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  • Valmont Prime Renewing Pack
    Valmont Prime Renewing Pack
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    Prime Renewing Pack is a mask-cream by Valmont with a light, non-greasy texture that works to smooth and relax facial features, giving you a fresh, radiant, impurity-free complexion. It utilizes liposomed RNA, which works to rebalance the skin’s hydrolipidic film without stripping it of its natural barrier, helping to maintain an ideal moisture rate while instantly revealing radiant, healthy skin. How to use: Spread a thick layer on clean, dry skin and, after massaging, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. 1.7 oz. By Valmont; made in Switzerland.
  • Valmont 'Prime Regenera II' Cream
    Valmont 'Prime Regenera II' Cream
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    An ultra-rich and nutritious cream, concentrated with Cellular Prime Complex, was formulated to combat dryness and all of its manifestations wrinkles, fine lines and premature aging. The lipidic complex mimics the intercellular cement of skin and restores the integrity of the epidermis. With its repairing and healing properties, it is used on skins that have been dried out by excessive sun exposure or severe weather conditions. How to use: apply daily, AM and PM. 1.7 oz. By Valmont.
  • Valmont 'Eye Regenerating' Mask
    Valmont 'Eye Regenerating' Mask
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    A variation of the collagen mask, Eye Regenerating Mask offers the additional benefits of active ingredients intended to meet the specific needs of the delicate eye area. Used occasionally, the pick-me-up formula instantly relieves and refreshes the eye contour and contains drainage-enhancing agents to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles for more radiant-looking eyes. With regular use, it will spectacularly improve the skin's texture, working to smooth wrinkles and fine lines and restore firmness and tone. How to use: Soak mask with Precursor Complex. Leave on for 20 minutes, then apply post treatment. 5 count. By Valmont.
  • Valmont 'Vital Falls' Toner
    Valmont 'Vital Falls' Toner
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    An essential complement to the daily cleansing ritual, eliminating any remaining impurities that dull the surface of the skin. Both invigorating and softening, it works gently to stimulate surface microcirculation and primes skin for its daily skincare cream. 4.2 oz. By Valmont.
  • Valmont Lip Repair
    Valmont Lip Repair
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    Lips are unprotected and particularly vulnerable – they require specific care both during the day and at night. A round-the-clock corrective formula for the lips and lip contour area, Lip Repair goes to work on cellular activity, helping regenerate skin and effectively combating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains HP DNA with anti-UV and anti-free radical properties making it a remarkably protective formula. Day after day, Lip Repair works to redesign lip contours and restore a naturally luscious appearance. 0.5 oz. By Valmont.
  • Valmont 'White Falls' Cleansing Emulsion
    Valmont 'White Falls' Cleansing Emulsion
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    A white cleansing emulsion with a rich yet unbelievably lightweight texture. Thanks to the combined action of its two very gentle emulsifiers, White Falls eliminates impurities while protecting the natural balance of skin. Ideal for daily removal of eye makeup. 4.2 oz. By Valmont.
  • Valmont Face Exfoliating Cream
    Valmont Face Exfoliating Cream
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    Exfoliation should be the first beauty step: it removes dead surface cells and impurities and helps stimulate cell renewal, essential to skin revitalization and tone. The Valmont Exfoliating Cream contains tiny particles of diatoms, microscopic algae which help activate surface circulation without causing irritation. How to use: Use once or twice weekly. 1.7 oz. By Valmont.
  • Valmont 'Prime 24 Hour' Anti-Aging Cream
    Valmont 'Prime 24 Hour' Anti-Aging Cream
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    An anti-wrinkle and global anti-aging cream is enriched with Cellular Prime Complex to actively combat cutaneous aging. It stimulates cellular renewal along with optimal skin firmness. Thanks to its fine texture, the formula penetrates easily, softens skin and leaves an intangible and smooth protective layer creating the perfect foundation for makeup. How to use: apply daily AM and PM. 1.7 oz. By Valmont.
  • Valmont 'Prime Neck' Firming Cream
    Valmont 'Prime Neck' Firming Cream
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    A firming cream specially developed to prevent signs of aging in the epidermis of the neck and décolleté areas. The Cellular Prime Complex content helps slow cutaneous aging and features a lipo-amino acid derivative to combat sagging. Quickly absorbed, Prime Neck leaves no greasy film on the skin. How to use: Apply AM and PM. 1.7 oz. By Valmont.
  • Valmont 'Water Falls' Rinse Free Cleanser
    Valmont 'Water Falls' Rinse Free Cleanser
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    Water Falls cleanses, soothes and helps decongest the skin. Its ultra-gentle cleansing agents work in synergy with aloe vera, allantoin and cornflower to offer sensitive or lightly made-up skin the gentleness of complete, rinse-free cleansing. All skin types will appreciate its refreshing feel. 4.2 oz. By Valmont.
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