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On Polyvore, you’ll find all the hair products and styling tools you need to create gorgeous hairstyles at home! Shop shampoos, conditioners, keratin treatments and more from favorite brands like Aveda, Kerastase, Bumble and Bumble and Redken. We always crave good hair days and it’s easier than ever to DIY high-end salon services at home. Get what you need to switch up your look from hair color to hair extensions to professional quality hair straighteners and curling irons. With advancements in hair care, there are tons of products that are gentle, nourishing and fun to use!

If your hair could use a little therapy, treat yourself to hydrating hair masks, heat protectant oils and repairing serums. Investing in a few extra products will go a long way in preserving the quality of your hair’s condition and color, not to mention stretch that fresh-from-the-salon look until you get your next haircut. Besides, who couldn’t use a little spa-like indulgence without the big price tag? Shop all the hair products you need to smooth, curl, volumize and add shine to your tresses whether you're rocking natural hair or experimenting with style and color.
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  • NPW Comb-In Hair Colour - Pink
    NPW Comb-In Hair Colour - Pink
    BRUSH IN, WASH OUT with our NPW Comb-In-Hair Colour in Pink! . "Create cool hairstyles for any occasion. Great fun at parties, fancy dress, festivals etc. Try coloring your tips, spikes, waves, and fringes! Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd!". Includes two 15 ML colour sachets, and disposable gloves. Item cannot be returned if used. Temporary Colour. Colour May Vary. Imported.
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