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  • Menu Wallpanel coat hanger
    Menu Wallpanel coat hanger
    The Designer's Cut range is now enriched by a new concept - a wall panel system that serves multiple functions. The Wallpanels boast a typically Scandinavian style and shape, are practical and easy to assemble, and fit perfectly in any kind of home space. They can be used individually or combined at leisure. They are a perfect gift idea for design enthusiasts.
  • Menu A/S Afteroom Coat Hanger
    Menu A/S Afteroom Coat Hanger
    A simple, fun and sleek design, the Afteroom Coat Hanger provides ample storage for coats, hats, or bags. The clean aesthesis are accentuated with mounting screws that are hidden from sight inside the frame. The Afteroom Coat Hanger is made of powder coated steel in black or white.
  • Menu Norm coat hanger
    Menu Norm coat hanger
    Norm is a stylish coat hanger from the Danish design duo Norm Architects. Norm Coat Hanger is perfect for narrow halls or tight places where space is limited. Here it will serve as a proud 24h butler service, making sure you never leave home without the essentials: hat, jacket, briefcase, and shoes. Made from powder coated steel, it is available online in black or white.
  • Menu Afteroom Coat Hanger
    Menu Afteroom Coat Hanger
    Menu's Afteroom Coat Hanger is a compact coat hanger that offers plenty of storage hooks in a tight, sleek design. A great addition where space is at a premium and aesthetics are important.
  • Menu A/S Norm Coat Hanger
    Menu A/S Norm Coat Hanger
    A stylish coat hanger that is ideal for those narrow tight spaces like hallways or foyers. The powder coated steel Norm Coat Hanger by Norm Architects for Menu A/S provides a place for everything – hat, jacket, bag and even shoes – so it all stays conveniently close when needed. It can also be used in the bedroom for laying out the next day’s ensemble. Made of brass coated steel, the Norm Coat Hanger is available in white or black.
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