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  • Blind Spot Jewellery Secret Lover Brooch
    Blind Spot Jewellery Secret Lover Brooch
    With this brooch by changing the positions of the pins and corall beads, lovers can develop a whole secret language to let eachother know: when, where and a lot more. For example: A= I will meet you for a drink at the Queen’s Head Inn at 3 o’clock. B= See you at the old bridge at quarter past midday for a quick rendezvous; I might be late. C= Today we just can’t meet. D= Let’s meet at your place at quarter to seven; we’ll be there all night! The ring is made of iron (mild steel, no nickel). At each hour/minute there is a hole in it, so you can change the position of the steel pins. On the hour pin there is a 18 Karat gold ball while on the minute pin there is a sterling silver ball. The beads are corall.
  • Laura De La Vega Onighiri bag
    Laura De La Vega Onighiri bag
    Collection an ideal transition piece developed as a limited edition on the occasion of 102°Mipel edition in Milano. The bags is in genuine leather, a nod to the food , this is a symbolic material for the brand the new designs, wink ironic interpretation of japanese food. "We bridge the past with the present by creating witty-bag- and unique designs"say LDV. The sushi bag icon of summer style, a simple yet effective object.
  • Tita' Bijoux Venice skyline necklace
    Tita' Bijoux Venice skyline necklace
    This necklace is made out of brass, then gold plated or silver plated. Venice skyline includes: Rialto's bridge, a gondola, the Palazzo Ducale and St Marc's cathedral. Please specify if you wish the necklace to be gold or silver plated.
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