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  • Kawaii Sweet Treats Lip Gloss Set by ModCloth
    Kawaii Sweet Treats Lip Gloss Set by ModCloth
    Your favorite sweet treat will now be your favorite new accessory when you scoop up these adorable ice cream-inspired lip glosses! And the best part - they also double as handy pens. With a strawberry pink or clear gloss inside your cosmetic collection, your day will truly be sprinkled with cuteness!
  • Statement Lip Stain
    Statement Lip Stain
    Are you into expressing yourself to the fullest? Lime Crime Makeup wants to support you with their totally amazing beauty products, like this purple lip stain. This product goes on like a gloss but dries to a bright-orchid matte, so you can hit the velvet rope with confidence! Doe Deere's cruelty-free line encourages gals to express themselves through bold, brilliant cosmetics.
  • Rockabilly Look at Bows Eyes Lashes
    Rockabilly Look at Bows Eyes Lashes
    Tie your date in knots with a bewitching blink or two by debuting these lovely lashes for a night of dinner and dancing! Adorned with a red ribbon bow at the corner of each eye, these faux eyelashes transform each glance into a preciously wrapped gift. After applying a thin line of the included adhesive, place these adorable accessories on your lids, it's time to create a look that's just as sweet!
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