• Menu Design Menu - Coat Hanger
    Menu Design Menu - Coat Hanger
    The Menu Coat Hanger is a stylish wall-fixed wardrobe made by the Danish design duo Norm Architects. The slim wardrobe is perfectly adapted to slim corridors or tight rooms. As a proud 24 hours servant, the Coat Hanger holds all the things you need when you are leaving the house: Hat, jacket, purse and shoes. With Scandinavian simplicity as a tradition in mind, the designers of Norm wanted to emphasize the essential parts of the Coat Hanger for Menu. The Danish tried to find the most simple shape for the duties to be fulfilled, without forgetting the beauty of the form and the details – reaching a point, where nothing more could be added or removed, making the product even better than before. Menu produces the Coat Hanger out of powder coated steel, which is a very resistant and stable kind of material. The classic appearance makes the slim wardrobe suitable in different furnishings, and several wardrobes next to each appear to be harmonically suitable.
  • Menu Design Menu - Norm Storage
    Menu Design Menu - Norm Storage
    Since the New Norm collection for Menu has been presented in 2011, it grew constantly. Norm Storage is a storage solution for all kinds of things in the kitchen. The Menu Norm Storage jars are suitable to store dry aliments like rice, cereals, flour or sugar, but they also serve to hide sweets and other things that deserve a nobler place which isn’t immediately seen by everyone. Norm Storage jars are delivered in soft colours and shapes, with no superfluous outlines. This soft minimalism is the basic approach of the designs by Norm Architects and it makes the storage jars suitable in very different environments. The jars made of porcelain for the kitchen even fit in living rooms.
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