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  • LOEWE Logo-embossed wash bag
    LOEWE Logo-embossed wash bag
    Loewe wash bag. Top zip fastening. Calf leather, polished palladium hardware. Anagram logo, herringbone interior, T-bar profile. Width 23cm, depth 15cm, height 18cm.
  • Rio Sonicleanse Pure Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Brush
    Rio Sonicleanse Pure Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Brush
    Treat your T-zone in just 60 seconds with the Rio Sonicleanse Pure Facial Cleansing Brush. Featuring a larger outer brush circling a smaller inner brush, the streamlined, compact design allows greater surface coverage, contacting skin efficiently. Alternatively, remove the outer brush to create a reduced head size, better suited for caring for the nose and eyes. The extra-soft bristles target delicate, sensitive skin areas, whilst the two different speed options enable control and flexibility. Using high frequency sonic vibrations, the gentle exfoliation of this cleanser leaves skin feeling smooth and clear, without inflammation, whilst alternating programme settings, ranging from low to high, cater sensitively for different skin types. Complete with a rechargeable USB charger and waterproof protection, making it ideal for bath or shower use. C.R. Brand: Rio. Directions: Use on wet or dry skin to thoroughly purify the face. Follow the full 60-second cleanse for total T-bar exfoliation. - Charge for 2 ½ hours before use. - Cover the face with a desired product, and then turn the brush on by pressing the power button. Press once for the low programme, recommended for dry and normal skin, or press twice for the high programme, suited for oily skin. - Direct the brush in small circular movements across the forehead, for 20 seconds, before moving to the nose and chin for a follow-up 20 seconds. - Repeat for the cheeks, allowing 10 seconds on each side. - The brush will automatically switch off after the full 60 seconds. - Turn the unit off by pressing the power button. - Rinse skin gently with warm water, and pat dry.

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