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  • Jayson Home Eau D'Italie Diffusers
    Jayson Home Eau D'Italie Diffusers
    4"W x 2.5"D x 12"H. 8.2 Fl. Oz. Aromatic oils, alcohol free. Includes set of 10 reed sticks. Lasts 3-4 months. Sandalwood and vanilla: A cozy, seductive blend of sandalwood, vanilla, lavender flowers, and pink pepper. Fig and berries: A vibrant, engrossing blend of fig, blackberry leaves, osmanthus and iris wood. Tea and rose: An elegant blend of green tea and rose petals with a touch of lily of the valley. Pure petals: A gentle and dewy blend of rosebud, gooseberry, white woods and musk. Verbena and sage: A clean fragrance of verbena, pine needles, sage and cedar wood.
  • Jayson Home Diffusers
    Jayson Home Diffusers
    2" Diameter x 4.5"H. 250Ml. Vintage blown, amber apothecary glass jars. Hand ground glass stoppers. Includes set of 10 - 6" diffuser sticks. See details for english versions of the latin botanical names green tea diffuser: viridis camellia sinensis. Lime basil diffuser: citrus aurantifolia ocimum basilicum. Orange blossom diffuser: citris bigardia. Sage citrus diffuser: citrus salvia officinalis. Sage pomegranate diffuser: punica granatum salvia officinalis. Sandalwood diffuser: santalum album.
  • Jayson Home Eau D'Italie Perfumes
    Jayson Home Eau D'Italie Perfumes
    1.5" Square x 6"H. 3.4 Fl. Oz. Eau de toilette Eau D'Italie Spray: The scent of Italy; warm terra cotta tiles, the cool sea breeze and a touch of citrus with a hint of Mediterranean vegetation. A fragrance for men and women that evokes the familiar air of the famous Amalfi Coast. Bois D'Ombrie Spray: "Woods of Umbira" is deep and woodsy with hints of cognac, leather, iris root and vetiver. This wonderfully classic and truly Italian fragrance is perfect for men and wonderful for women. Un Bateau Pour Capri Spray: "A Boat to Capri", Eau d'Italie's first perfume is a feminine blend of sweet peony, freesia and peach with woodsy and sultry notes of cedarwood and musk. Paestum Rose Spray: Like a rose enshrined in resins, with notes of black & pink pepper, coriander, patchouli, white musk & exotic woods, this rose fragrance is uniquely unisex. Inspired by the roses of the ancient civilization of Paestum, said to be the birthplace of Italian perfume making.
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