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  • Crème de la Mer The Moisturizing Lotion, 100ml
    Crème de la Mer The Moisturizing Lotion, 100ml
    If miracles are unique events that seem hard to explain, then surely the discovery of Crème de la Mer can be described as a miracle. Here is the Crème that will truly change the way you see yourself, the Crème that has inspired a devoted following. The value of Crème de la Mer reflects the highest quality ingredients, the unique craftsmanship and the transformational benefits enjoyed by its many devotees. The outstanding properties of Crème de la Mer are the result of not only the individual ingredients but also the artisanal way in which they are sourced, specifically combined, meticulously formulated and then hand filled. This is the Crème de la Mer difference. We source the highest quality of raw materials and stringently conduct the time-intensive and complex process needed to create Crème de la Mer. We use a form of sea kelp which is sustainably hand harvested helping to maintain its native ecosystem. The kelp is also only harvested at specific times of the year when it is in its most nutrient rich state, once shipped overnight on dry ice to The Max Huber Research Labs, the sea kelp is combined with other key ingredients. These ingredients then go through a lengthy 3-4 month bio fermentation process. In addition, a unique extract, The Lime Tea, derived from hand peeled limes and processed for 4 to 6 weeks, is incorporated into each Crème. Our scientists rigorously evaluate the activity of each batch of Miracle Broth™, and if our high standards are not attained, the batch is discarded and we start again. Because of the intricate and artisanal process that goes into making each jar, which is still hand filled to this day, only small quantities of Crème de la Mer can be produced at a time. Crème de la Mer’s transformational and efficacious results have inspired a global following. With use, skin appears smoother, lines and wrinkles are reduced in appearance and even the driest complexions are soothed on contact. Its benefits speak for themselves and continue to generate loyal devotees around the world. Body care type : Lotions & Moisturisers. Brand : Crème de la Mer. Skin Type : All Types.
  • Rodial Bee Venom 24 Carat Gold Super Essence
    Rodial Bee Venom 24 Carat Gold Super Essence
    Anti-ageing serum. Targeted results of skin’s vitality and elasticity. 30ml.
  • Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Night Creme 50ml
    Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Night Creme 50ml
    Today. Targeted intervention. Tonight. Continuous correction. Tomorrow. Re-Creation. A new beginning for your skin. Now, unleash your skins incredible power to fight and help prevent all of the visible signs of ageing with the most comprehensive and synergistic, day and night anti-ageing system Est e Lauder Research has ever created. Its a unique fusion of science and nature. Endowed with tomorrows science, including 8 U.S. and international patents pending. And empowered with a wealth of rare plants and minerals which are reputed to respond to natural stresses and promote longevity.This ultra-luxurious system works synergistically to help re-create, protect and maintain a remarkably ageless appearance - looking stronger, smoother and glowing with youth. From science: calcium-optimising technology. An unparalleled source of strength for your skin. Powered by Padina - a unique sea plant that actually grows its own protective, calcified shell - and other sea-sourced ingredients,
  • TRIA Hair removal laser 4X
    TRIA Hair removal laser 4X
    See specification tab for more details. How to use: Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X will free you from the endless hassles of shaving and waxing. It is convenient and easy to use; just follow these three steps: Step 1: Prepare. Cleanse, shave and towel-dry your skin. This will allow the laser treatment to be most effective since the Tria Laser 4X works on the hair inside the follicle, under the surface of the skin. Next turn it on. Unlock the laser by locating the skin sensor (red light) on the device base and hold it against the skin you wish to treat. This will ensure that it's suitable to use on your skin tone. Step 2: Customise. The sensation of the Tria Laser 4X varies, depending on the person and treatment area. Some users may feel the sensation of a rubber band snapping on the skin. Others may feel a warm, prickling sensation. Start at a low treatment level (1 or 2) and then increase by one treatment level at a time until you've reached the highest treatment level comfortable to you. The higher the treatment level, the faster and better the results. Step 3: Apply. Establish a treatment area and place the laser tip on the area of skin you wish to treat, making sure that it is flat on your skin. Hold the laser tip in place until you hear two beeps. After the beeps, just lift and place the laser tip on skin so that it overlaps the previous area by about ¼ inch. Make sure that the laser tip slightly overlaps the area that you just treated. Use the new Pulse Counter on the upgraded digital display of your Tria Laser 4X as a guide to achieve the best results. When treating every other week for three months, you should expect the following results: After your first treatment: On occasion, some users experience mild redness that quickly dissipates within 24 hours. After your second treatment: Clinical studies have shown up to 70% reduction after just two treatments. After 2-3 months of treatment: Hair re-growth will begin to appear lighter and finer. You will begin to see a visible reduction in the amount of re-growth, especially in areas where hair growth tends to be dense. After 3 months of treatment: Hair follicles that have been deactivated by the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X will no longer grow hair. Continue to use the Tria Laser 4X as necessary for touch ups until your skin is smooth and you're free of the endless hassles of shaving and waxing. Get better results in half the time with the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X , the first and only cordless hair removal laser available for home use. The upgraded digital display featuring Tria's exclusive new Pulse Counter lets you treat your face and body more confidently. Only Tria Laser 4X uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists to deliver permanent results at home.
  • TAYLOR OF OLD BOND STREET Grooming box in brown mock-croc leather
    TAYLOR OF OLD BOND STREET Grooming box in brown mock-croc leather
    Taylor of Bond Street grooming box. Razor, comb, shaving brush, sandalwood aftershave lotion 100ml, pre–shave gel 30ml, styptic pencil, sandalwood shaving cream tube 30ml, sandalwood hair and body shampoo 30ml, presented in mock-croc leather box. Box 100% leather. Made in England.
  • CREME DE LA MER The Concentrate 50ml
    CREME DE LA MER The Concentrate 50ml
    Volume 50ml Formulated for fragile, post–trauma skin on the face and body, Crème de la Mer's The Concentrate is designed to complement the skin's own renewal process. Containing Crème de la Mer's renowned Miracle Broth™, lime tea, marine and plant extracts, it's ideal for soothing the redness and irritation caused by cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments. The Concentrate infuses skin with an unprecedented concentration of the Miracle Broth™. While Crème de la Mer's exclusive lime tea helps protect skin from a wide range of external aggressors. This exclusive blend helps damaged skin renew and rebuild its appearance. Special revitalising ingredients act as lipid cellular cement to help strengthen vulnerable skin. The key ingredients are suspended within a breathable barrier to slowly and optimally deliver their benefits, ensuring feelings of tight or taut skin, are relieved leaving skin supple and smooth. To complement skin's natural renewal process and improve the appearance of scars, thoroughly massage onto affected area at least twice a day.
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