp was created by e27 Berlin. The German design team has created a "shade" made of steel that is manufactured with precise finishing and is placed on top of the non-transparent base. The two powder-coated steel parts are connected through a thin ribbon of black wood that gives the technical impression of the lighting object a touch of naturalness.
  • Foscarini - Lumiere 05 Floor Lamp
    Foscarini - Lumiere 05 Floor Lamp
    The Lumiere 05 was shaped by the designer Rodolfo Dordoni in 1990 and it is manufactured by Foscarini. Lumiere is an elegant floor lamp whose design unifies timelessness and modernity. The diffuser of the lamp is made out of blown glass, which is coloured outside and white inside. The glossy glass is fulfilled by a stainless steel socket, which offers the modern character to the lamp. The powerful, diffuse room light of the Foscarini Lumiere 05 appears pleasantly soft through the glass. The Lumiere 05 by Foscarini serves as floor and reading lamp, since it spreads diffuse and direct light. The light comes out semi-diffuse because of the glass diffusor and it is directed downwards. Foscarini’s floor lamp Lumiere 05 supports the design of a sophisticated ambience and it is therefore the optimal light source for private and public rooms which value high class interior furnishing. Available in different colours.
  • Wästberg - Claesson Koivisto Rune Floor Lamp w081f
    Wästberg - Claesson Koivisto Rune Floor Lamp w081f
    The Claesson Koivisto Rune w081f is a highly technical floor lamp for private rooms. Numerous features are hidden in the extremely clearly designed lamp by Wästberg. The Wästberg floor lamp w081f is named after its designer, Claesson Koivisto Rune, who made this lamp clear and appealing. Simultaneously the w081f also has some technical details, which make it perfectly suitable as working lamp. The flexible arm is adjustable at three joints – which is the reason why this lamp can be placed in corners where it saves space - and the lamp’s head is rotatable by 80° in every direction. This flexibility allows an ideal illumination for different situations and surroundings. The w081f has 30 LEDs hidden under a diffusor making the light glare-free, powered with only 10 Watt for an environmentally friendly energy consumption. The light of the Wästberg floor lamp is warm white with 3000 K and it creates a pleasant and comfortable working mood. The light’s intensity of the minimalistic floor lamp from Wästberg is adjustable with a dimmer if desired. The control elements are decently hidden in a straight-lined design, which seamlessly fits in almost every surrounding. This makes the Claesson Koivisto Rine floor lamp w081f a suitable light source for every day and event. Another technical refinement is the integrated timer, which switches the lamp off after five hours of performance. The Wästberg w081f is also available in further colours, as table lamp and as wall lamp.
  • FontanaArte - Vertigo Floor Lamp
    FontanaArte - Vertigo Floor Lamp
    A lamp, which is comparable to abstract paintings: The Vertigo was designed by Marco Acerbis for FontanaArte in 2005. The Vertigo floor lamp was shaped for indirect illumination and it has an integrated dimmer. The special and abstract structure of the lamp emerges by the shaping of an aluminium sheet. The base is made of matt black painted metal. The structure of the floor lamp by FontanaArte is rotatable by 320° for many effects. The dimmable light of the Vertigo floor lamp has different advantages: Few light makes it look like a sculptural object, which emphasizes itself and many light flowing the ceiling is suitable to light the whole room with pleasant, indirect light. Vertigo has a height of 194cm. Beside the high-gloss-polished aluminium editions, that promise effective mirror reflections of the surrounding, the Vertigo floor lamp is also available in other colours. The sculptural lamp by FontanaArte spreads its light upwards, which is glare-free, pleasant and harmonic in every room.
  • Gubi - Gräshoppa Floor Lamp GM1
    Gubi - Gräshoppa Floor Lamp GM1
    The Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1 by Gubi embodies a stylish timelessness. The three-leg floor lamp GM1 of 1947 is one of the most important works of the Swedish-American designer Greta Magnusson Grossman. The design of the Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1 didn’t lose any of its individual charm along the decades. The design became a real classic since its origin in 1947: Through-thought and worked, Gräshoppa is presented without any changes. Gräshoppa suits in everywhere, as reading lamp besides the couch, in edges or as eye-catcher in rooms. Greta Magnusson Grossman has been inspired by Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier for her work. However, she still follows her own style and embossed the American Mid-Century-Design with European influences. Grossmann received numerous prices, not for nothing the Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1 by Greta Magnusson Grossman proved itself along the decades. The Danish company Gubi produces the Gräshoppa floor lamp after original designs of Greta Magnusson Grossman. The floor lamp is available in different colours.
  • Artemide - Doride Floor Lamp
    Artemide - Doride Floor Lamp
    The Doride floor lamp from Artemide is a masterpiece of the multiple awarded designer Karim Rashid. The minimalistic Doride lamp is made of a stable base of steel, with the technique hidden inside and from which the metallic, flexible shaft becomes the lamp’s head without interruptions in the material. The 350 degree rotatable Doride is dimmable with a touch dimmer and it is equipped with transversal ventilation grilles out of thermoplastic material. These grilles ensure glare-free lioght, which can change from direct to indirect according to your wishes. Karim Rashid considers the Artemide Doride a leave in the wind, the line of a pen or an upright growing wave in the sea. ”I designed the concept when I was 19 years old, studying at the university. Seeing the Doride family as I dreamed of back then is incredible for me, thirty years later.”
  • FontanaArte - Carmen Floor Lamp
    FontanaArte - Carmen Floor Lamp
    The Carmen floor lamp shines like the scaly dress of a fish, which moves under the water. The floor lamp was designed by Héctor Serrano for FontanaArte in 2011. The mushroom-like shade of the Carmen lamp is made of numerous levels of scales made of white polished metal. FontanaArte Carmen Floor Lamp: Versatile Light Solutions Several bulbs ensure versatile light solutions. The Carmen floor lamp has two faces, since it is able to spread direct light led downwards, and as well, independently it also spreads dimmable light upwards. This transforms the Carmen floor lamp into a multitalented: It is a reading lamp or an accent light with direct light and a ceiling flooder for pleasant ambience and also able to brighten the room if necessary, with indirect light. On the bottom of the lampshade there is a satined diffuser, which keeps the direct light from dazzling. While the main part of the light is directly led downwards, a soft shimmer goes between the single elements of the lampshade and enables unique light effects. Carmen is also available as pendant , table lamp or standard lamp.
  • Foscarini - Lightwing LED Floor Lamp
    Foscarini - Lightwing LED Floor Lamp
    The Lightwing LED floor lamp by Foscarini spends adjustable indirect and reflecting light. It bribes with its simple-graphical, poetic shape. Lightwing emerged out of the desire of a model, which would do justice to the different illumination demands of every day, and whose function and light mood was adaptable according to the user’s wishes. The name of the floor lamp from Jean-Marie Massaud already alludes to the basic characteristic of it: A free adjustable aluminium reflector, similar to a wing, a geometric shape weightless like a blossom. Foscarini created a lamp of timeless design combined with its architectonically appealing shape. Foscarini Lightwing: Simple and clever The Foscarini Lightwing is made of a long, slim shaft, holding the LED light source with the chip uniquely made for the light-technique demands of Lightwing. The softly swung, asymmetrical shade is fixed over a spherical super magnet at the shaft and it can be turned in different positions. The light beam is therefore pointedly adjustable with only a simple hand-movement. The reflector changes the appearance of the Lighwing LED according to the daytime, in an endless interplay of shadows, weightlessness and stability. The intensity of the light of the floor lamp from Foscarini is adjustable with a foot dimmer at the transparent cable. Therefore Lightwing serves as room illumination with an intensive light beam as well as more private, damped reading light. Its simple, refined elegance is perfectly suitable for different rooms and events.
  • frauMaier - Slimsophie Floor Lamp
    frauMaier - Slimsophie Floor Lamp
    Slim, simple, beautiful – these floor lamp by frauMeier.com bribes through weightless design, high functionality and a fair prize. The great piece was designed by Felix Severin Mack. Lamp shade and frame colours also for a unity, ten brilliant tones can be selected. The lucidity (max. 100 Watt) is continuously adjustable over an electric dimmer. Who has more space, chooses the bigger sister FatSophie (height 200, diameter approx. 70 Centimetres). As a standard, Slimsophie is delivered with a foot switch. On demand, Slimsophie can also be ordered with a dimmer without extra charge (with a dimmer, the usage or energy saving bulbs will not be possible!). Further colour editions of the Slimsophie are also available.
  • Muuto - Pull Floor Lamp
    Muuto - Pull Floor Lamp
    The name reveals it all: With Pull you will change the height of it by pulling at the cable. Its high quality doesn’t surprise, since it is a lamp by Muuto. The designers team WhatsWhat explained about the Pull floor lamp: ”The unique concept of the Pull offers personality to the floor lamp, which acts organic and follows the Scandinavian design tradition. The cable, which is partly exposed, partly hidden, connects the unique parts of the lamp and enables the height adjustment of the lampshade. To adjust the shade doesn’t only change the light, but also the character of the Pull.” The height adjustable floor lamp can therefore be used for different purposes and inserted in different ambiences. Muuto produces the Pull floor lamp out of ash wood, a textile shade and a textile coated cable. The classic material mix and the unusual function make the Muuto Pull an unmistakable floor lamp.
  • Established & Sons - Torch Light Cone Floor Lamp
    Established & Sons - Torch Light Cone Floor Lamp
    The designer Sylvain Willenz has been inspired by the silhouette of a typical hand-carried torch for the lamps of his Torch-Series. ”I like to think about objects like this: How would their shadow look like? How could they be normal and still have recognition value?, clever, through-thought and still elegant? Objects are playful and graphic, just like a symbol or an icon.! The lamps can be suspended from the ceiling and can thereby be assorted as singles or in a swarm of several lamps, but also as floor or table lamps. The lamp won't touch the ground or the table-surface. Furthermore, the bulb is protected by an original coating that reminds of the front-lights of a car. Further colour editions are available. More details: Suggested illuminant: Energy saving light bulb E27 max. 9W. Intern on/off-switch. Cable length: 1.8 M.
  • Wästberg - Claesson Koivisto Rune Floor Lamp w126f
    Wästberg - Claesson Koivisto Rune Floor Lamp w126f
    Historical design icons such as the steering wheel of a legendary Citroën DS were the source of inspiration for the Claesson Koivisto Rune floor lamp w126f. While the design of the lamp from Wästberg acts retro-futuristic, the technique is absolutely modern. The design team Claesson Koivisto Rune designed a lamp which is equally suitable for offices and homes with their w126f: Two powerful, independent LED light sources at the surface and base of the lamp’s head make up the core of the floor lamp w126f. It is possible to adjust both: The indirect light upwards or the direct light downwards. The Claesson Koivisto Rune floor lamp w126f is intuitively adjusted via two simple touch-sensors. Both light sources aren’t only adjusted independently there, but they are also step-less dimmable. Of course both light sources (46 W and 28 W) can also be switched on and adjusted at the same time. This makes the w126f a real all-rounder: As ceiling flooder id spreads pleasant indirect light to feel well and to illuminate a whole room. If the lower light is switched on, direct light will shine through the glare-free diffuser, which is usable as reading light or working light. This is how the w126f always spreads suitable light, which is individually adjustable in its intensity and direction. The 250 energy efficient LEDs spread warm white light with 3000 K, which changes the ambience in the room as well as its own character according to how it is dimmed. The Wästberg w126 is also available in further colours and as working lamp (with pin support).
  • Muuto - Leaf floor lamp
    Muuto - Leaf floor lamp
    A design as if grown: The Leaf floor lamp by Muuto looks like a leave, which grows at the stand. The nature friendly design is fulfilled by energy saving LED technology. The design studio Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle of Stockholm are responsible for the connection of graphic clearness and organic soft forms: The Leaf floor lamp has different design styles according to the angle it is watched. The aluminium made Muuto leaf is also available as table lamp, which is especially beautiful combined with the floor lamp.
  • Anta - Cut Floor Lamp
    Anta - Cut Floor Lamp
    Cut is the matching name for this floor lamp, which comes from Schenefeld near Hamburg, where the lamps manufacture Anta is located. Clean cuts emboss the gracile shape of Cut. Designer Torsten Neeland waived on every unnecessary through which purists get their money worth with this lamp of the manufacture Anta. The material helps with that: The lamp's base is made of brushed aluminium, the reflector of porcelain (bone-china). The black version is made of painted aluminium with same colour painter reflector. The functional touch dimmer is responsable that the light light can be turned on in ever situation and in every brightness you want. Cut is available in three different heights – but the head and foot always have the same size. Cut is also available with a dimmable transformer. The lamp can be delivered with a transparent or a black cable.
  • Artemide - Tolomeo Lettura Floor Lamp
    Artemide - Tolomeo Lettura Floor Lamp
    The big brther of the Tolomeo Tavolo... The Tolomeo Terra Floor Lamp by Artemide appeares matching to the table-, wall- and suspension lamp of the family. The floor- and reading lamp Lettura has - unlike to the floor version Tolomeo Terra and Tolomeo Micro Terra - only one single joint. The socket and the adjustable arms are made of shining aluminium, the in all way-adjustable lamphead is made of matt anodised aluminium. The joint is made of polished aluminium. The Tolomeo Floor Lamp contributes direct light, which is adjustable and lightens up all areas, where it is needed. Besides the Tolomeo Lettura the floor lamps Tolomeo Terra and Tolomeo Micro Terra are also available, which both have two joints.
  • Luceplan - Berenice Floor Lamp
    Luceplan - Berenice Floor Lamp
    Berenice is a soft formed and easy constructed floor lamp from Luceplan. The floor lamp is the big sister of the awarded Berenice table lamp. Both were designed 1985 by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto. With its flowing forms and the easy construction, Berenice is the ideal company for mobile usage with little space. The head of the lamp can be aligned freely so that every desired place is illuminated. Thanks to the movable arms, the light source can be pulled nearer to the desired place. The illuminant is thereby protected by an extra distance so that it has always the necessary distance to the illuminated object. The Berenice floor lamp creates direct light and is suitable as reading- or working lamp. It is powered with a single halogen illuminant with a GY6.35 socket and maximal 35 Watt. The illuminant is included in the delivery package. Luceplan offers the Berenice floor lamp with a metal or glass reflector and in different variants.
  • Domus - Loop Floor Lamp
    Domus - Loop Floor Lamp
    The floor lamp Loop was designed by Stefan Wehrmann for Domus in 2007. The core piece of the lamp is the shade out of translucent Lunopal. It can be turned into different positions and forms so that Loop creates the ideal reading light in all circumstances. The Loop floor lamp runs with one single Halogen illuminant with G9-socket. The light of the floor lamp can be adapted to the personal demands with the foot-dimmer. The frame consists of silver anodized aluminium and forms the elegant surrounding of the soft light of the lamp. The German company Domus offers the floor lamp Loop in two heights. Furthermore it is available with a stand out of aluminium, Zebrano, core-beech and walnut. Only wood out of controlled cultivation is used for the manufacture of the wooden stands. Domus refuses moreover to use lacquers for plant oils and natural waxes. This is how the open-pored beauty of the wood stays saved.
  • Next - Drop_4 Floor Lamp
    Next - Drop_4 Floor Lamp
    The Drop_4 light was created by the design agency Hopf & Wortmann for the young label Next Home. The Drop_4 belongs to the light series “Liquid Lights” – an aesthetic symbiosis of light and water. Shaped like drops, the liquid lights indicate individual directions and give warm comfortable light to every room – a striking enrichment for every kind of architecture. It looks as if a drop of white liquid ascends from the boiling ground. The floor lamp Drop_4 by Next Home consists of white synthetics and is also available as table light, or, especially attractive, as waterproof outdoor light for garden or driveway. By using coloured illuminants, you can create an impressive atmosphere. The “Liquid Lights” series by Next Home was awarded the Form Prize in 2001 and received the title „Design for Europe, best lighting“ at the Biennale Kortrijk. Please take also notice of the other lights from the “Liquid Lights” series in our online shop.
  • FontanaArte - Flora Floor Lamp
    FontanaArte - Flora Floor Lamp
    Futuristic, this describes the design of the Flora floor lamp the best. The modern lamp by FontanaArte appears a little bit like a beamer in a space shuttle. The Flora floor lamp with integrated dimmer was designed with the office Future Systems – which is a suitable name - for FontanaArte. The futuristic lamp has a tube of polished aluminium, which is produced with the modern hydroforming-technology. The diffuser of Flora is made of mouth-blown, polished glass, with soft, diffuse and harmonic light shining to all directions. Since the light beam is dimmable, Flora serves as room illumination and also as accent light or reading light. The Flora floor lamp is delivered with two different bases: With a concrete socked (diameter 47 cm) or a base of tubular bent metal.
  • FontanaArte - Luminator Floor Lamp
    FontanaArte - Luminator Floor Lamp
    The beam of the Luminator floor lamp extends over the heads as if it was a Roman torch. Pietro Chiesa already designed the classic-modern floor lamp for FontanaArte in 1933. The FontanaArte Luminator floor lamp has a very modern personality, so that its birthday seems incredible. Luminator is the first example for a floor lamp with indirect light: A long tube with a thin diameter, which rises continuously and describes a tilted cone. The light source, shining with indirect light upwards, is completely shielded by the metal of the structure. The Luminator by FontanaArte spreads a pleasant beam with its upwards directed light, passing to the room without any glaring and completely harmonically. The lamp has a dimmer for the user to decide about the light intensity. This makes it possible to flood the room with light or to keep or rather comfortably in the background.
  • Gubi - Cobra Floor Lamp GM3
    Gubi - Cobra Floor Lamp GM3
    The Cobra Floor Lamp GM3 belongs to the Grossman collection by the manufacturer Gubi. Greta Magnusson Grossman received the Good Design-Award for her exceptional Cobra-designs in the fifties of the past century. The design of the Cobra floor lamp GM3 didn’t lose any of its individual charm along the decades. The design became a real classic since the 1950s: Thought and worked, the Cobra table lamp remained the same until today. The neck of the lamp can be directed to every side, therefore also the name “Cobra” for the awarded lamp. Whether as reading lamp near a sofa, in corners or as eye-catcher in a room: The Cobra floor lamp GM3 suits in everywhere. Greta Grossman has been inspired by Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier for her works. But she still followed her own style and embossed the American Mid-Century-Design with European influences. Grossman therefore received numerous awards, not for nothing the lamp by Greta Grossman has proven itself along the decades. The Danish company Gubi produces the Cobra floor lamp GM3 after original designs by Greta Magnusson Grossman. Besides the table lamp in different colours (warm grey, vintage red, blue grey and jet black), the Cobra lamp is also available as smaller table lamp.
  • Flos - Luminator Floor Lamp
    Flos - Luminator Floor Lamp
    Since 1954 a design classic: Luminator from Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos. The floor lamp for indirect light runs with a 200W / E27 reflector illuminant. The shaft consists or enamelled, sintered iron, the feet of liquid-lacquered metal. The On/Off function is on a foot-switch at the cable.
  • Gubi - Pedrera Floor Lamp PD2
    Gubi - Pedrera Floor Lamp PD2
    The Pedrera lamp originated in the middle of the 1950s. At that time it was innovative in its expression and material, and today it is a classic. The through thought and sophisticated design didn’t lose its charm along the years. The Pedrera floor lamp PD2 suits wonderful in the modern home and offers a smooth and pleasant atmosphere to the furnishing despite its dimensions. The floor lamp PD2 suits perfectly besides a sofa, in empty corners or simply free in a room. There it doesn’t stand in the foreground, but discretely looking like a sculpture with the distinctive expression. When the light is turned on the inner screen spreads a soft and pleasant shine forming a fascinating sample with the outer screen. The Spanish architect Barba Corsini designed the lamp in the year 1953. He was asked to design attic apartments in Gaudis famous living building “La Pedrera” in Barcelona by the real estate company that leads the building. For the Pedrera building, Barca Corini consequently designed thirteen individual apartments that conserved the numbers 1 to 14 because of superstition reasons. Moreover he designed a lamp and furniture series that also contain the Pedrera lamps for these flats. The inspiration for the lamp series from Barba Corsini came from the slim, cylindrical chimneys from the Pedrera building. The Pedrera table lamp that is manufactured by the Danish company Gubi today received his name thanks to its origin.
  • Foscarini - Stewie Floor Lamp
    Foscarini - Stewie Floor Lamp
    The Stewie Terra by the designer Luca Nichetto is a real surprise for the house of today: Newish and unusual, the floor lamp by Foscarini spreads warm, relaxing and friendly light at the same time. The light beam goes downwards and makes up an irresistible and attracting area in the room that way, reminding us of a modern fireplace. The Stewie floor lamp spreads its light to the frons, but also to the back. This is how light games emerge that vitalize the body of the lamp making it look harmonic that way. The soft but dynamic body out of polyethylene is coated with “prismatic fabric”, which is also known by hand suitcases or glasses etuis. The voluminous shape and the warm materials make the Stewie by Foscarini ideally harmonize with armchairs, sofas and home textiles. The Stewie sets a warm, vivid contrast in clear and modern furnished rooms. The concave shape reflects its light in the inside of the Foscarini Stewie in order to reach a pleasant, soft effect.
  • serien.lighting - Pan Am Floor Lamp
    serien.lighting - Pan Am Floor Lamp
    The striking shape of the luminaire head particularly comes into its own on the standard luminaires. Given their noticeable shape they are a genuine eye-catcher in any room. Pan Am is available in a mobile version with a crossbar base and castors, or a stationary model with a circular base. Its stand is height-adjustable. The swivel luminaire head enables both direct and indirect lighting. More details: Design: Hopf & Wortmann. Material: Aluminium brushed with protective coating. Lamps: High-voltage halogen lamp 150 W/E27 low-voltage halogen lamp 90 W/GY6,35. Light: Depending on reflector (spot, narrow or flood), different beam angles (8°, 25° and 58°) -Control: Dimmable through cord dimmer (included) -Other features: available with either a crossbar and castors (Pan Am Cross), and with a round base with or without telescopic bar (Pan Am Floor / Pan Am Base)
  • Domus - Tulip Floor Lamp
    Domus - Tulip Floor Lamp
    The floor lamp Tulip is an elegant lamp object for the living area. The filigree design was coined by Iris Kremer. The German lamps manufacturer Domus implements Tulip with a noble material composition that forms the suitable frame for the soft light of the floor lamp. Filigree metal rods form the tension-rich contrast with the oak wood foot and allow a soft swing of the Tulip floor lamp. The cable is covered with textiles. Depending on the lamp edition this one will be red or anthracite. Tulip’s shade is composed by several panels out of translucent Lunopal that are fixed on the metal rods. Those ensure the characteristic blossom-look that gave the lamp its name: Tulip. Tulip runs with a simple illuminant E27-socket. The light strength can be controlled with a foot-dimmer, continuously, adapted to the personal moods and demands. Domus only uses wood out of controlled cultivation for the wooden base from Tulip. Domus moreover renounces using lacquers in benefit of plant oils and natural waxes. This ensures the open pored beauty of the wood.
  • Normann Copenhagen - Hello Floor Lamp
    Normann Copenhagen - Hello Floor Lamp
    Hello is a floor lamp, which spends light and character in a simple, clear and playful appearance into its surrounding. It has been designed by the Swedish designer Jonas Wagell. Its futuristic design, with round forms at the lamp’s shade and frame, offers a special personality to Hello. An object that attracts attention unobtrusively. The interior shade out of acrylic reflects the light and creates a soft, calm surrounding light. The frame out of beech wood offers a warm and playful expression to the floor lamp. The idea for Hello emerged when Jonas Wagell needed a huge lamp for and architecture project – a lamp that should be similar to a mobile in its form. He designed a simple construction out of different, smaller aluminium shades that were fixed at a piece of wood. This is how the thought of designing a floor lamp emerged. Jonas Wagell explained: “Many lamps act very technical or common and cheap. At floor lamps – and lamps in general – the selection of straight design, which still shows character and fulfills demands of high quality and the best finishing however, is very limited. Hello is an attempt of finding this gap.”
  • Foscarini - Orbital Floor Lamp
    Foscarini - Orbital Floor Lamp
    The unusual floor lamp Orbital is the début lamp by the designer Ferruccio Laviani and it’s an icon of Foscarini. Orbital was in its first year 1992 a proper revolution for the whole world of lighting because of the unique graphical symbols. Orbital started the dissociation from strictly functional-technical requirements. At the same time, it introduced a new idea of lighting, a suggestive and, in terms of the design, impressive object. Due to its qualities, the floor lamp Orbital by Foscarini was added to the collection of one of the oldest design museums in the world: The Neue Sammlung (new collection) in Munich, Bavaria. The glasses of the Orbital floor lamp are also available separately as a wall lamp.
  • Flos - Glo-Ball floor lamp
    Flos - Glo-Ball floor lamp
    In 1998, Jasper Morrison created the Glo-Ball-Series for Italian luminaire producer Flos. The series includes in addition to the Glo-Ball floor lamp which is introduced right now, the Glo-Ball table lamp, Glo-Ball Basic, the Mini Glo-Ball table lamp and the Glo-Ball suspended lamp. The globed formed luminary provide a diffuse light which is full of atmosphere. The diffuser of the Glo-Ball floor lamp consists of handblown, etched opaline glass and a die-cast aluminium threded ring nut with alodine plating finish. The base is made of high-thickness steel, the stem consists of die-cast aluminium. All elements are painted in grey or white. The On/Off functions and the 0 – 100 % light adjustment are provided by a dimmer which is fitted on a gray fabric upholstered polarited power cord (length 230 cm). The Glo-Ball floor lamp is also available in three in the sizes F 2 (medium) and F 3 (large).
  • Flos - Toio floor lamp
    Flos - Toio floor lamp
    The height adjustable floor lamp Toio was created in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos. An automobile headlight serves as reflector and demonstrates the irony in the Ready-Made-Design of the Castiglioni brothers.
  • Belux - Arba Floor Lamp
    Belux - Arba Floor Lamp
    “The shape of ARBA follows it function, its function follows the vision, my vision follows the principle sustainability!” Matteo Thun. ARBA creates through the use of domestic maple and the archetypical shape familiarity and discreet simplicity. The cylindrical diffuser enfolds while turned on light the agility of the wood grain and makes the natural characteristics of the object visible. ARBA combines sociability and sustainability and arranges even turned off a peaceful picture of nature, calmness and resolution. The homely maple wood of guaranteed FSC certified cultivation is oiled and offers an unique elasticity, stability and through the distinct fibre an unique characteristic. With the years a light darkening of the nature product, which gives ARBA an extra lively component, was created. The wood filters the cool light of the energy-saving fluorescence lamp in a warm but still powerful, comfortable light and shapes an unique room atmosphere. The diffuser for the vertical lighting is made of massive acrylic glass with high glossy polished edges and leads the light balanced and anti-glare. An artful mechanism enables that the glass for the illuminant change which can be removed with only one gesture. ARBA is available in four versions as floor-, table-, pendant- and wall lamp. At the floor- and table lamps the lampshade is kept by five covering each other, polished and oiled bars – also made of maple. The chamfered edges give the lamp even with its high stability an optical lightness. In a time-consuming process, the bars are natural dried, to exclude the additional cambers. A steel bar balances the suspension. The power cable made of fire red textile fibre is also an accent. The wall mounting gives a corridor a familiar comfort and as bed reading lamp natural warmth. The lamp family ARBA is furnished with high quality lighting electronic (DALI) and energy-saving fluorescences with constant light flow, brilliant colour report and long lasting life. The floor- and table lamp has a cable integrated switch, the suspension can be dimmed or switched. The large suspension with a diameter of 600 mm ha four powerful 42W illuminants and because of its big light amount it can also be used optimally in offices and public and high rooms.
  • Louis Poulsen - AJ Floor Lamp
    Louis Poulsen - AJ Floor Lamp
    The AJ Floor Lamp is a design of the Danish design-icon Arne Jacobsen for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, which was inaugurated in 1960. Arne Jacobsen didn't only design the building, he also designed the whole interior design, like other furniture, cutlery, textiles and lamps and with that he created one of the first design hotels of the world. The AJ Floor Lamp catches someone's eye through its unique, rotatable shade, whose asymmetric shape disperses the light. The lamp foot with the characteristic opening adds the elegance and weightlessness of the design. So it can be counted to one of the modern classics of the design of the 20th century. The angle of the conical metal shade attached in a way that it equals the angle of the lamp holder. That's how it was originally thought, but in reality the angle has been adjusted as optical correction. When the lamp is tilted down, the frame of the lamp holder is horizontal. The inside of the shade is matt white. The shading is efficient, you cannot see the illuminant. Some say the hole in the basis of the lamp was originally thought to be used for an ashtray. The AJ Floor Lamp is also available in graphite grey.
  • Anta - Tuba Floor Lamp
    Anta - Tuba Floor Lamp
    With the bended lines and the loud sounds, for which the tuba is normaly know for, has the same-named floor lamp nothing to do with – contrariwise: The Tuba from Anta is pure understatement in perfection. No wonder, because the Tube is designed by Rolf Heide, known as one of the best in Europeans design of the last cebturies. The association to the spotlight of the film industry ist opticl indispensable , but this lamp can also be used in daily life where no filmteam will be. The aluminium coloured or white painted metal parts are height adjustable and predestine Tuba with the rotatable and swivelling head as ceiling light and also reading light. A cord dimmer, which is included in the delievery and the variable height adjustablility (1,20 bis 1,70 cm) arranges the as big as possible flexibility and completes the rimless design functional.
  • Belux - Ypsilon Floor Lamp
    Belux - Ypsilon Floor Lamp
    Ypsilonis a discrete but energy-saving solution to illuminate the walls of rooms and thus visually enlarge it. The plug-in lamp also solves the problem of dark ceilings where they do not reflect light. Modern electronics and its stylish finishes, along with the distinctive design of Hannes Wettstein, ensure high-quality illumination and a long operating life. Small rooms can be subjectively enlarged by flooding light over the wall. Ypsilon uses this effect and illuminates a room or wall surface both vertically and broadly. In this case the reduced light housing is secondary and only develops its effect when switched on. The design by Hannes Wettstein is in the form of a “Y” to give Ypsilon its light and unobtrusive character. The built-in dimmer enables the light to be regulated from bright room light to cozy mood light. YPSILON is energy saving and can be rotated through 270°. High-quality illumination electronics generate flicker-free light and ensure that lamps and operating equipment have a long life. Ypsilon is made of the finest aluminium and the finely anodized finish in four different colours brings out the unique Y-form depending on the play of light. While the natural aluminium and champagne colours contribute to the restrained aesthetics, the red and black models enhance the surroundings and are contrasting points to any interior design.
  • Flos - Romeo Soft Floor Lamp
    Flos - Romeo Soft Floor Lamp
    The Romeo light series was created in 1998 by Philippe Starck for Flos. The diffuse light provided by the floor lamp Romeo Soft can be changed through the touch-dimmer or the cable-dimmer in its intensity and thus, a cosy illumination is the result. The internal diffuser is made of acid-etched and borosilicate glass. The shade consists of pliss cloth. The base and yoke of the Romeo floor lamp are made of die-cast aluminium. The stem is steel – made. All elements are painted in gray. The diffuser support consists of injection-molded transparent polycarbonate (UL-94 V2). Romeo has an On/Off Touch dimmer with a chrome-plated steel sensor which is located on the yoke. Furthermore, it is also a version available where the On/Off switch and a 0-100% dimmer are installed on the cord.
  • Flos - Spun Light Floor Lamp
    Flos - Spun Light Floor Lamp
    The Spun Light is a floor fixture which was created by the designer Sebastian Wrong. It has been presented for the first time on the fair 100 % Design in London and a year later on the Salone Satellite in Milano. The simple elegant floor fixture was originally designed for the London company Drove Ltd. But since 2003 Spun is produced as a floor fixture and as a table light for Flos. In 2004, Spun Light was awarded with the Red Dot Design Prize. The floor fixture provides direct light. The frame and the diffuser consist of spun metal. The diffuser support arms and the lamp-holder support are made of painted die-cast aluminium. The diffuser support consists of white, injection-molded polycarbonate (UL-94 V2). The upper diffuser screen is made of sandblasted pressed glass. A traditional dimmer for 0 – 100 % luminosity adjustment is fitted on the polarized cord. An illuminant (1 x 250 W E27 HSGS/F) is included in the delivery.
  • Belux - U-Turn Floor and Reading Lamp
    Belux - U-Turn Floor and Reading Lamp
    The LED spot family U-Turn by Belux invites to interact with light. The spot is easily adjustable to a maximal action radius and it even turns by 360°. U-Turn is a flexible light tool which is also funny with the changeable beam angle. The floor and reading lamp out of the U-Turn collection is an archetype of its kind from living room lamps and hard to be surpassed regarding its flexibility: Its two spots can be adjusted and dimmed independently. The lower spot is used as a height adjustable reading light, the upper spot serves to illuminate a wall or the ceiling. The central elements of U-Turn are the ball joint and the round, hand-plate-sized lamp head. In the middle of it there is a magnetic deepening, which is placed on a metal sphere. This mechanism allows an easy control of the lamp’s head and a bigger working radius. Since the deepening in the lamp’s head is magnetic on both sides, it can also be released from the sphere with one hand, then turned and placed on it again. This is how U-Turn offers direct or indirect LED light whenever you want. Moreover it can also easily be adjusted with a slight turn – similar to the zoom of a photo camera. The high class material of aluminium die casting is also mirrored in the robust design. The lamps family includes six editions (reading, pendant, wall, ceiling, universal and clamp lamp) in the editions black, silver and tele grey. Moreover they are also available with ON/OFF switch or touch dimmer (except for the clamp lamp).
  • Belux - Diogenes Floor- And Reading Lamp
    Belux - Diogenes Floor- And Reading Lamp
    Diogenes is a combined reading- / allusively lamp. For the general lighting does it have a halogene bulb. In the light fixtures integrated is an anti-glare and adjustable extra illuminant for the direct reading light. Both illuminants are independently from each other dimmable. The Diogenes Floor- and Reading Lamp impresses through multi-functionality and clear design and can be integrated in every room. The Diogenes Floor- and Reading Lamp by Belux is also available in the colours terracotta and sand.
  • Artemide - Chimera floor lamp
    Artemide - Chimera floor lamp
    The Chimera floor lamp was created in 1969 by Vico Magistretti for the italian lamp manufacturer Artemide. The elegant wavy shape makes Chimera a special light sculpture, its white body giving a warm indirect light. The three illuminants inside of Chimera light up the luminous body in varied intensity. This way the wavy shape of the lamp is elegantly accentuated and underlines the sculptural character. The transparent body of Artemides Chimera floor lamp is made of methacrylate. The wavy shape is achieved by bending the material while its hot during the manufacturing process. The base of the lamp is made of lacquered steel.
  • frauMaier - Fatsophie floor lamp
    frauMaier - Fatsophie floor lamp
    Fatsophie is just as simple and beautiful like her sisters. The floor lamp fits perfectly with the other "Sophies" by frauMaier, but has a much thicker circumference. The lamp shade and frame have the same colour - and it comes in six brilliant colours to choose from. The brightness (max. 3X 60 watts) can be controlled infinitely variable by an electronic dimmer. Fatsophie feels most comfortable in the presence of the Slimsophie and Minisophie. As a standard Fatsophie comes with a dimmer. Upon request, the floor lamp by frauMaier is also available with a foot switch and in other colours without extra charge.
  • Belux - Verto Floor Lamp
    Belux - Verto Floor Lamp
    The Swiss company Belux presents the maybe most efficient office lamp of the world, with Verto. It illuminates two working places efficiently and stylish with its 80 Watt power. With the Belux Verto, Naoto Fukasawa designed a lamp that moves free from conventions, stylishly as well as technically. With only one light source, it creates both, 80% direct light and 20% indirect light, since the reflectors are partly transparent. This is how two areas at the ceiling can be illuminated at the same time, glare-free and with pleasant light. The light’s temperature can be regulated by a touch-sensitive switch, without changing the light’s intensity. Verto works according to a patented principle: With a light source (A), it creates both, direct and indirect light. The LEDs inside of the lamp’s neck, which are assorted compactly, are directed to the diagonal-positioned reflector (B). Its geometry and surface are designed for the diverted light to be glare-free and to illuminate two areas at the same time (160 x 160 cm). Moreover, light will reach the office’s ceiling, creating pleasant room-light, thanks to the partly transparent reflector. Verto 10 and Verto 12: Light for different demands Verto 10 guides the light over a mirror grid directly to the working surface. This makes it one of the most energy efficient floor lamps on the market. It illuminates a double working place with only 55W. The partly transparent reflector also guides light upwards making the room a little brighter. The Verto 10 floor lamp Is used when it is the primary aim to save energy, when there are high rooms without reflections or when there is an indirect illumination already. The daytime and movement sensor Multisens enables energy savings of additional 80%. Verto 12 has direct light for double working places and an additionally powerful and widely shining indirect light. The direct light of the Belux lamp can be adapted regarding light amount and white-tone, making the working place individual. The indirect light of the lamp hasn’t these functions. It remains on all the time and it spreads a uniform light to the room. Verto 12 is used where the basic illumination shall be and where there is a reflecting ceiling.
  • Absolut Lighting - Floor and reading lamp
    Absolut Lighting - Floor and reading lamp
    Behind the "simplicity" of the Absolut Lights series, there are a lot of hidden, interesting details: The carbon stick of the light can be turned in all directions without interruptions. Moreover, the head of the light can also be rotated because of an ingenious fastening. Inside the head there is a carefully elaborated reflector made of stainless steel. The floor and reading lamp is available in two versions – with sensor dimmer or sliding dimmer. The version with the sensor dimmer ("touch-0-matic®") works with an On / Off switch as well as it can be dimmed by touching the carbon tube at the lamp’s head. The edition with the sliding dimmer is controlled with the power cable, which holds the switch. The total length of the lamp is 170 cm.
  • Flos - Parentesi floor lamp
    Flos - Parentesi floor lamp
    Parentesi is Italian for “brackets“ or “to clamp“ and describe besides the name the way how the lamp functions. A steel cable which is “clamped” between ceiling and floor facilitates the regulation of the height of a steel tube where the lamp is fixed. This convenient layout of the light by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù was already made in 1970 but is still more than up-to-date. The innovative mixture of floor lamp and pendant lamp was rewarded with the "Compasso d´Oro" in 1979. Technical Data: This lamp provides direct light. The lamp moves vertically via sliding of a painted or nickel-plated shaped steel tube on a ceiling-to-floor steel cable (400cm long). The fixture head is made of injection-moulded black elastomer (UL-94 HB) and houses a switch. The length of the power cord from the lamp holder is 400 cm. By extra charge, Parentesi is also available with a dimmer.
  • Belux - U-Turn Floor Lamp
    Belux - U-Turn Floor Lamp
    The LED spot family U-TURN by BELUX invites for playful interaction with light. The spot is easy to turn into a maximal action radius and it is even completely rotatable. U-Turn is a flexible light tool which ensures high enjoyment with the lighting radius. The central elements of the U-Turn floor lamp are the ball joint and the round large light head. In its middle there is a magnetic deepening, which is placed on top of a metal sphere. This mechanism allows an easy moving of the light head and enables a large action radius. The deepening can be separated, turned and fixed again from the ball with one simple handling since it is magnetic on both sides. This is how direct or indirect LED light can be chosen for the U-Turn lamp. Moreover it is possible to change the light angle with a simple turn – similar to the Zoom of a camera. The high quality material out of aluminium die cast is also mirrored in the robust design. The U-Turn light family includes six editions (reading, pendant, wall, ceiling, table and clamp lamps) in different colours: Black, silver and telegrey. Moreover they are all available with ON/Off switches or touch dimmers (except for the clamp lamp).
  • Authentics - Yoyo Floor Lamp
    Authentics - Yoyo Floor Lamp
    Light object Yoyo has its extension cable always with it, the spool consisting of translucent plastic. Yoyo is always in the right place where electricity sources are hard to find. With its 16 m long cable, you can roll the light where it is needed the most at that moment. As a light for the garden or as a sculptural object with penthouse flair for your living area. Yoyo was designed by Catarina von Martèrn and Lisa Landström. Authentics as the manufacturer stands for high quality material and a first class working up. Illuminant recommendation (illuminant not included): Energy saving lamp 15W / E27.
  • Absolut Lighting Absolut floor lamp 50 W
    Absolut Lighting Absolut floor lamp 50 W
    Behind the "simplicity" of the Absolut Lights series, there are a lot of hidden, interesting details. On the foundation on the ceiling, the carbon stick of the light can be brandished continuously in all directions due to a joint. Moreover, the head of the light can also be rotated steplessly because of an ingenious fastening. Inside the head there is a carefully elaborated construction made of stainless steel as reflector. This light has a very special electric dimmer. By touching it slightly, you can turn the light on and off and also dim it. The Absolut light 50 W was designed by Michael Rösing.
  • Foscarini - Havana Floor Lamp
    Foscarini - Havana Floor Lamp
    Havana is a floor lamp, which resembles a cigar. In 1993 the production of Havanna was like a little revolution for Foscarini. Before the designer Jozeph Forakis had the idea for Havana, the Italian company had always made its lamps from glass. Havana, a big cigar swinging in the air, was also initially meant to be made of glass. However, after the ones responsible at Foscarini had seen the design by Forakis, they agreed with the designers to use plastic (polyethylene) as a suitable material. Polyethylene turned out to be the right choice for this lamp, which was meant to be fresh and light, open and versatile. Also, Jozeph Forakis had the idea to produce the lamp with separate segments so that its design could be expressed more clearly. The light of the Havana is pure, simple but not banal. It is meant to light a certain area of the living room optimally. Design, material and idea soon also appealed at the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Havana became part of the permanent exhibition. The Havana floor lamp is also available in yellow and ice, as well as with a chromed frame and with a dimmer, as an outdoor, wall or pendant lamp.
  • Danese Milano Danese - Itka Appoggio Floor Lamp
    Danese Milano Danese - Itka Appoggio Floor Lamp
    The Itka floor lamps were designed by Naoto Fukasawa in 2008 for Danese Milano. The simple and iconic form of the Itka floor lamp is subtle and reveals an undisputable intelligence behind the design and the shiny appearance. Despite the flat form of the Itka lamps, the light is spread equally and there won’t be any shadows on your surfaces. Thanks to careful researches with Itka a magnificent combination between aesthetics, power and energy saving was achieved. The Itka lamps from Danese Milano consists of Opalin glazed frosted glass and white lacquered metal that is PVC covered.
  • Luceplan - Lola Floor Lamp
    Luceplan - Lola Floor Lamp
    The Lola floor lamp was designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan in 1989. The slim telescope frame allows the changing of heights between 160 and 200 centimetres. The reflector at the head of Lola spends direct and indirect light and can be adjusted precisely by a small rod. The Lola floor lamp received the desired Italian design award Compasso d’Oro because of its design, quality and the innovative materials. Lola is made out of carbon fibres by Luceplan today. The lamp is switched on over a foot dimmer. An illuminant with a R7s socket and maximal 250 Watt is needed for its function. The illuminant is included in the delivery package of the lamp.
  • Vertigo Bird - Smoke floor lamp, house
    Vertigo Bird - Smoke floor lamp, house
    100% Recyclable, 100% ironic, 100% iconic! The Smoke floor lamp is a prime example for urban design. It plays with the elements of modern rooms and transforms them in iconic objects for one’s own four walls. Smoke is a floor lamp collection whose feet are smaller models of typical objects of the industrialized world: Car, house, factory or parking. The design from Bevk Perovic isolates the objects from their natural environment and transforms them into furnishing elements that don’t pollute our homes or public rooms with their “smog”, but they make them brighter. At the floor lamp house the light seems to shine out of the chimney of it. The diffusor in form of a smog cloud spends indirect and pleasant light at the upper end of the lamp. The Smoke floor lamp is practical and critical at the same time. It combines the everyday between pollution and consumption brightening living and working rooms at simultaneously with its design. Smoke is big enough to have an equal effect in smaller private rooms or greater public rooms. It looks good standing alone as in a group, whereas it has a certain touch besides other Smoke lamps of different types. Smoke consists of recyclable and easy cleanable and therefore long lasting, materials. The Smoke floor lamp House is also available in further colours. Furthermore it can also be ordered with the other bases: Factory, parking station and car.
  • Flos - Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp
    Flos - Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp
    The elegant floor lamp "Rosy Angelis" was designed in 1994 by Philippe Starck for Flos. The graceful frame and the ultra weightless gauze give a tender and gentle character to Rosy Angelis. The diffuse light provided by the floor lamp supports a harmonic and warm atmosphere. It can be adjusted in its intensity by the dimmer. Technical data: The shade is made of an ultra-weightless fabric, the stem consists of aluminium. (UL-94 V2) foam polycarbonate is the material of the lamp holder. The On/Off switch and the 0-100 % rotary dimmer are located inside the lamp holder and controllable by a sleek satin-finished aluminium stem.
  • Steng Licht - Petit Floor Lamp
    Steng Licht - Petit Floor Lamp
    The Steng Licht floor lamp from the PETit family is easily swivelling and adjustable and suitable for the admission of diverse lower volt illuminants. Because of its restrained design this lamp does not like to stand in the foreground; it is highly functional and it fits in every furnishing style. The reduced PETit lamp is placed correctly where it depends on the lightning. It spread its light perfectly as it is requested and exactly where it is needed. The light suits for books, newspapers, picture-strips and more. Its flexibility is reached with a swivel. The 6 mm thin stainless steel rods rest in a heavy, steady 13 centimetres diameter foot. The coax cable is integrated in rod and base and leaves the rod at its end. A Touch-Tronic Dimmer-Transformer makes the lamp sensible for a step less on and off switching, as well as a dimming by touching function. By no means can PETit be named a “small” lamp in its word sense, but a creative design in a precise production. And formally it confirms the well known minimalist STENG-Manier. A fascinating overall system all in all, consisting of connector contact-spots with a convincingly light optic. The bar and spot-tops are nickel-satin and offered in a nickel high polish. Both executions are Touch-Tronic transformer equipped, to switch it on and off or dim the light step less by touching only. This lamp is also available as a table lamp (h 50 cm), in special sizes between 30 and 110 cm, as well as a Gusto and Classic edition.
  • Tom Dixon. The Company Tom Dixon - Felt Floor Lamp
    Tom Dixon. The Company Tom Dixon - Felt Floor Lamp
    The Felt floor lamp spreads warmth by its light and material. Felt consists, just as its name says, of felt. This material offers a warm ambience to its surrounding with its unique texture. These characteristic is furthermore supported by the organic form of the shade from Felt, which one reflects the natural characteristics from the material. Simultaneously Felt spends warm and indirect light. The Felt floor lamp stands on a three legged frame. With its characteristics Felt is perfectly suitable for the illumination of intimate living areas and comfortable seating areas. The Felt pendant lamp is also available.
  • Danese Milano - Falkland Floor Lamp (1964)
    Danese Milano - Falkland Floor Lamp (1964)
    This extraordinary light is a true classic. The Falkland light has already been invented in 1964 by Bruno Munari and even nowadays it is extremely popular as a remarkable illumination in apartments and offices. The Falkland light consists of an elastic hose which is equipped with aluminium rings in different sizes – these items determine the distinctive shapes of light. The hose is exchangeable.
  • Kundalini - Atomium Floor Lamp
    Kundalini - Atomium Floor Lamp
    The Atomium floor lamps from Kundalini are part of the eponymous lamp-series that was designed by the Büro für Form in the year 2006. The designers Benjamin Hopf and Constantin Wortman were inspired by the Atomium sculpture in Brussels; this is not only recognisable because of its name, but also through its look. Brussels’ Atomium was the main building and symbol of the world exposition in the year 1958. It stands for an optimistic look to the future and faith to technique and scientific advance. The Atomium floor lamp from Kundalini is inspired from the Atomium and its ideas reminding even far away of an atom model. The floor lamp Atomium from Kundalini possesses a polyethylene diffuser in Rotomoulding. A steel feather-structure with six illuminants is to find inside of it. With its futuristic design Atomium is an eye-catcher providing pleasant light with its numerous illuminants. The Atomium lamp from Kundalini is also available as an outdoor version, a roof lamp or a wall lamp.
  • Carpyen Totora ground light
    Carpyen Totora ground light
    What’s special about Totora is, without doubt, its frame, which is made from flexible fibre glass. The frame can be adjusted in height and it combines floor lamp and suspension lamp. This is being done by spanning the frame between floor and ceiling and then the shade can be pushed stagelessly into the right position. This way the shade hovers softly through the room. A translucent acrylic glass disc rounds off the shade to the top. The shade itself is covered with beige cotton. This sophisticated and exclusive lighting solution diffuses a warm light to its environment. Simply operate the switch inside the shade and Totora shows off its charm! The Totora light is also available in beige.
  • northernlighting - Groggy Floor Lamp
    northernlighting - Groggy Floor Lamp
    Groggy is a funky, tiny, yet highly functional, floor lamp. Both the simple lamp body and its fabric–covered lampshade revolve, thus making it easy for the user to direct and adjust the position of the light beam. Groggy fits well next to a chair or a sofa and allows the user plenty of space for the arm. Groggy is a new addition to Tom Stepps’ Blueman Collection of lighting and furniture designs. The Blueman Collection consists of, and expands, the ideas and products that Tom Stepp dreams of having in his own home, and which he therefore creates for himself. The name Groggy relates to the slightly oblique shape of this object, with a base that almost falls over sideways, yet the lamp remains in an upright position. More details: Material shade: Coating type Amdal 130 by Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik in Norway. Colour shade: Grey. Material frame: Nickel. Colour frame: White or matt black. Material base: Steel. Colour base: White or matt black. Cable: Satin grey, 200 cm. Illuminant: E27 Max. 100 W.
  • Domus - Pit Reading Lamp
    Domus - Pit Reading Lamp
    Pit is a reading lamp for direct light. Thanks to a refined joint, the lampshade can be aligned step less into two axes and precisely. Once assembled, Pit remains flexible and lights every desired place. The nice lamp was designed by e27 for the German lamps manufacturer Domus. A ring a hole… it’s all it needs to realign the refined joint of the reading lamp Pit. Completely without complicated mechanics, the shade can me moved easy and step less. Pit shines from its place to the left or the right side, downwards or upwards depending on your demands. The coloured textiles cable becomes a decorative element in the reduced design from Pit. The cable climbs through several parts of the lamp’s body. This offers dynamism to the design and simultaneously allows shortening the cable. Furthermore the switch of the floor lamp is placed at the cable. Domus produces Pit out of oak wood and powder lacquered steel. The shade of the floor lamp consists of Chintz. Chintz is a glossy covered cotton. We suggest a simple illuminant with an E27 socket and maximal 18 Watt as illuminant. Domus offers the reading lamp Pit in a white and black colour and with different coloured textile cables.
  • Domus - Wai ting Floor Lamp
    Domus - Wai ting Floor Lamp
    Wai ting from Domus is a floor lamp that serves as wardrobe at the same time. Designed to be used in the homely corridor as well as for the bedroom, Wai ting creates a pleasant atmosphere and a minimum of tidiness also in the office. The design as coined by Philipp Best. The frame of the Wai ting floor lamp consists of oak wood. The frame is connected by a steel-ring under the lampshade, clothes hangers as well as clothes can be hanged there. The supply consists of a high quality textile cable with foot dimmer and is inserted in the whole image seamless. The German company Domus only uses wood out of controlled cultivation for the manufacture of the Wai ting floor lamp. Domus furthermore renounces the usage or lacquer in the behalf of plant oils and natural waxes. This saves the natural beauty of the open-pored wood. Wai ting runs with one single illuminant with an E27 socket. The suitable high voltage halogen illuminant is included in the delivery package.
  • Foscarini - Colibrì Floor Lamp
    Foscarini - Colibrì Floor Lamp
    Odoardo Fioravanti designed the Floor Lamp Colibrì which really honors its name in 2011: The organic formed diffuser reminds us of the Silhouette of a bird and it can be adjusted individually. By the flexibility and the option of inclining the diffuser, the Colibrì lamp is an optimal reading lamp in living areas. Also the Colibrì floor lamp creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere thanks to the warm halogen light. Colibrì convinces with a slim, filigree form and a withdrawing design, which is unmistakable at the same time. The cable is decently included in the stand. The exceptional designed diffuser makes the lamp a design eye-catcher which doesn’t try to dominate the room. Foscarini manufactures the lamp out of polycarbonate and metal. The diffuser is classically kept in white.
  • Anta - Lee Floor Lamp
    Anta - Lee Floor Lamp
    The floor- and reading lamp Lee was designed by Jörg Zeidler for Anta. It is puristic and timeless in its shape and also functional and technical modern. The metal parts are satin plated or matt chrome. The lamp is height adjustable and the lamp body and the foot are rotatable. The Lee Reading Lamp is equipped with an illuminant GY6,35 max. 50 W. The light intensity can be controlled with a dimmable band transformer.
  • Flos - Stylos Floor Lamp
    Flos - Stylos Floor Lamp
    Achille Castiglioni designed the floor lamp Stylos in the year 1984 for Flos. The light pillar possesses two independently controllable light sources that spend indirect and diffuse light creating a pleasant atmosphere. The socket consists of powder coated steel, the cylindrical diffuser out of opal white, continuously cast polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) (UL-94 V2). The On / Off function of both lamps an the upper and lower end of the diffuser is controllable over a double-switch at the energy-saving cable.
  • Oluce - Spider Floor Lamp
    Oluce - Spider Floor Lamp
    The floor lamp Spider 3319 by Oluce is a real classic! Joe Colombo designed a concept that should be trend-setting in 1965: Adjustable in all directions, Spider 3319 was the first of its kind. It was honored with the desired Compasso d’Oro in 1967. Joe Colombo’s Spider Lamp became a prototype for new light sources after it appeared. The head of the Spider 3319 is height-adjustable as well as additionally rotatable – an absolute novum in that time. Colombo constantly displays his vision of multi functionality, which is also mirrored in Spider 3319: It is versatility usable and adjustable thanks to its rotatable axis. The Italian company Oluce manufactures the socket of the floor lamp out of lacquered metal, while the tube is chromed. The reflector itself consists of aluminium. The floor lamp Spider 3319 is a versatile trend-setter by its history, the manufacture and its style for every design enthusiast and additionally available in black and white.
  • ClassiCon Tube Light floor lamp
    ClassiCon Tube Light floor lamp
    In 1927, Eileen Gray designed the elegant Tube Light floor lamp. Tube Light is regarded as a classic among the floor lamps and, unlike the simple and rather cool chromium light frame, it creates a warm and soft light. Classicon produces the Tube Light floor lamp according to the original design (licence holder: Aram Designs Ltd, London). The chromed floor lamp has black synthetics fittings and a press switch. The illuminant is a linestra tube (S 14s, 220 V, 120 Watts).
  • Moooi - Double Shade Floor Lamp
    Moooi - Double Shade Floor Lamp
    The Double Shade floor lamp has been designed by Marcel Wanders for the Netherlands design smithy Moooi in the year 1998. The simple and rather classic floor lamp is noticed by tricky but unobtrusive design. An example therefore is the lamp’s foot, which secretly comes out of the image of a foot lamp with its tripod. The Double Shade floor lamp reduces itself to only spread light and no shadows, since it has a slim kept tube and a voluminous lamp shade. This piece of art by Marcel Wanders, which is available in different colours, combines subtle design with functional, pleasant and indirect light.
  • northernlighting - Bender Floor Lamp
    northernlighting - Bender Floor Lamp
    Bender is a large floor decor lamp that also works well as a reading lamp. The organic shape of the lamp starts at the floor with the textile wire going from the wall socket towards the lamp base. From there the base bends and curves its way up from the floor, all the way up to the lampshade. The oversized shade element gives the lamp its recognizable personality and creates a large and focused spotlight. Bender has a matt powder coating that gives the aluminium and steel surfaces a warm touch and sophisticated look. The lampshade is fully adjustable in all directions, making it well suited for a comfortable and illuminated reading experience.
  • serien.lighting - Club Floor Lamp
    serien.lighting - Club Floor Lamp
    This wonderfully straightforward, classic Club standard luminaire blends in admirably in elegant settings, fits in with modern surroundings, and even looks good amidst the chaos of children’s rooms. Not only is the luminaire dimmable, the direction of the light can also be altered to produce a stronger downward or upward beam to the ceiling as desired. More details: Design: Jean-Marc da Costa. Material: Brushed aluminium. Shades: Fabric (chintzed cotton) in white or yellow. Lamps: Upper lamp 1 x 100 W/E27, lower lamps 2 x 40 W/E14, other lamps also available. Light: Directly up- and downwards, to sides diffused through shade. Control: Through integrated dimmer, buttons on shade. Other features: Cable pick-up device in base, easily exchangeable shade, upper and lower lamps separately switchable.
  • Artemide - Cadmo Floor Lamp
    Artemide - Cadmo Floor Lamp
    The Cadmo floor lamp by Artemide was designed by Karim Rashid. The multiple awarded, international working designer equipped the Cadmo with an elegant, friendly appearance. This one is also mirrored in the indirect, diffuse and pleasant room light, which is spread by the lamp. The thrilling lamp by the Italian lamps manufacturer Artemide is an eye-catcher and an upgrade of the whole room at the same time. The highlight of the lamp however, is its double utility: It spreads indirect, warm, white room light upwards and direct light downwards, which is ideally suitable to read. This two faces-existence is ensured by different illuminants: A 230Watt halogen bulb in the top of the Cadmo and a 60 Watt bulb (E27 socket) in the bottom. This double function is perfectly suitable to be placed besides the most comfortable living room armchair. Its steel lamp-body is fulfilled by a noble steel light body, ideally suiting the swung forms given to it by the Egypt designer. Available in different colours.
  • Oluce - Coupé 3321 Floor Lamp
    Oluce - Coupé 3321 Floor Lamp
    The Coupé 3321 floor lamp was designed in the year 1967 from the famous designer Joe Colombo for the Italian company Oluce. Joe Colombo renounced unnecessary details with the Coupé 3321. Coupé convinces just with his simple and straight-lines design. The classic colours allow Coupé to fit in existing rooms without any problems. Coupé 3321 is a floor lamp for direct light. The light direction can be adjusted according to desire and need because the aluminium reflector is freely turnable and adjustable. The reflector is situated at a chromed bar. The base of the lamp consists of lacquered metal and it offers secure hold.
  • KAISER idell - Floor Lamp 6556-F
    KAISER idell - Floor Lamp 6556-F
    The first remarkable KAISER idell lamp has been designed by the German silversmith Christian Dell in the beginning of the 1930s, embodying the essentially: The style of the Bauhaus movement in that time. Now, about 80 years later it is also available as matt floor lamp. The 6556-F floor lamp is characterized by its formally closeness and it bribes by the low number of basic construction elements at the same time. The straight-lined, matt, asymmetric reflector shade out of high quality steel-sheet is form-distinctive. The clever shape of the reflector connected with the optimally lamp position and the interior lacquery enables a technically well-developed light directing. Connected on top of the reflector is the socked, which is embossed with “ORIGINAL KAISERidel”. Huge flexibility and versability is enabled by the very thought but still simple joints. The superior ball joint which connects the reflector with the lamp’s arm was only available at Kaiser-lamps of the idell series then. With it, that makes up another essential recognition piece of absolute originality.
  • Gubi - Bestlite BL3 floor lamp
    Gubi - Bestlite BL3 floor lamp
    The BL3 by Bestlite is a handy lamp with the rough charm of a true Bauhaus classic. BL3 transmits the functional design of the BL series on a floor lamp that meets the highest demands in terms of form and function. The BL3 floor lamp can be adjusted in height stagelessly, it’s rotatable and traversable and therefore it is able to light every corner of a room optimally. The lamp shade can be brought in almost any position. A heavy floor plate ensures a secure and firm stand. When Robert Dudley Best designed the lamps of the BL series in the 1930s they were revolutionary simple and of unusually clear and functional forms. They are still regarded as examples of classic Bauhaus design. This has been enforced by the British designers close contacts to Dessau, Weimar and Berlin, which were the centres of the Bauhaus movement back then. Even the British premier Winston Churchill had a BL1 lamp standing on his desk in Whitehall and many architects and designers made some great designs under its light. The BL3 floor lamp by Bestlite is also available in crème white and white.
  • Louis Poulsen - Panthella floor lamp
    Louis Poulsen - Panthella floor lamp
    The Panthella floor lamp was designed by Verner Panton for Louis Poulsen in the year 1971. It is one of the most famous Panton designs and characterized by its harmonic, peaceful form. The half-circle formed screen ensures a soft, pleasant light. The basic principle from Panthella was to create a lamp with a base that serves as a reflector as well as screen. Panthella offers direct and indirect light. The direct light shines downwards and the indirect light through the white screen. The organic design of the Panthella floor lamp leans on the form of a mushroom. The lamp possesses a chromed sphere on its top. Besides its apparent function, the sphere also serves to raise the top of the lamp, so as to change the bulb if necessary. Furthermore unused cable can be stored in the base of the table lamp. The light source is hosted under a milk-white, hemisphere formed acrylic screen. Together with the trumpet formed base it contributes to the distribution of the wonderful light and the whole harmonic form. Verner Pantons Panthella lamp is also available as a table lamp.
  • Kundalini - La La Lamp
    Kundalini - La La Lamp
    Floor Lamp or ceiling lamp? The La La Lamp by Kundalini lets the container answer. The Helen Kontouris designed lamp is step-less dimmable. The designer Helen Kontouris designed the La La Lamp for Kundalini already in 2004. Two cone-like reflectors spread the light; the form of the lamp breaks the geometry and makes it unique. The reflectors of the Kundalin lamp are coated in opal white from the inside and its light beams are therefore diffuse. The upper shade is opened upwards, throwing its light directly to the wall. La La Lamp is moreover step-less dimmable and enables therewith the regulation of the light's intensity. The frame of the La La Lamp consists of metal and the interior diffuser out of acrylic. The light object is coated with textiles from outside, ensuring a warm, soft shining light. The La La Lamp by Kundalini is also available in further colours and sizes.
  • Foscarini - Gregg Floor Lamp
    Foscarini - Gregg Floor Lamp
    The Gregg Lamp by Foscarini is the result of natural inspiration and intensive research. The design of the designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba reminds of a wide, by water ground stone. The round corpus of the lamp was mounted on a decent foot for the Gregg Floor Lamp from Foscarini, which holds the light into the air and places in the middle of the design. Two standardized heights are available: The small edition can be used as reading lamp or it can effectively illuminate a small sitting corner. The bigger is an ideal eye-catcher, and it can emphasize a determinate place of the room with its characteristically balanced soft light. The Foscarini produced Gregg Floor Lamp submerges each living- and sleeping area into a warm, ambient light. Gregg is made out of mouth-blown glass which gets a noble appearance by a satining. The flowing round material of the floor lamp leans on organic forms and thereby acts extremely confident. Strong geometric rules don't get importance for Gregg. The nature inspired design was sketched by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, compositions and combinations with different sizes, like the Gregg table lamp, offer the possibility of creating dynamic images of different elements.
  • Next - Alien Floor Lamp
    Next - Alien Floor Lamp
    An alien formation that illuminates your room… Invasion of another world. It seems as if a strange creature comes down with a rope. Even, gently weightless – Alien by the designer Constantin Wortmann for Next shines in a warm, soft light.
  • Succeful Living from Diesel Diesel Living - Fork Floor Lamp
    Succeful Living from Diesel Diesel Living - Fork Floor Lamp
    The lamp shade of the Fork floor lamp by Diesel Living is inspired by casual fashion, camping tents and an informal, playful and dynamic lifestyle. The seams of the fabric resemble jeans. The light accentuates the patchwork structure and the character of the fabric and resembles a light that's turned on in a tent. The lamp shade can be turned around 360° and even the frame is very flexible, as it has several joints. Due to its flexibility the Fork floor lamp can be adjusted within the room individually. The warm light of the lamp is especially suitable for the home but it can also be used for common areas to add a relaxed atmosphere to them. The Fork floor lamp of the Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini collection by Diesel Living is also available in beige. Fork can also be ordered as a table and pendant light.
  • Kundalini - Yoga Floor Lamp
    Kundalini - Yoga Floor Lamp
    Yoga has been designed by Guglielmo Berchicci for Kundalini in the year 1997 and it is a floor lamp for diffuse light whose intensity can be regulated with a cable dimmer. The handmade diffuser of the lamp is made out of ecological fibreglass. The integrated illuminant holder consists of metal and it can be removed to replace the bulb. The Yoga floor lamp is available in white, orange, red and silver.
  • Artemide - Callimaco Floor lamp
    Artemide - Callimaco Floor lamp
    The Floor lamp Callimaco was created in 1982 by designer and architect Ettore Sottsass for the italian lamp manufacturer Artemide. This multi coloured lamp with its sculptural design spends indirect light and is dimmable. The design of the lamp is based on geometric shapes. Base and lamp shade are cylindrical and connected by a long tube that houses a handle as well as the dimmer. The two cylinder have different sizes and colours, which not only give Callimaco asafe standing but it also underlines the sculptural, touch of art character of the lamp. Base and lamp shade are made of lacquered steel, the tube is made of lacquered aluminum and the handle is made of polished chromed steel. The halogen illuminant of Callimaco is included.
  • Belux - Koi floor lamp
    Belux - Koi floor lamp
    With its emotional perceptions, Koi sets new standards in efficient interior lighting technology. A single standing light for two workstations can now be replaced by the Koi for four workstations using the same amount of light – and less energy. This is due to modern lighting technology and the light head. The rounded form ensures rotational symmetry and equal light distribution over a wide area. Despite the high output, the light sources are only dimly seen. The four powerful 42W fluorescent lamps with a total output of 13 000 lumens are so positioned to ensure 20% less light loss compared to conventional office standing lights. Koi reflects up to 70% of light from the ceiling resulting in abundant and fatigue-free lighting. The remaining 30% is directed glare-free onto work surfaces using pyramidal lenses. The 12° oblique conical light head of translucent metallized acrylic reflects 95% of the scattered light as extra direct light with the rest leaving through the light head as direct lateral light. The rounded form ensures rotational symmetry and equal light distribution over a wide area. Despite the high output, the light sources are only dimly seen and because of this efficient glare control, the KOI is certified to Minergie standards. The rounded form of the Koi floor lamp harmonizes with all room designs. Despite its large body, Koi is floating, vibrant and elegant. “Super Normal Design” defines the philosophy and creative art of Naoto Fukasawa, the Designer of Koi. This is reflected in the simple harmonious form and startling simplicity of the Koi family of lights. The elemental design perfectly demonstrates its obvious functionality in flexibility and versatility resulting in a sense of well-being all of which are of utmost importance in the world of design now and for the future. The Koi floor lamp ox Belux is also available with integrated touchdimmer or integrated multisense. There is also a table version of Koi available.
  • Flos - Floor Lamp Romeo Moon
    Flos - Floor Lamp Romeo Moon
    The Romeo light series was created in 1998 by Philippe Starck for Flos. The diffuse light provided by the floor lamp Romeo Moon can be changed through the touch-dimmer or the cable-dimmer in its intensity and thus, a cosy illumination is the result. The internal diffuser is made of acid-etched and borosilicate glass. The shade consists of pressed clear glass. The base and yoke of the Romeo floor lamp are made of die-cast aluminium. The stem is steel – made. All elements are painted in gray. The diffuser support consists of injection-molded transparent polycarbonate (UL-94 V2). Romeo has an On/Off Touch dimmer with a chrome-plated steel sensor which is located on the yoke. Furthermore, it is also a version available where the On/Off switch and a 0-100% dimmer are installed on the cord.
  • Authentics - Stand up Floor Lamp
    Authentics - Stand up Floor Lamp
    Stand up is the roly-poly doll among the lights. The expression “suspended light” gets a totally new connotation because a little jog will make it swing. Normally, stand up is just a floor lamp which has been created by the famous design duo Hopf and Wortmann. The manufacturer Authentics from Germany sells Stand up as an inside and an outside version. Both versions of the Stand up (inside and outside) are made of PE-plastics. Stand up indoor will be delivered with a 2m cable with a foot-dimmer and a transparent euroflat plug. As an illuminant, an E27 bulb (min. 100W, max. 150W Halogen) can be used but this bulb is not included. Furthermore, for Stand up indoor, energy saving bulbs can not be used. Stand up outdoor will be delivered with a rubber cable (2 m) without a cable switch. The cable is black and has a weatherproof plug. As an illuminant, an E27 bulb (min. 100W, max. 150W Halogen) can be used but this bulb is not included. Furthermore, for Stand up outdoor, energy saving bulbs can not be used.
  • Lumini - Bauhaus 90 Floor Lamp
    Lumini - Bauhaus 90 Floor Lamp
    As homage to the timeless ideas of the German Bauhaus, Fernando Prado developed his floor lamp with programmatic the name Bauhaus 90. The design of the lamp is a contemporary interpretation of the Bauhaus-idea and unifies transparent forms with uncompromising functionality. The height of the lamp’s head from Bauhaus 90 is freely adjustable. The head and the additional arm can be moved up and down at the firm lamp-rod. The fixing occurs on the desired height without screws or clamps, only by the weight of the head. The light cone of the floor lamp can also be aligned to the wall, also upwards or downwards, so that direct or indirect light emerged according to your desires. Thereby the Bauhaus 90 lamp is suitable as reading lamp as well as for a general illumination. Fernando Prado developed his Bauhaus 90 lamp due to the 90th anniversary of the Bauhaus-foundation in 1919. The “Estate Bauhaus” has been and still is one of the most influencing design-schools at all with its ideas and thoughts. With its new design approaches, the masters and students of the Bauhaus did not only emboss the famous demand “Form follows function”, but also created numerous designs, that advanced to become classics further on. The floor lamp Bauhaus 90 is produced by the Brazil company Lumini. For its minimalist and functional design, the lamp has been honoured with some important design awards: In 2010 it received the Good Design Award, in 2011 the iF Design Award followed, as well as the desired Red Dot Award.
  • Foscarini - Caboche Floor Lamp
    Foscarini - Caboche Floor Lamp
    The designers Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto had a simple pearls bracelet as example for the design of the Caboche lamps. They created a unique design that ensures an impressive light game, inspired by the structure and form of the piece of jewelry. The oval form of the Caboche is enabled by the base of blown glass. This one if covered with spheres out of poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). The combination of glass and the spheres structure ensure reflections and beautiful light effects. The Caboche floor lamp seems to act like a crystal piece, setting special accents in every room. The arch form of the lamp’s shade is caught in the socket. This is how a uniform, aesthetic image emerges. Three supports guarantee a safe stand of the lamp. Available in different colours.
  • Luceplan - Carrara Floor Lamp
    Luceplan - Carrara Floor Lamp
    Carrara by Alfredo Häberly doesn’t consist of marble as its name may suggest, however, it looks sculptural with its 185 cm, contrasting conventional floor lamps. The Swiss designer Häberli designed the Carrara lamp for the manufacturer Luceplan in satined white, already in the year 2001 – a black glossy edition followed in 2008. Both models consist of only one corpus out of polyurethane injection molding; this offers a strong sculptural character to them. Carrara spends indirect light. The brightness can moreover be adjusted by a foot dimmer without steps.
  • serien.lighting - Jones Master Floor Lamp
    serien.lighting - Jones Master Floor Lamp
    Jones Master is the exclusive version of Jones and boasts an extra large shade. The standard luminaire can illuminate an entire room as an uplighter and also emit atmospheric light. It is also admirably suitable for use as a reading luminaire. The laminated fabric shade and the absolutely top-quality finish provide a touch of extravagance. The lamp is also available with a glass insert in other colours! More details: Design: Uwe Fischer. Material: Shade: Glass fabric laminate with Trevira CS, aluminium reflector with glass insert in orange, yellow or blue and additional perforated sheet insert round tube and base: Brushed aluminium, square tube: Aluminium polished and anodized. Lamps: Halogen lamp 230 W/E27 (100 W and 150 W also possible) -Light: Continuously adjustable from reading light (downwards) to coloured light (through glass insert) to uplight (through inner reflector) -Control: Infinitely dimmable through integrated keying dimmer, operated with upper button on tubular stand. Other features: Vertically adjustable with two buttons on the tubular stand, lighting changes from direct light downwards to coloured ambient light to indirect light upwards. Glass insert and perforated sheet tube easily replacable.
  • Belux - One By One Floor Lamp
    Belux - One By One Floor Lamp
    The character of the One By One lamp, designed by Steve Lechot in the year 2004, occurs out of a opposite additional materials. Stainless steel and fluorescent lamp stand in contrast to the organic flexibility of the coats. It devotes a definition of the light in uncountable versions. On the materialisation of teh coats got a lot attention. For the use comes a polyestervlies, which is practical tearproof, non-ageing and not flameable. One By One can be cleaned without any problems and has in comparison to usual paper lamps an extreme long lasting life. One By One is available in a levelless dimmable version, which adjusts itself to every surrounding, and also in a plain On/Off version for the floor and as pendant lamp.
  • Cappellini - Progetto Oggetto Floor Lamp PO/9815
    Cappellini - Progetto Oggetto Floor Lamp PO/9815
    The Floor Lamp PO/9815 has been designed by Marcel Wanders for the Italian company Cappellini in 1998. More an illuminated sculpture than a common floor lamp this Wanders lamp combines simple forms with oversized measures. With a height of 1.6 metres the floor lamp PO/9815 is a room-filling eye-catcher. The noticeable dimension stands in contrast to the minimalist and clear design of the lamp: Round and factual forms offer visual weightlessness to it in combination with large, white spaces. Because of its size and the diffuse light, Marcel Wanders did initially call his lamps-collection Big Shadow. Inside of the floor lamp there are two illuminants that light the whole lamp-corpus. Softly the light shines through the shades that are made out of cotton by Cappellini. A carrying metallic frame ensures the lamp’s stability. Because of its clear and simple design, Cappellini included the table lamp into its Progetto Oggetto collection in 1998 and named it PO/9815. The unusual name is a sort of serial number that identifies the product as part of the Progetto Oggetto collection. The abbreviation PO stands for Progetto Oggetto and the first two numbers stand for the year of design, 1998 in this case.
  • Luceplan - Hope Floor Lamp
    Luceplan - Hope Floor Lamp
    Fascinatingly easy and original, Hope embodies the magic of traditional lamps and re-interprets them with through-thought technologies and contemporaneous materials. The floor lamp of the lamps family by the Italian manufacturer Luceplan lies on a stainless steel frame and possesses a feet dimmer. The multiple awarded design was coined by Paolo Rizzatto and Francisco Gomez Paz. One piece of the fascination that Hope spreads is built by organic inspiration and innovation. Combinable, original, versatile and elegant, Hope embodies the philosophy of Luceplan. The separation of transitory trends is thereby reached by the timeless design. The balance between material weight and weightlessness was the guideline of the project while constructing Hope. Paolo Rizzatto and Francisco Gomez Paz offered Hope an original design which interacts fascinatingly with the spreading light. The external petals consist of polycarbonate and are actually Fresnel-lenses with extraordinary reflecting and light-calculating abilities. They reinforce the fascinating effect of the light and reduce the energy consumption of the lamp. Hope has been awarded with the Compasso d’Oro in the year 2011 for the innovative use of Fresnel-lenses and the graceful light. The lamp that has been introduced in the market in 2009 by Luceplan has already won the red dot design award and the Good Design Award. The lamp family Hope includes floor-, wall-, ceiling- and pendant-lamps.
  • Flos - Arco floor lamp
    Flos - Arco floor lamp
    The floor lamp Arco is a design classic par excellence and therefore part of the permanent exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 1962, the brothers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni designed the bow light for the manufacturer Flos. In their creation where a simple street light was the model, the advantages of floor and ceiling lamps are combined. Arco is a floor lamp, providing direct light. The heavy marble base gives a solid position to the light. Through the telescopic stem which is made of satin-finished stainless steel the height is easily adjustable (215 - 220cm). Furthermore, the pressed, polished and zapon-varnished aluminium reflector is swivelling and also height adjustable (137 - 171cm). The foot-switch-on button is on the power cord. The length is 270 cm; the net weight 65.9 kg. Illuminant: 1X max. 100 W E27 IA/S.
  • Flos - Taccia Floor Lamp
    Flos - Taccia Floor Lamp
    Achille and Pier Giacomo designed the table and floor lamp Taccia in the year 1958 for Flos. The lamp classic offers indirect and reflected floor illumination as well as an adjustable diffuser out of transparent glass. In an interview from 1970, the ancient master Achille Castiglioni said about Taccia: ”It is the Mercedes Benz among all the lamps for us; a symbol of success, possibly because the socket is similar to an ancient pillar. When we designed the Taccia Lamp however, not the prestige stood in the foreground. We focused on the surface that stays cool”. The conception from Taccia was thought by the Castiglionis in 1958, the prototype was then presented one year later. However, the Flos manufacturer took it’s time to prove the design before the Taccia Lamp went into serial production in 1962. The reflector of the Taccia Lamps possesses a glossy white lacquered interior space and a white powder coated exterior. The adjustable diffuser consists of mouth blown, transparent glass, and the lamp’s body of black or silver anodized, continuous aluminium casting. The socket is made out of polished, nickel chromed and zapon lacquered steel. The On/Off control is on a switch in the electric cable.
  • Moooi - Light Shade Shade Floor Lamp
    Moooi - Light Shade Shade Floor Lamp
    The Light Shade Shade floor lamp first of all is a mirror that reflects its environment. Secondly, it’s a lamp, which, being turned on, reveals its unexpected identity and lets its beauty shine. It has been designed in 2004 by the designer Jurgen Bey for the company Moooi. The floor lamp consists of an outer semi-transparent polyester reflective film and an inner shade from PVC/viscose that hides a metal frame. The chromed pedestal makes the Light Shade Shade floor lamp appear classy and elegant.
  • Succeful Living from Diesel Diesel Living - Pipe Floor Lamp
    Succeful Living from Diesel Diesel Living - Pipe Floor Lamp
    As the name of the Pipe Lamps collection reveals, industrial pipes inspired the designer of these imposing table and floor lamps. The Pipe Lamp’s shade and frame are altogether covered with raw, bleached and screen printed linen fabrics. This is how the Pipe Lamps spread a warm light and become a shining decoration that offers new sensitivity to the fabric, meaning a revolution of traditional shade lamps. The Pipe table and floor lamps can be presented alone or in groups, to illuminate, shape and redefine a room. The massive appearance of the lamp contrasts with the straight lines and the natural material, ensuring apparent weightlessness. The combination makes an impressively present object out of the lamp, being introducible in the most different furnishings, suiting private and public rooms at the same time.
  • northernlighting - Diva Floor Lamp
    northernlighting - Diva Floor Lamp
    Diva is a set of wood laminated floor and pendant light sculptures. By making a contemporary light object the two young designers, Thomas and Peter, wanted to pay their respect to the proud Norwegian heritage of wood lamination craftsmanship, and at the same time challenge or reinvent how this material can be used. Diva’s strong yet soft and almost feminine character emerged from experimenting with different curve codes, from which two distinct sets of patterns occurred. The lamp’s outer frame consists of a set of thirty two gently curving walnut or oak laminated plywood slices set around two. Wooden cylinders. The inner parts consist of a slim metal stem supporting a solid mouth blown frosted glass globe. The floor lamp’s outer frame can be turned in two directions, creating two different sculptures. Diva creates a warm yet dynamic atmosphere when it is turned on, and when off it remains an essential and uniquely aesthetic décor object in any room. Diva is also available as pendant lamp.
  • Foscarini - Mite Floor Lamp
    Foscarini - Mite Floor Lamp
    The Mite Floor Lamp was designed by Marc Sadler for Foscarini in the year 2000. It has been honoured with the Compasso D’Oro in the year 2001 for its dynamic design. The light of the Mite floor lamp is dimmable. Switched on, the whole lamp corpus of the Mite Floor Lamp enlightens. The filigree striped corpus becomes then a fascinating light object and offers vivacity to the escaping, indirect light. The design from Marc Sadler knowingly mixes natural forms with modern elegance. Foscarini offers the Mite floor lamp in the colours yellow and black. Depending on the edition also the material of the lamp differs: Mite consists of a glass fabric with yellow Kevlar-fibre or black carbon fibre. The metal socket is chromed.
  • Dark - Spacewalker ground and floor lamp
    Dark - Spacewalker ground and floor lamp
    It exists afterall – at least soon within your four walls – Constantin Wortmann, who’s made a name for himself in the world of design with his design studio Büro für Form, designed this friendly creature that lights its environment. Bearing in mind the name there is certainly no need to mention that the enlightenment is of a futuristic nature. Its organic form lets Spaceman appear unintrusive, despite its undeniable extravagance so it fits every environment. Unlike its floating counterpart, the pendant light, the floor lamp Spacewalker absolutely lives up to its name: It walks, which makes it a bit human. The Spacewalker is made from matt polyethylene. The friendly creature with the oversized head is being supplied with the essential via a 25 cm long red cord. Spacewalker won the highest award “Best of the Best” of the Red Dot Award. It comes in white but it can blush, turn green or go blue with the help of the corresponding colour filters. More details: Spacewalker is available in the following versions: DA = for digital light control. EVG = for electronic control gears/ non-dimmable. EVGD = for electronic control gears/ dimmable. Illuminant: 3 X 21 Watts G5. Illuminant: 3 X 39 Watts G5. Optionally you may use coloured bulbs.
  • Moooi - Dandelion floor lamp
    Moooi - Dandelion floor lamp
    Dandelion is a light and bright floor lamp in a modern design. It has been designed in 2004 by the designer Richard Hutten for the company Moooi. Dandelion resembles a dandelion with its round shape and the numerous small ramifications. The extraordinary design plays with its round shapes and with light and shadow. The light coming from the inside is broken on the individual branches that can be recognised from the outside by their silhouettes. The Dandelion floor lamp is only suitable for indoor use. It consists of powder-coated aluminium and steel.
  • Louis Poulsen - Snow Floor Lamp
    Louis Poulsen - Snow Floor Lamp
    Snow brings the light of the winter into the homely four walls. The designer Louise Campbell wants to bring the beauty of nature home with her lamps, and so she was inspired by the Danish winter for Snow. The image which she kept in mind was a snow-covered landscape that reflected the falling light. Campbell’s lamps create atmospheres and so also Snow leads the typical winter light in every house. Snow consists of two cones. The large cone forms the base and stands directly on top of the floor. The second cone forms the head of the sculpture. The cones are balanced with a counterweight. The Snow Floor Lamp from the manufacturer Louis Poulsen is made out of acrylic and printed with white spots in three different sizes. This reminds of falling snow and enables a winter-like atmosphere when Snow’s light shines through the pattern. Because of the material, Snow spreads its light in every direction. At places where less snow-balls are placed, the lamp is nearly invisible.
  • Cappellini - Progetto Ogetto Floor Lamp PO/0202
    Cappellini - Progetto Ogetto Floor Lamp PO/0202
    PO/0202 has been shaped by the French designer Inge Sempè. Cappellini produces the floor lamp as part of its collection Progetto Oggetto. PO/0202 is not only a light source, but also an unusual furnishing element with its folded appearance. Inge Sempè has shaped the mushroom-like lamp shortly after she opened her own design studio in the year 2002. As an artwork out of paper PO/0202 acts filigree and weightless. Actually the lamp is made out of polyester, what ensures the soft appearance of the lamp, but also stability, at the same time. The Italian manufacturer Cappellini has adopted the floor lamp from Inge Sempè in its Progetto Oggetto collection in 2002, and named it PO/0202. The unusual name is a sort of serial number that identifies the product as part of the Progetto Oggetto collection. The abbreviation PO stands for Progetto Oggetto, the first two numbers for the design year, 2002 in this case. The Cappellini collection Progetto Oggetto includes products with a simple and clear design. The products should be easily introducible in every existing furnishing and thereby encourage the integration of design products into nowadays’ homes.
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