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  • Light Weight Basic H&M Beige Sweater Light Weight Button-Up Long Sleeve Soft and Comfy Size S
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    Light Weight Basic H&M Beige Sweater Light Weight Button-Up Long Sleeve Soft and Comfy Size S
    Light weight basic h&m beige sweater...light weight button-up...long sleeve..soft and comfy...size s...comfy...size s incredibly soft cotton poly light weight spring/summer sweater.. My granddaughter is the adorable 13 year old model...i bribed her...:) she fits the ladies size small/med perfectly... The skull earrings are available in the shop in many colors and styles... Details... 40 poly 60 cotton size s color beige condition like new 8775 jeanette & becca painted lady boutique dear etsy family we are finally back... Daughter becca and i have been looking for something we could do together...becca was injured in a really bad car accident 3 years ago and she is still recovering... So we started kicking around ideas... What can we do that would be from home bec still can't work a job yet ..especially one that requires standing or bending so it had to be something that would be easy on becca's back! And provide her with an income! Well after a few ideas were thrown around we decided to do what we already know best and use the things we've both been collecting for years... 'a boutique but with a variety of everything! ...becca is an actor and costume designer and i am an artist and jewelry designer... Between us we have quite the eccentric closet.. I was a lead vocal in a band 'city lights'... A disco wedding group! A band that was very busy and played a lot of disco that included 3 gigs a weekend! I collected a lot of cool clothes all thru those years... Becca took over my lead vocal in 2010 but that was put on hold due to her injuries...she can no longer stand for long periods of time or bend... Becca has the most outrageous closet you've ever seen! As a costumer you can imagine what that looks like! It's awesome and slowly but surely it will appear every keep checking and let us know what you are looking for... You may know this but to open a shop takes a very long time! The bones of 'painted lady designs' was here for awhile but closed until now... Sizing...checking for rips or stains and photographing takes a whole day just to list 6-7 pieces if you are starting from scratch! :) luckily most of the jewelry was still here! A bonus!... We have everything from vintage and antique hats and shoes to wedding gowns and jewelry of long ago and current... With handmade faerie wreaths and celtic/gaelic talisman, necklaces, pendulums and pagan/wicca and fae...(i am the owner of lady's knight) please visit my shop often as i add new pieces weekly. We have many new and fabulous things to offer... You name it and we will carry it! Or possibly be able to get it... We are the fabulous cotton ladies! Love, peace & magick jeanette & becca jane please visit my shop often as i add new pieces weekly.
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