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  • The HomePort Collections Takara Elm Long Settee
    The HomePort Collections Takara Elm Long Settee
    A Seat Fit For a Queen. A fusion of Scandinavian design and Japanese minimalism, this Takra Elm settee is truly an unearthed treasure. Boasting a flawlessly smooth, natural finish, the durable wood is truly a piece of art. Elegant to its core, the settee comes with a removable cushion that can easily be attached via fabric belts. The modern lines and practical function make the piece a perfect accent to any dining table or room. Sure to keep you lounging due to its overly comfortable character, the settee is equally as fashionable as it is reasonable. Crafted from repurposed Chinese elm wood. Finished in a natural coat. Matches the Takara Elm dressing table.
  • Gemstone Knob
    Gemstone Knob
    Unearth a bit of shimmer for your dresser drawers with a semi-precious glass knob. Tighten with care. No additional hardware required. Glass, iron. 1.5" diameter. 1.5" projection. 1.75" bolt can be trimmed to size. Imported.
  • Gerald Giraffe- Seth Anderson
    Gerald Giraffe- Seth Anderson
    Seth Anderson's curious critters were born from day-dreamy doodles in the marginalia of his school notebooks. Without focusing on the pages in front of him, Seth would press pen to paper letting instinct and memory guide his hand. As he made the transition to adulthood, Seth abandoned these innocent drawings for a successful career in architecture. His scribbles lay fallow for 15 years until his sons unearthed them and happily decorated their bedroom walls with their dad's rediscovered doodles. Seth's reimagined series of his amateur explorations in drawing offer the artist, his sons, and art appreciators of all ages a dynamic connection to the past. In the middle ages, the long-legged giraffe was known as the speedy camelopard. However, unlike the camelopards of centuries past, Gerald isn't much of a runner, in fact, he's content spending his days lazing about your home, bringing his lovable, lay-about character to playrooms, nurseries, and hallways. Give Gerald the spotlight or introduce this lanky loafer to Seth Anderson's other, quirky creatures to create a personalized sanctuary. All prints are fine art giclee prints printed and framed in Oregon. The original drawing was drawn with pen and pencil on paper. Made in the USA. Made from: acid free matboard, plexi-glass, acid free paper, BonanzaWood®, acid free ink. Measurements: Framed: 22" H x 18" W; Unframed: 20" H x 16" W.
  • NOVICA Three Faced Ganesha Bronze Sculpture with Antiqued Finish
    NOVICA Three Faced Ganesha Bronze Sculpture with Antiqued Finish
    This sculpture of Trimukha Ganesha appears like recently unearthed treasure from Indonesia. Meaning three-faced Ganesha this representation of the beloved Hindu deity symbolizes his transcendence through three states of being: past present and future. These correspond to the three gunas or channels of existence: tamas (past) sattva (present) and rajas (future). According to Hindu lore Sattva is conducive to self-realization. This antiqued bronze sculpture presents Ganesha with one leg resting on the ground to show he is concerned about the affairs of the world is there to help devotees and bestow his blessings on the world. The other leg however denotes his semi meditation pose. The sculpture may present miniscule pores resulting from the crafting process. The antique finish may result in slightly different coloring.
  • NOVICA Aztec Warrior Ceramic Replica Sculpture from Mexico
    NOVICA Aztec Warrior Ceramic Replica Sculpture from Mexico
    The sculpted bust of a jaguar warrior unearthed in Texcoco inspires Angel Ceron in the creation of this sculpture. Ancient Aztecs believed the jaguar to be associated with the god of night and to become a jaguar one had to capture at least four enemies. Jaguar warriors or ocelopilli were used to capture enemies to be sacrificed to the gods. They would wear jaguar fur and claws for they believed the items would make them stronger and braver. They fought with wooden swords studded with obsidian.
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