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  • Hay - Woody Sideboard
    Hay - Woody Sideboard
    The Woody Sideboard from Hay is the smaller brother from the Woody shelves. It possesses the same design and the same qualities like the shelf, but in sideboard dimensions. Woody is the modern interpretation inspired by a traditional ladder. Without obvious front and back side it is suitable as free standing furnishing element as well as standing at a wall. Also it follows the idea not to create a shelf that looks too dominant combined with the sideboard so that there is enough room for the objects that are placed in the shelf. Woody decidedly wears the spirit of modern times in it. It renounces unnecessary knick-knacks and the details of the construction are not hidden. The sideboard does completely consist of oak wood, wooden bars, steel and screws. The treated oak offers a Scandinavian expression to the shelf that is renewed and contrasted by the shelf inserts. This is how a beautiful connection between tradition and modern time, from simplicity, modernity and playful feelings emerges. Typical for the Danish design company Hay and its exclusive collection – because the fact that the contemporaneous Scandinavian designers can revitalize the tradition from the fifties and sixties is part of the conviction of Rolf Hay, who could enter the market with his company, fast establishing it, in the year 2003.
  • Cascando - Tree Stand Wardrobe
    Cascando - Tree Stand Wardrobe
    The Tree coat stand by Cascando will bring any room to life with its organic shape. It is a stable, freestanding coat stand which can hold as many as 20 coats. Tree is part of the Nature-Series of the Dutch producer Cascando: A series of playful elements for your home or office. Robert Bronwasser created this design object that brings back the natural and warm shapes of nature into the modern living spaces. Nevertheless, the Tree coat stand is not only usable as a wardrobe but also as a hallstand in the bedroom. The practical hooks take care of the order. The Tree coat stand is made of lacquered MDF, with polished aluminium pegs.
  • Danese Milano - H&H shelf
    Danese Milano - H&H shelf
    The free-standing H&H shelf by Danese Milano provides space for numerous objects that are not only to be stored but also to be presented. The shelf that has been designed by Paolo Rizzatto, gets smaller from bottom to top. This increases rigidity and also offers the opportunity to arrange the objects in a good-looking way and to bring them into some sort of hierarchy. Due to the decent optics the H&H shelf can be free-standing and also serve as a room-divider. H&H does not require a wall to lean on and it also does not have a pre-defined front and back. The arrangement and design of the shelf is completely up to you. The book shelf H&H by Danese Milano is also available in the colours brown and red.
  • Opinion Ciatti - Original Ptolomeo Bookshelf
    Opinion Ciatti - Original Ptolomeo Bookshelf
    The original Ptolomeo stand bookshelf by Opinion Ciatti can do what common bookshelves cannot: it sorts your literature vertically and nearby invisibly in the smallest rooms. The free-standing bookshelf from the Ptolomeo series is nearby invisible behind books, and it is inserted in every surrounding seamlessly because of its minimalist design – in your working room, living room, corridor, etc. Because of the vertical sorting, the book-titles can be read without any problems and the book will be found fast. The Original Ptolomeo bookshelf offers new perspectives to your books collection and it is furthermore available in different editions. Suiting the interior furnishing, you can choose between a white or a black edition as well as polished stainless steel. Moreover the Original Ptolomeo is available in three different sizes. For the trend-setting design of Bruno Rainaldi, the Ptolomeo has been honored with the “ADI Compasso d’Oro” in the year 2004. Further editions and accessories of the Original Ptolomeo are available.
  • j-me Nest shoe rack
    j-me Nest shoe rack
    Nest is a free-standing shoe rack of the English company j-me. With its swung and flowing forms, Nest offers space for up to seven pairs of shoes. The shoes are stacked upwards and don’t need much space. The most different sorts of shoes can be placed in the single compartments. Through the own weight the shoes disguise in the compartments and are safely transported. The stand foot from Nest consists of steel, the shoe rack itself of stainless steel. The shoe rack Nest is completely delivered with mounting material. J-me offers its shoe rack as a special version for the wall mounting beside the free-standing edition. Bitte beachten Sie unsere Informationen zur Entsorgung.
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