• Fatboy Headdemock with Black Rack
    Fatboy Headdemock with Black Rack
    Forget about fancy spas, incense sticks or easy listening music. You haven't felt truly relaxed until you've hung out with me. My smooth fabric and sturdy support frame guarantees that nothing besides a torrential downpour will disturb us. Take one swing on me and you'll feel like you're sipping a coconut on a sunny beach in Hawaii listening to the ukulele. Features: Non-woven mesh allows cooling airflow. Cover crafted from durable polyester with protective coating for stain- and water-resistance. Easy to clean with damp cloth and mild soap. This deluxe version includes a freestanding frame for indoor or outdoor use. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: 54 Pounds.
  • Pablo Pardo Elise 18" Table Lamp
    Pablo Pardo Elise 18" Table Lamp
    The design is as clean as anything produced by the Bauhaus, yet the purity of the Elise Lamp (1998) has a softer edge very much in tune with today's sensibilities. Its creator is Pablo Pardo, a San Francisco-based industrial designer whose award-winning work centers around simplicity and utility. The Elise achieves both. It's a quietly beautiful lamp constructed of a finely machined aluminum base and translucent tubular diffuser that's neutral enough for a wide range of interiors. Bulb (included): 40W/frosted T-10 medium base/120 volt. Made in U.S.A. Sheds diffused light. Dimmer switch. Freestanding with heavy base.
  • Barbara Galazzo "Vertical Freestanding Sculpture" Art Glass Sculpture
    Barbara Galazzo "Vertical Freestanding Sculpture" Art Glass Sculpture
    The sculpture is multiple layers of color on color. It has been fused , cold worked and fire polished. It is the vibrant interplay of light reflecting off of color on color which makes it so playful. The piece comes with a black steel freestanding frame. Each piece is unique and will vary slightly.
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