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  • McGuire Robert Kuo "O" Floor Lamp
    McGuire Robert Kuo "O" Floor Lamp
    Like its "O" Table Lamp counterpart, the "O" Floor Lamp was inspired by shapes found in Chinese antiques. Influenced by the bronze work done during the Shang Dynasty, China (1766-1050 BC), artisan Robert Kuo gave a traditional shape a modern twist through scale, proportion and material. Crafted from a solid copper base, the "O" Floor Lamp is finished in antique copper and completed with a linen shade. Carefully engraved with the "M" McGuire logo.
  • McGuire Robert Kuo Crystal Cuff Floor Lamp
    McGuire Robert Kuo Crystal Cuff Floor Lamp
    The appeal of this lamp comes from its interesting juxtaposition of materials. The subtle hammering of the copper repousse is broken at a waist, cinched by a round rock crystal belt. The sculptural silhouette is topped by a soft white shade in oyster linen. This unique marriage of materials results in a dramatic play of reflected light across its surfaces. The abstract form dates back to the Shang Dynasty, but it is undeniably chic in this modern rendering.
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