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  • Tie Dye Booty Shorts
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    Tie Dye Booty Shorts
    Tie dye booty shorts are now available! Hand dyed and made to order so pick your colors and be sure to put them in your order notes! These hip huggers are perfect for bridal gifts, festival wear, or just to brighten up your top drawer. 95 cotton and 5 spandex with a satin trim. Please message me with any questions about this product.
  • Watermelon Shorts
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    Watermelon Shorts
    Dear to be different in hand dye watermelon shorts top tie dyed pink and bottom tie dye green custom watermelon dye shorts can be rocked at the beach be or chic on the streets :) awesome spring & summer wear
  • High Waisted Denim Shorts Pink Princess Tie Dye Are So Awesome All Sizes
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    High Waisted Denim Shorts Pink Princess Tie Dye Are So Awesome All Sizes
    ✿mystery high waisted denim pink cut off shorts tie dye are so awesome !!!! A dirty south vintagee creation handmade by me! Your going to look so awesome and so cool for summer with these made by us pink princess tie dye jean shorts!! Order now!! Name pink princess. Shorts details, these shorts are high waisted vintage up-cycled jean cut off shorts. I hand make them just for you! I take a pair of vintage shorts, bleach and tie dye and the magic starts!! There beautiful stylish and so cool!! Made to order pink princess tie dye, i make them just for you! How to order please pick your waist and hip size from the drop down menu and add to cart. Shipping time, once you place your order before i ship, i will have to by hand make them so i will need extra time to ship them to you. I allow tie dye shorts to sit for 24 to 48 hours before i wash and place in the gift box. I know that seems longer then needed to set for but i do this to produce a higher quality hold on the die. Care for shorts, yet this is perminate tie dye i would suggest you do not wash your tie dye shorts as much as you would other clothes. I call this respecting the tie dye lol and when you do wash them please wash in cold water only. I am telling you this just to prolong the life of your awesome pink tie dye shorts. Returns & exchanges dirty south vintagee does do returns or exchanges if you are not happy with your order, we understand this happens when shopping online. Lost in the mail if my tracking does not show your order was left at your home and you tell me your order never came don't worry i will send out a new order asap :) rock on! Dirty✞south✞vintagee takes full reasonability for your orders! Shop with us and never worry about lost orders or lost money! Rock on, kitty about me, i am a ex city girl most of all my life who had a dream of moving to the rural mountains. I ended up picking northeast ga. I have fallen in love with the mountains mixed with farmland , creeks and rivers! Love it! However my love for fashion has not changed i find i love it even more now that i can slow down and enjoy life a bit more. I am a shopaholic!! I have realized that i can't keep all the clothes but what i can do is make many other fashion lover's just like my self extremely happy!! I'm in love with clothes!! Join me in that love and get some crazy amazing deals from my awesome country girl vintage shop :) . County girls make you look cool!! Rock on, kitty :) this listing is for mystery tie die high waisted denim shorts. Shorts jeans bleach tie die mystery shorts mystery tie die tie die shorts bleached shorts denim shorts high waisted denim shorts tie die grunge shorts hispter shorts stone wash shorts
  • Rainbow Tie Dye Studded Shorts
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    Rainbow Tie Dye Studded Shorts
    Sooooo unicorn/springish!! These are a pair of lee shorts designed by me in a rainbow theme. Colors used were: green, turquoise, purple and pink. Front of shorts are studded with silver circle studs. Cutoff/fringe bottoms. Size: us11 measurements at waist: 15.5 inches laid flat measurements at hips: 19 inches laid flat pictures taken with flash colors appear brighter in pictures than actual color on shorts any questions please feel free to ask :) no returns
  • Funky Tie Dye Women's Jean Shorts Size 13
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    Funky Tie Dye Women's Jean Shorts Size 13
    Are you a fan of being one-of-a-kind each item is hand-dyed making it 100 unique and original. We use professional grade dye that won't fade even after multiple washings. Our shorts are 100 cotton and super cozy! Custom orders are always welcomed! Just message us the details! (the size, colors, or any special details) this item is a size 13!
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