• Umbra Shoester Wardrobe Organiser
    Umbra Shoester Wardrobe Organiser
    The Umbra Shoester Adjustable Closet Organiser is perfect for maximising your storage space in your wardrobe or coatrooms. Simply attach to your wardrobe pole to have extra storage underneath your clothes. The organiser consists of 2 polyester mesh shelves that can be used for shoes, bags, towels or what ever you see necessary. The strap can be adjusted so the shelves can be positions just underneath your hanging clothes. Dimensions: Length 91.4cm x Depth 35.6cm. Height adjustable up to 193cm.
  • J-Me Wall-Mounted Nest Shoe Rack
    J-Me Wall-Mounted Nest Shoe Rack
    The J-Me Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack made of stainless steel holds a variety of shoes in a space saving organised way whilst keeping your floor free for what ever else you would like. It holds up to 6 pairs of shoes making it a must for any entrance area. It can also be hidden away in cupboards if needed. Also available in a freestanding version that can be purchased on our website. Dimensions: 403 mm x 150 mm x 190 mm.
  • Headsprung Wired Shoe Rack
    Headsprung Wired Shoe Rack
    Headsprung have created the answer to all your problems of shoe storage - the wired shoe rack is a simple but ingenious design that allows you to save floor space but store your shoes neatly. Made from Stainless Steel, the shoe rack is strong and resilient and can hold up to 3 pairs of mens or flat shoes or up to 4 pairs of womens shoes. Another added design feature of the rack is a clear acrylic backing which ensures your wall does not get dirty or scratched from shoes. A great storage idea for any walk in wardrobe or entry hall. Buy as a pack of 2 and save £5. A great gift idea. Dimensions: Length 70cm x Height 15cm.
  • J-Me Horizontal Shoe Rack
    J-Me Horizontal Shoe Rack
    Horizontal is a stunning and simple shoe rack that is perfect for the entry hall or bedroom. It ensures that your shoes are kept up off the floor so that they aren’t a trip hazard and it also keeps them away from pets or babies! Suitable for all types of shoes, Horizontal comes in a choice of 2 sizes and has the option of being stackable. Made from Stainless Steel, the design is created to be long lasting and robust. Giving the illusion of your shoes floating in the air, this storage rack is ideal for any woman with too many shoes! Dimensions: Small: 70cm L. Large: 120cm L.
  • Menu Bath Storage Container by Norm Designer
    Menu Bath Storage Container by Norm Designer
    Bathrooms are a communal area where usually space is tight and everyone has to find a surface to put their toiletries. Rather than display all your smaller items and lose them, why not buy the Bath container to store all your items. Perfect for jewellery or cotton buds or any hair clips or accessories, the design is made from Steel and finished in a lacquer finish. In the container is a plastic holder which is easy to wash clean. The top also features a handy mirror on the inner. A unique and practical storage solution that is sure to please. Don't forget to check out matching items in the range. Dimensions: 3.3'' x 4.3''
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