• Theo Keller Over Easy Egg Ornament
    Theo Keller Over Easy Egg Ornament
    Didn't your mother tell you? Breakfast is the most important statement of the day! Hand-blown by artist Theo Keller, each sunny side ornament brings a fun and tasteful touch to your space. Hang it a la carte, or mix it with other delicious accents. Handmade in North Carolina. Made from: borosilicate glass. Measurements: Approx 4" L x 1" W (at yolk, highest point) x 6" H (including glass loop at top for hanging).
  • NOVICA Handcrafted Recycled Paper Ornaments (set of 4)
    NOVICA Handcrafted Recycled Paper Ornaments (set of 4)
    Argentina and Francisco present this cheerful set of ornaments on behalf of the artisans who created them. They live with different physical or mental skills. They craft each ornament by hand by recycling newspapers and paint them in bright red blue yellow and green only on one side. The underside preserves the original look of the rolled-up newspapers. The four ornaments hang from cotton cords. By assisting these young artisans earn from their craft we are helping them on the road to being self-sustainable believe Argentina and Francisco who founded the workshop in memory of their daughter.
  • NOVICA Ceramic masks (Set of 6)
    NOVICA Ceramic masks (Set of 6)
    Six colorful masks recount the story of Guatemala's Dance of the Conquest. Adapted from Spanish history it tells how the Spaniards expelled the Moors from their homeland. The dance culminates with the Moors' conversion to Christianity and all dance together. By Jose Arriola the set includes a Moor with a blue turban a floral skull that represents death and a red devil. Animals of the jungle include a toucan with a green beak a blue macaw and a yellow tiger with pointy red ears.
  • A di Alessi - Gesù Bambino Christmas bauble
    A di Alessi - Gesù Bambino Christmas bauble
    The mouth blown glass made, hand decorated Christ Child Bauble is part of the Presepe-collection (Italian: Christmas Bauble Crib) by A di Alessi. There it represents one of the classic crib figures, which display the nativity play directly at the Christmas tree. The tradition of the decorated Christmas tree with large and small coloured baubles out of blown glass dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when a dry period stole the green needles of the pine trees. A glass smithy out of Goetzenbruck had the idea of blowing objects out of glass in order to ornament the tree, hiding the sad looking pine branches. The round shape was the fastest to produce and that is how many colourful Christmas tree baubles emerged, soon becoming a tradition in the most different countries and cultures. Only in 1964, the glass factory in Goetzenbruck stopped the industrial production of the Christmas baubles. The shape of the traditionally made Christmas decoration changed along the years, whereby additional small decors or typical motives covered the Christmas baubles, such as Father Christmas, bells, stars and a sledge. It was Marcello Jori who created the “Palle Presepe” with his creative soul and irony, causing a small revolution at Alessi with it. He said that there was a Christmas tree at his home every year, but that he envied those who had a crib with vivid figures. Marcello Jori: ”I finally dreamt sometime of an angel, who hung up some foreign baubles at the Christmas tree, the baubles spoke, sang and prayed. Some were sacred, stars or animals and one of them, lighting more than the others, was the Infant Jesus.” Jori’s dream came true. Those mouth-blown glass and hand decorated baubles exist now. The “Palle Presepe” are the classic crib figures that create a completely new Christmas tree with fantasy and some irony: Maria and Josef with Jesus, ox and donkey, angel, star and the three wise men.
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