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  • ahalife.com
  • Treeline Woodworks Skyline Coat Hanger
    Treeline Woodworks Skyline Coat Hanger
    A Treeline Woodworks original, this unconventional coat hanger is a deceptively functional work of art. Made from solid reclaimed wood, its mountable on any wall surface and makes for a stylish yet sturdy option for your scarves, sweater and jackets. Four of the "buildings" in its skyscape fold down for hanging, and can be pushed back into place when not in use.
  • cliq Magnet Hangers
    cliq Magnet Hangers
    A redesign of an underestimated everyday object, the hanger is transformed into what Design Flow has dubbed, Cliq. Cliq has no hook, holding anything from full suits to simple tees with an integrated, super strong magnet that holds on to any metal surface. An ergonomic solution for your home or stylish option for your boutique, Cliq holds up to 4.4 pounds with ease and creates an automated distance between the handles that helps you uncover what you're wearing next with ease.
  • The Shrine Co. The Shrine Shoe Rack
    The Shrine Co. The Shrine Shoe Rack
    This unique storage and organizing rack is perfect for your prized shoe collection. It allows you to display your shoes tight against the wall, saving floor space, making it ideal for small apartments or tight spaces. It works with low tops, high tops, flats, high heels, sandals, and some boots and allows your shoes to double as wall art. The stainless steel construction is powder-coated in satin white so it blends easily into your walls.
  • elizabethW Hanger Cover Set
    elizabethW Hanger Cover Set
    Brighten up your wardrobe and protect your clothes with these linen and silk hanger covers. Each cover is filled with lavender or cedar - aromas of the elegant American countryside - for long-lasting freshness.
  • elizabethW Sweater Case
    elizabethW Sweater Case
    Let the calming scent of lavender enrich your favorite sweaters while in storage or on the road with these creative cases crafted from silk organza and fine linen. They are an ideal way to keep clothing feeling fresh while protecting them from moths.
  • Menu Afteroom Coat Hanger
    Menu Afteroom Coat Hanger
    Menu's Afteroom Coat Hanger is a compact coat hanger that offers plenty of storage hooks in a tight, sleek design. A great addition where space is at a premium and aesthetics are important.
  • iLoveHandles Plank Shelf
    iLoveHandles Plank Shelf
    If you've ever found yourself heading out the door only to realize you've misplaced your keys, wallet, or sunglasses, Plank by iLoveHandles has a smart solution for you. Install this small floating shelf with magnetic underside and keep all your essentials together in one place, ready to go when you are. Don't worry; the magnet does not affect anything placed on the shelf.
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