• reisenthel - ovalbasket L
    reisenthel - ovalbasket L
    Big basket and big effect: Many things that normally lie all over the house, can be stored inside of the ovalbasket L by reisenthel. Laundry, toys or chimney wood – all kinds of big objects suit in the decent design of the container, hidden stylishly this way. Two unfoldable handles don’t only ensure that the 55 litres capacity ovalbasket L is easy to be ported. They also serve to hang it if the bag should be stored even more space saving – for example for tools in smaller cellars. Since the versatile big storage bag is made of tire proof polyester: It is very resistant. The reisenthel ovalbasket is also available in S with a capacity of 3 litres. This small edition is suitable for cosmetics, keys or office objects for example.
  • reisenthel - looplaundry
    reisenthel - looplaundry
    A laundry basket, totally out of the norm: The Looplaundry is more a bag that comes stylish along the way, so that socks, shirts & Co. Would want to jump in on their own! The most noticeable thing about it is not what decides, but over all it is practical: At both large aluminium rings the Looplaundry is comfortably transportable from the laundry collection area to the washing machine – and this is also possible over several storeys into the cellar. Its special details are hidden. Because through the magnets in the upper border, the opening can be closed on one side, and on the other side the weightless upholstery in the walls of the Looplaundry guarantee a firm stand for a better filling, also when it is empty. The looplaundry has a capacity of 60 litres and it resists up to 12 kg of weight. It is available in different colours. More details: Material: Tearproof polyester. Handles: Aluminium. Dimensions: 40 X 59 x 72 cm. Round diagonal cut in formal-visual completion of the handle rings. Laundry basket with many functional extras. Magnet closure in the border. Walls reinforced by cushions.
  • reisenthel - Laundrybasket
    reisenthel - Laundrybasket
    New (G)Round-order. From now on also laundry will have a tidy and systematic appearance. The Laundrybasket hides it all, until the washing day comes – being a real eye-catcher itself at the same time: Not a common laundry basket, but a modern linen container with an innovative construction. A firm aluminium ring and four fibreglass rods offer form and volume to the soft polyester finish cylinder. It also has a suspended airy net with drawstring, 2 carrying handles for the transport to the washing machine and a reinforced floor panel for secure stand.
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