You need to add some noticeable pizzazz to your wardrobe but still want to keep things elegant and sophisticated? Start shopping for brooches. By pinning decorative jewelry to the folded lapel of your blazer or collar of your blouse, you can instantly turn something plain into a full-on sartorial masterpiece.

How to Style Them

There are no rules when it comes to pinning your brooches--they look great just about anywhere. Want to spruce up a plain blouse? See how it looks on the edge of the collar, or place it directly in the center of the collar, the way you would a necklace. You can also use brooches to accentuate accessories, like handbags, clutches, jackets and hats. And if you happen to have a dress or top that’s too big, gather the extra fabric and cinch it behind the brooch.

A Tip to Protect Your Clothing

When looking for brooches on Polyvore, keep in mind that they can be heavy, so if you are fastening it to something delicate you may want to select a piece that’s light. Otherwise, you can protect the garment by affixing a piece of foam or sponge-like material to the back clasp. This will help absorb some of the weight of the brooch without yanking on your clothing.
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