• MONCLER Jacket
    MONCLER Jacket
    Since 2003, led by Remo Ruffini, Moncler successfully combines style and technology. This summer, the brand shows a collection full of fantasy which gives a good place to the colors (yellow, pink, blue) and to the prints, Polka dots and maxi stripes create geometric decorative elements, Sixties style graphics. The volumes are feminine both in the more fitted versions, and in the slightly oversize re-elaborations of parkas and anoraks. The range of materials is rich and mixes nylon and high-performance fabrics with smooth silks and macramé lacework. Spring-Summer collection 2014.
  • TKEES Thongs
    TKEES Thongs
    More than an accessory, Tkees thongs have become a funny mode of expression thanks to a wide palette of 40 colors. Spring-Summer collection 2014.
    George Frost is a unisex jewelry line founded in New York City and rooted in the past. It is the brother line to the women's jewelry brand Lulu Frost. Co-designed by Lisa Salzer and creative talents Jon Sneden and Marlon Taylor-Wiles, the collection is meant to be worn and traded with loved ones. Rife with symbolism and meaning, the jewelry subtly speaks but never shouts.
  • ODILE GILBERT Hair pin 9cm
    ODILE GILBERT Hair pin 9cm
    No matter where in the world you are, there is every chance that you have seen Odile Gilbert’s work as a hairstylist, in magazines, on advertising billboards, television, cinema, the Internet and, of course, in fashion shows around the world from California to China via Europe. Since 2001, Odile develops also an eponym brand of accessories, design hair pins which allow to realize in a instant elaborated hairstyles as a bun.
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