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  • Zents Lubin L'eau Neauve Perfume
    Zents Lubin L'eau Neauve Perfume
    A variety of citrus oils such as orange, lemon and bergamot, Lubin l'eau Neauve contains aromatic notes of thyme, chamomile, marjoram and lavender, of course. In the background can be perceived in a subtle interaction of rose petals and jasmine, which is completed by the woody notes of cedar and sandalwood and a chypre composition of patchouli and oak moss.
  • Lubin Paris Lubin Akkad Perfume
    Lubin Paris Lubin Akkad Perfume
    Akkad is a luminous amber perfume, mystical but also sensual, a descent into the porfane pleasures of ancient tyrants, an exhalation of sacred oils, and the spicy skin scent of gorgeous, willowy slave girls lying back limply on divans and silk sheets.
  • Zents MANDARIN Eau de Toilette
    Zents MANDARIN Eau de Toilette
    MANDARIN. Warm and Invigorating. Ginger, mandarin, cardamom. Uplifting spray. Liquid memory of life's most cherished moments. Reacts with your body's natural chemistry. Hand made. Free From: Alcohol, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Cruelty Free.
  • Lubin Korrigan Perfume
    Lubin Korrigan Perfume
    Perfumer Thomas Fontaine first of all imagined a tree for Lubin, to be called 'Caramel Wood”. Its sap would be sweet like English toffee, but with tangy accents of wild apple, juniper and saffron, to answer for some of its mystery. For Korrigan, he wanted a note of leather yet appetising, smooth like a whisky cream liqueur, yet smoky, fragrant and slightly bitter like superb pure malt.
  • Lubin Inedite Perfume
    Lubin Inedite Perfume
    With a top note of rose water, fresh and pure like a Sicilian orange. Inédite is a sweet, spicy creation adorned with a floral accord of heliotrope, lilac and rose, and toped with a fruity note of nectarine. Vanilla, iris and patchouli transform the sweet seduction of dragée sweets into an aroma of spices. Exuding sensual Circassian beauty accented with notes of cinnamon, pepper and coriander, cedar and musk base notes make its Eastern-inspired foundation even more irresistible.
  • Zents Eau de Toilette 1.69 oz. - Sun
    Zents Eau de Toilette 1.69 oz. - Sun
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  • Zents Truth No. 85 Perfume by TokyoMilk
    Zents Truth No. 85 Perfume by TokyoMilk
    Glide this uniquely fragrant perfume across your pulse points and leave a trace of elegance and seduction wherever you go. This scent includes traces of Blood Orange, Osmanthus, Crushed Cedar and Sugared Vanilla. Each tube is enclosed in corked vial packaging, and includes .33 fl. oz. of perfume.
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