Gone are the days when belts simply served as a means to tighten your pants and skirts. Now they’re so stylish and hip that they have the power to completely bring an outfit together. Tie a leather skinny belt in a knot for a simple outfit upgrade, or make major noise with a wide cinch belt in a bright color. Not sure how? Here are some specifics.

Spruce up a plain LBD with a cherry red Judith Leiber belt--the sheer color alone will be a hit--or completely turn up the heat by wearing a knockout Moschino logo belt. Neither of these styles require belt loops. Just cinch and go.

Want something a little more subtle for the rest of your wardrobe? Give the knotted belt trend a whirl. Pick up a thin leather or braided belt from brands like MANGO and BCBG, and wear it over a casual dress or even with jeans. Once you have the belt you like, fasten it like you normally would, but then loop the end of the belt across the belt buckle as if you were making a knot. Finish by tucking the loose end behind the belt. Voilà! You’ve just mastered the knotted belt trend.
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