Short or up to the elbow, soft leather or fuzzy wool, gloves are an easy way to keep your hands warm while looking fashionable. Want something that you know will keep away that looming frosty chill? Cozy cable-knit mittens and gloves lined in warm microfleece fabrics are your ticket to warmth, or shop for something cashmere-lined if the temperatures really start to dip. And because brands know we all love to use our smartphones, you can even browse touchscreen-friendly tech gloves. With this brilliant style, you’ll never have to slip off your gloves in order to send a message or answer a call again.

Plan on doing some skiing or playing in the deep powdery snow? Then you’re probably going to want a pair of waterproof snow gloves. Look for brands like Colombia and North Face for supreme protection.

Cold temperatures aren’t the only time to wear gloves, though. Make a statement in driving-inspired perforated gloves, or really toughen up your edge by picking up a pair that are fingerless. They are the ultimate sign of cool.
  • Hermès Jumping Gloves
    Hermès Jumping Gloves
    Style: Jumping. Hermes women's bimaterial gloves in cognac/auburn glossed lambskin and hand-stitched nubuck leather, silk lining. Size 8.5.
  • Hermès Icone Gloves
    Hermès Icone Gloves
    Style: Icone. Hermes women's gloves in glossy gray lambskin with silk lining. Collier de Chien finishings in palladium plated metal. Size 6.5.
  • Hermès Saumur Women's Gloves
    Hermès Saumur Women's Gloves
    Style: Saumur women's gloves. Hermes women's gloves in lambskin.
  • Hermès Filou Glove Clip
    Hermès Filou Glove Clip
    Style: Filou. Hermes gold plated glove clip. The clip hooks on your handbag strap to keep your gloves together.
  • Hermès Soya
    Hermès Soya
    Style: Soya. Women's gloves in glazed mocha lambskin with silk lining. Kelly hardware detail, gold plated. Size 6.5.
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