Umbrellas are a must-have accessory that everyone should own--whether you’re in school or a working professional, commute on foot every day or spend your mornings driving a car. They’re small, lightweight and are the smartest thing to have on-hand when unsuspecting rain or snow storms hit.

If you want something sturdy that will hold up against aggressive winds and showers, shop umbrellas from brands like Hunter and Sperry. They have showerproof canopies and sturdy hardware that will last. Get one with a long handle for a classic look, or buy one that collapses and can easily be stored in your bag. Clear bubble umbrellas are great on rainy days too, as they wrap around your head and protect you from the rain without obstructing your vision.

Of course, umbrellas are great when it’s hot out too. Protect yourself from the sun’s rays while out on a walk or when you’re at the beach. Use any of the aforementioned umbrellas during a hot and sunny stroll, or shop for up a portable parasol in a fun bright color if you’re headed to the beach or park.
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  • Brelli Pink Umbrella
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    Brelli Pink Umbrella
    Do you view life through rose colored glasses? Why not tinge your aura with the same blushing shade with an umbrella that is 100-percent biodegradable? The Brelli in pink provides you with ultimate sun, rain and shade protection in two settings, high and low. High gives off a retro-meets-the future vibe so you can stroll around town stylishly while blocking 99-percent of UV, UVB and UVX rays. When in low, the Brelli meets a more traditional setting that assists in braving the rain and winds up to 40 miles per hour.
  • Brelli Clear Umbrella
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    Brelli Clear Umbrella
    Combine high-fashion design with social responsibility and you get the eco-friendly Brelli, a parasol-cum-umbrella that functions as beautifully as it looks. It is made from sustainable bamboo and biodegradable PVC with two settings so you get the most of its rain, wind resistance and 99-percent protection from UV, UVB and UVX rays.
  • Brelli Bling Umbrella
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    Brelli Bling Umbrella
    Functional yet chic, this Swarovski crystal-encrusted parasol-turned-umbrella is an opulent way to keep true to an eco-friendly lifestyle. It is made from sustainable bamboo and biodegradable PVC with a wind resistance of up to 40 miles per hour. It also blocks 99-percent of UV, UVB and UVX rays to protect your skin.
  • Brelli Grey Umbrella
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    Brelli Grey Umbrella
    Protect yourself from rain, wind and of course, sun with the Sun Umbrella by Brelli. It provides you with ultimate sun, rain and transparent shade protection. Featuring 2 settings, high and low, you can stroll about blocking 99-percent UV, UVB and UVX rays or brave the rain and winds up to 40 miles per hour.
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