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  • Rico Espinet Buster Floor Lamp
    Rico Espinet Buster Floor Lamp
    This lamp lends enduring sophistication to your interior with its unfussy appeal. Deep Patina Bronze with White Fondine Fabric. Color: Bronze/White. Material: Metal/Fabric. Dimensions: H80.5" x W22".
  • Havana Boom Floor Lamp White
    Havana Boom Floor Lamp White
    This series is inspired by its bayside namesake. This task floor lamp features an adjustable boom arm and full range foot switch. Steel construction. The Polished Nickel stem features a circular base and adjustable perforated metal shade in powder coat white. Color: White. Material: Steel/Nickel. Dimensions: 45-61" Adjustable H X 11"Dia.
  • Rico Flip Dark Bronze Floor Lamp
    Rico Flip Dark Bronze Floor Lamp
    Comes with full range dimmer foot switch Color: Deep Patina Bronze. Material: Metal. Dimensions: H72.5 x W11.
  • Elm Floor Lamp
    Elm Floor Lamp
    61”H - crystal & metal antique brass finish - 150W 3-way Shade: off-white linen; tapered oval; 18”W(t) x 12.5”D(t) x 20”W(b) x 14.25”D(b) x 10.75”H Color: Antique Brass Finish. Material: Crystal & Metal. Dimensions: 61”H.
  • Bryce Floor Lamp Black
    Bryce Floor Lamp Black
    60”H - brass - silver finish - 150W 3-way Shade: black; 17”ø x 10.25”H Color: Silver. Material: Brass. Dimensions: 60" H x 3" W.
  • London Floor Lamp
    London Floor Lamp
    60”H - crystal - 150W 3-way Shade: off-white; 15”ø(t) x 17”ø(b) x 10.75”H Dimensions: 60”H.
  • Gala Arc Lamp
    Gala Arc Lamp
    Part of the Gala collection. The common shade is a hardbacked fabric double shade. The inner shade suspends from within the larger outer shade. Available in black with black kaleidoscope patterned outer shade. This floor lamp is available in matte black with a black shade. Color: Matte Black. Material: Hardbacked fabric, Metal. Dimensions: The double shade adjusts vertically, and the arc rod extends to adjust the height from 66” to 71”, 35” maximum depth. Base: 12.5” diameter. Outer shade: 7” height, 13” diameter; Inner shade: 6.25” height, 9.5” diameter. Fully extended shade: 12.75” height.
  • Petit Paro Floor Lamp White
    Petit Paro Floor Lamp White
    Luxurious and illuminating. Let this lamp accent your life. Dimensions: 51.5"H x 11.5"D.
  • Luna Floor Lamp Chocolate
    Luna Floor Lamp Chocolate
    Luxurious and illuminating. Let this lamp accent your life. Color: Chocolate. Material: Metal. Dimensions: 54"H x 10"SQUARE.
  • Longshan Floor Lamp Black
    Longshan Floor Lamp Black
    Luxurious and illuminating. Let this lamp accent your life. Dimensions: 54"H x 12"D.
  • Acorn Floor Lamp Matte Black
    Acorn Floor Lamp Matte Black
    This floor lamp is comprised of a ceramic lamp holder, white interior and takes 10 E26 medium base 60 watt bulbs. Color: Black. Material: Ceramic. Dimensions: 24½"Diameter x 60"H.
  • Flex Floor Lamp Steel Black
    Flex Floor Lamp Steel Black
    This floor lamp is comprised of an polished oval steel base , carbon tube frames, adjustable locking arms, takes 1 T4, GY6.35 Xenon filament lamp, 50 watt bulb, and an inline floor dimmer switch. Color: Black. Material: Steel. Dimensions: 35½"Diameter x 46"H.
  • Ethan Floor Lamp Gold
    Ethan Floor Lamp Gold
    Our Ethan floor lamp gives off a natural tone during the day and an interesting shimmer in the evening. Its iron base is made with a satin finish and paired with a metallic cork shade; providing not just elegance but taking up minimal space with its slimming oval shape. Color: Brown. Chrome. Material: Steel. Shade: 100% natural cork with metallic gold plating. Dimensions: 16"L x 16"W x 60"H.
  • Tripod Floor Lamp
    Tripod Floor Lamp
    This 1 light Floor Lamp from the Studio collection by Visual Comfort will enhance your home with a perfect mix of form and function. The features include a French Wax finish applied by experts. Color: Walnut/White. Material: Wood. Dimensions: 17"W x 61"H.
  • Evelin Floor Lamp Grey
    Evelin Floor Lamp Grey
    63”H - crystal & chrome - 150W 3-way Shade: charcoal grey; 17”ø x 10.25”H Color: Charcoal Grey. Material: Crystal, Chrome. Dimensions: 63" H.
  • Sabine Floor Lamp
    Sabine Floor Lamp
    62”H - crystal & metal antique brass finish - 150W 3-way Shade: off-white; 17.75”ø x 11”H Color: White, Brown. Material: Crystal, Metal. Dimensions: 62" H.
  • Cinema Floor Lamp
    Cinema Floor Lamp
    The Cinema is shiny black with chrome accents. Oversized black shade with matte silver interior swivels on chrome pole with the aid of a large wand. A foam-covered locking joint allows for vertical adjustment of the shade. The bottom and top of the pole are joined by a black cuff which locks the height adjustment. Color: Black. Material: Metal. Dimensions: Height adjusts from 41” to 67”. Base: 24” Depth from any side. Shade: 13.5” Length, 10” Diameter at open end.
  • Explorer Floor Lamp
    Explorer Floor Lamp
    The Explorer all metal architect floor lamp is painted glossy light grey with white shade interior. The shade adjusts 90° left or right and 180° vertically, and takes one 100 Watt Incandescent or 26 Watt CFL bulb. The open shade encourages the use of a non-standard bulb, such as a decorative round bulb, vintage antique bulb or a clear silver bowl bulb (as shown). The black cord extends from the shade socket and runs through the lamp's poles. Black plastic wheels lock base and center joints. Foot step switch. Color: Grey. Material: Metal. Dimensions: Base to center joint measures 49" length, center joint to shade adjustment measures 20" length. 46" To 68" height, maximum 32" depth. Base: 13.5" diameter. Shade: 2.5" height, 12.25" diameter (Socket cone: 4.5" Length).
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