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  • Aeropostale Sparkle Mesh Bow Headband
    Aeropostale Sparkle Mesh Bow Headband
    Here's a friendly FYI from yours truly: my Sparkle Mesh Bow Headband is an easy fix for bad hair days! In case ya didn't already know, I'm wild about headbands -- not only are they darn cute, but they also keep your 'do looking fresh. This is one of my top faves 'cause of the glittery detailing and sweet mesh design, and its stretchy elastic band promises a super-secure fit. Here's to great hair, xoxo Beth Imported.
  • Aeropostale Floral Velour Headband
    Aeropostale Floral Velour Headband
    Oh my gosh, I'm literally bursting with joy over my Floral Velour Headband! It combines two things I really love -- soft comfort and sweet patterns. The velvety printed fabric adds just a hint of shimmer to your outfit, and the stretchy elastic band keeps any stray strands in place. You'll always look so amazing. You're so pretty, xoxo Beth Imported.
  • Aeropostale Printed Headband
    Aeropostale Printed Headband
    After a tiring phys ed fitness test, revive your look with a vibrant accessory like our Printed Headband! It's accented with a wild pattern in vibrant colors and features a segment of stretchy elastic for a snug fit. Your one-minute makeover will be as impressive as your record-breaking mile run! Imported.
  • Aeropostale Twisted Knit Headband
    Aeropostale Twisted Knit Headband
    I can't tell ya how happy I am with my Twisted Knit Headband, and I'm 100% sure you'll be just as excited once you try this on! The soft, lightweight fabric is so comfy and soft for a toasty feel on chilly days, and it looks super cute with all of your fave cold-weather outfits. Say no to shivers, xoxo Beth Imported. 76% acrylic, 24% nylon. Hand wash/dry flat.
  • Aeropostale Solid Bow Headband
    Aeropostale Solid Bow Headband
    Feelin' blue 'cause of a bad hairdo? Cheer up, gal -- our Solid Bow Headband will make it all better! It feels so soft and features a bright color for a fun pop of style with any outfit, while stretchy elastic material promises a secure, comfy fit. Imported.
  • Aeropostale Bow Scrunchie
    Aeropostale Bow Scrunchie
    Don't worry about having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hair day -- just lock down your lovely locks with our Bow Scrunchie! It's designed with soft knit material and features stretchy elastic for a secure fit. Imported.
  • Aeropostale Glitter Dot Bow Headband
    Aeropostale Glitter Dot Bow Headband
    Wild, crazy hair will def make 'em stop and stare -- but not in that good way! Throw on our Glitter Dot Bow Headband and stand out from the crowd in super-shimmery style, instead. The fabric feels ultra soft, while glittery polka dots spice up your look with tons of fun sparkle. Imported.
  • Aeropostale Shine Triangle Dot Headband
    Aeropostale Shine Triangle Dot Headband
    Pop on our Shine Triangle Dot Headband and get ready for a wave of praise! It's crafted with ultralight chiffon fabric and features a bright solid hue, while metallic details deliver major shimmer to get you noticed. A stretchy elastic design keeps your lovely locks super secure. Imported. 90% polyester, 5% spandex, 5% metallic. Hand wash/hang to dry.
  • Aeropostale Bow Scrunchie
    Aeropostale Bow Scrunchie
    Don't worry about having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hair day -- just lock down your lovely locks with our Bow Scrunchie! It's designed with soft knit material and features stretchy elastic for a secure fit. Imported.
  • Aeropostale Glitter Dot Headband
    Aeropostale Glitter Dot Headband
    A little extra glam goes a long way, so transform your getup with our Glitter Dot Headband! It's made of comfortable, ultralight chiffon fabric for a barely-there feel, while sparkly polka dots add a luxe touch. Imported.
  • Aeropostale Plaid Bow Headband
    Aeropostale Plaid Bow Headband
    You have to look your best when running for class prez, so finish your preppy ensemble with our Plaid Bow Headband! Its snug-fitting strand of stretchy elastic will keep those crazy locks under control, so you can deliver your speech with confidence and composure; the classic pattern will earn you tons of votes, too. Imported.
  • Aeropostale Floral Headband
    Aeropostale Floral Headband
    Your fun, colorful getup won't be ready for the flower show till you top it all off with our Floral Headband! The sheer chiffon material features a classic dark wash, while an allover rose print makes it come alive with bright, cheery colors. Imported.
  • Aeropostale Southwest Zigzag Headband
    Aeropostale Southwest Zigzag Headband
    If you're heading out on the open road, you'd better reign in your windblown waves! Our Southwest Zigzag Headband keeps your lovely locks super secure with a stretchy elastic design, while ultralight chiffon fabric is detailed with a vibrant print inspired by grand adventure. Imported. 95% polyester, 5% spandex. Hand wash/hang to dry.
  • Aeropostale Geo Fair Isle Headband
    Aeropostale Geo Fair Isle Headband
    Get your ca-razy 'do under control with our Geo Fair Isle Headband! Ultralight and so soft, the chiffon fabric is printed with a cool contrast design for a sweet boho look all season long, while stretchy elastic material helps secure those wild tresses. Imported.
  • Aeropostale Shimmer Knot Hair Tie 5-Pack
    Aeropostale Shimmer Knot Hair Tie 5-Pack
    Sassy, sporty or glam -- whatever your mood is, let your hair match with our Shimmer Knot Hair Tie 5-Pack! With a fab variety of designs, these light and stretchy elastics will upgrade your ponytails, buns, and braids. Imported.
  • Aeropostale Paisley Headband
    Aeropostale Paisley Headband
    When your tresses get outta control, lock 'em down with our Paisley Headband! The stretchy material provides a super-secure fit, while classic patterns deliver major charm. The soft chiffon material promises a comfy feel, too Imported.
  • Aeropostale Mouse Headband
    Aeropostale Mouse Headband
    Oh my gosh you guys, isn't my Mouse Headband the cutest? I am so in love with it right now, 'cause it has everything I want in a headband: a flexible, stay-put fit, a fresh hue, and shimmery faux pearls. Plus, those two little mouse ears are so amazebeans! I heart you, xoxo Beth Imported.
  • Aeropostale Stripe Looped Headband
    Aeropostale Stripe Looped Headband
    Take inspiration from pin-up style and create a delightfully retro look with our Stripe Looped Headband! It's crafted with a wide, stretchy band of striped fabric and features a cute looped detail. Pair it with a vintage chiffon top for a classically cool ensemble! Imported.
  • Aeropostale Elephant Braided Headband
    Aeropostale Elephant Braided Headband
    Finish off a fanciful ensemble with our adorable Elephant Braided Headband! The chiffon fabric is decorated with a super-cute elephant print; the braided construction adds cool texture. Wear it with your hair in loose waves for a seriously sweet look! Imported.
  • Aeropostale Jeweled Tiara Headband
    Aeropostale Jeweled Tiara Headband
    You've got the dashing date, the dreamy dress and the haute heels -- there's only one thing missing to make your night perfect, and that's our Jeweled Tiara Headband! Fit for a princess, it features a shiny metal construction and a cluster of gleaming faux diamonds at the top. It adds the perfect finishing touch to your fairy-tale updo! Imported.
  • Aeropostale Owl Headband
    Aeropostale Owl Headband
    The comedy club isn't the only thing that's a hoot -- arrive in our Owl Headband and you might be asked to "stand up" just to show off this cute accessory! It keeps your 'do on lock with a colorful owl pattern that's lighthearted and fun. Wear it with your brightest animal-print graphic t and have a good laugh! Imported.
  • Aeropostale Southwest Headband
    Aeropostale Southwest Headband
    Even if you're not a fan of natural wonders, you'll be super psyched for the national park field trip if you show off our Southwest Headband! With a cool collection of vibrant colors and classic patterns, it def rocks a look that's ready for the open road and grand adventure. Once your 'do is tamed, pull the rest of your getup together with lots of denim! Imported.
  • Aeropostale Pearl Bunny Ears Headband
    Aeropostale Pearl Bunny Ears Headband
    I'm crazy about adorable little cottontails, so my Pearl Bunny Ears Headband is a perfect fit! Not only does it keep my 'do lookin' fresh, but it also brightens up any sweet boho outfit with its shimmery faux pearls. Pop it on with your cutest graphic t and snack on a carrot! Hop to it, xoxo Beth Imported.
  • Aeropostale Giraffe Headband
    Aeropostale Giraffe Headband
    Between you and I, my Giraffe Headband is an awesome fix for a bad hair day. I think we can agree that these guys are some of the cutest critters ever, so they'll totally turn any 'do into a success! And I gotta say, the elastic section makes it SUPER easy to style! Later gators, xoxo Beth Imported.
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