Gift Cards
  • Mia Gold Turquoise White CZ Ring
    Mia Gold Turquoise White CZ Ring
    This stunner is gold plated with a smooth circular band along with dazzling cubic zirconia on each side. The large, faceted turquoise stone is sure to draw attention.
  • Arianna Gold Necklace
    Arianna Gold Necklace
    These pods are connected by a long, thin chain. With its long chain and eccentrically placed pods, this is the perfect item to have hanging around your neck.
  • Mighty Goddess Gold Turquoise Stone Drop Earrings
    Mighty Goddess Gold Turquoise Stone Drop Earrings
    You will feel like royalty wearing this stone drop design. Gold plated bowled pods link right down to the classic marquis-shaped, smooth turquoise stone. French hooks make these earrings easy to slip on and off.
  • Katrina Gold White CZ Pave Ring
    Katrina Gold White CZ Pave Ring
    This simplistic yet sleek design makes this ring cut out for everyday wear. Stack it with other rings to complete the look. The pyramid pinches toward the end of the ring, making this such a stylish choice for anybody.
  • Joanie Gold White CZ Pod Necklace
    Joanie Gold White CZ Pod Necklace
    Five gold chains cascade and connect with five gold plated pods. Each pod contains groups of cubic zirconia. The gold plated chips display different shapes giving this necklace an intricate feel.
  • Serena Gold Turquoise White CZ Earrings
    Serena Gold Turquoise White CZ Earrings
    Gold plated settings hold two faceted turquoise stones linked together. Three cubic zirconia rhinestones descend on the sides of each turquoise stone giving these babies a daring look.
  • Hunter Gold White CZ Pave Studs
    Hunter Gold White CZ Pave Studs
    These gold white studs are ideal for everyday wear. Cubic zirconia dazzles all throughout this classic circular stud, making them shine from miles away.
  • Clarence Gold Turquoise Necklace
    Clarence Gold Turquoise Necklace
    The filigree ball chain gives this masterpiece exceptional length and a classic, dainty touch. The faceted square and teardrop turquoise stones are set in a gold plated setting. This gold turquoise necklace is the perfect piece to complete any jewelry collection.
  • Hawthorne Gold Turquoise White Onyx White CZ Cuff
    Hawthorne Gold Turquoise White Onyx White CZ Cuff
    White Onyx stones align the top and bottom with cubic zirconia flashing through the center. To top it all off with two marvelous faceted pyramid turquoise stones centered directly in the middle of this bold cuff.
  • Alabama Gold White CZ Bangle
    Alabama Gold White CZ Bangle
    This simplistic gold chained bangle with evenly placed teardrop cubic zirconia is a great piece for everyday wear. Wear it alone or spice it up by stacking it with other bangles to create a variety of golden bangle bliss.
  • Andi Gold White CZ Pod Pave Hoops
    Andi Gold White CZ Pod Pave Hoops
    These gold white hoops with open backs give these earrings an urban, chic look. With individually placed white CZs in each marquis-shaped pod, get ready to dazzle the streets.
  • Hepburn Gold White CZ Pod Earring
    Hepburn Gold White CZ Pod Earring
    Dipped and carved in, the white CZ stones sparkle brightly. These Hepburn Pod earrings dangle from a teardrop shaped post.
  • Isla Gold Labradorite Stacking Ring
    Isla Gold Labradorite Stacking Ring
    This tiny gold Labradorite stacking ring with alternating teardrop and round stones, gives this band a very dynamic style. Stack it with other colors for a look you can't help but to stare at.
  • Anthony Gold Turquoise Necklace
    Anthony Gold Turquoise Necklace
    Gold turquoise necklace lies near the collarbone and the turquoise stones become smaller as they work their way up. French hook clasp makes it easy to put on and take off. Length is 20.5 inches.
  • Andi Pod Pave Gold CZ Bangle
    Andi Pod Pave Gold CZ Bangle
    Get ready to flaunt those wrists! Double rows of marquis- shaped pods and one white CZ is placed within each pod, giving it a dainty, chic look.
  • Gold Charmaine Ring
    Gold Charmaine Ring
    Malachite cabochon is set on thin gold plated band.
  • Remy Rod Pendant Necklace Gold White CZ
    Remy Rod Pendant Necklace Gold White CZ
    This gold plated necklace takes a plunging neckline to a whole new level. Chain length is 36 inches and has a lobster clasp.
  • Besties Identity Necklace
    Besties Identity Necklace
    Commemorate your best friend love with this adorable Besties Identity Necklace. Choose from the following sayings: 'besties always', 'friends forever', 'best friends', or 'sisters always'. Font is in lowercase print. 17.5 inch necklace is available in 14k gold fill, sterling silver, and brass and comes as a set for sharing.
  • Gold Remy Necklace
    Gold Remy Necklace
    Howlite spike bib necklace includes 14k yellow gold vertical bars and available in a variety of colors.
  • Besties Identity Bracelet
    Besties Identity Bracelet
    Complement the Besties Identity Necklace with this equally sweet bracelet. Available in 14k gold fill, sterling silver, and brass and the following sayings: 'best friends', 'sisters', and 'besties always'. Chain length is 7.5 inches and comes as a set for sharing.
  • Gold Leazel Stud Earrings
    Gold Leazel Stud Earrings
    Stud stone cabochons are set in 18k yellow gold.
  • Gold Lubov Earrings
    Gold Lubov Earrings
    Triangle shaped chrysocolla drop earrings are 1.5 inches in length.
  • Gold Ode Earrings
    Gold Ode Earrings
    Two tiered post earrings feature two different styles of pink gemstones dipped in 18k yellow gold.
  • Gold Ida Earrings
    Gold Ida Earrings
    Small faceted stud earrings are rectangular in shape and are draped in 18k yellow gold.
  • Charmaine Stud Earrings
    Charmaine Stud Earrings
    Round stone stud earrings are 0.50 inches in diameter and dipped in 18k yellow gold.
  • Gold Petya Earrings
    Gold Petya Earrings
    Howlite spike post earrings are 0.75 inches in length and coated in 18k yellow gold dipped.
  • Gold Malka Cuff Bracelet
    Gold Malka Cuff Bracelet
    Open cutout metal cuff bracelet is expandable and one size fits all.
  • Gold Mini Eda Choker
    Gold Mini Eda Choker
    Open and expandable metal choker is vamped up with two teardrop jade gemstones.
  • Gold Celia Necklace
    Gold Celia Necklace
    3 chain necklace features 13 slabs of chrysocolla on a 21 inch chain.
  • Gold Elissa Earrings
    Gold Elissa Earrings
    Druzy stud earrings are 1/4 inches in size and available in light, natural colors.
  • Druzy Stud Earrings
    Druzy Stud Earrings
    Druzy stud earrings are 1/4 inches in size and set in 18k yellow gold.
  • Baroque Statement Earring
    Baroque Statement Earring
    Two beautiful polished gemstones with dotted trim come together to provide sumptuous style. 24k gold plated earrings are available in aqua chalcedony with labradorite and labradorite with moonstone colors.
  • Baroque Earrings
    Baroque Earrings
    These elegant charmers are the everyday classic you didn't know you wanted or needed. Large sapphire blue stone hangs from a detailed 24k gold plated cap featuring three pink tourmaline teardrop gems.
  • Love Cuff
    Love Cuff
    Thick cigar band cuff bracelet is smooth all around and features the word love in a raised hammered gold.
  • Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Cuff
    Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Cuff
    Pearl and cubic zirconia thin open bracelet is perfectly minimal and adjustable.
  • Classic Cushion Studs
    Classic Cushion Studs
    Cushion cut stud earrings feature a cubic zirconia center and micro pave diamonds.
  • Front and Back Earrings
    Front and Back Earrings
    Pearl drop earrings feature additional back chain that hangs from post.
  • Love Ring
    Love Ring
    Expandable cigar band ring features gold hammered raised love motto.
  • Snake Ring
    Snake Ring
    Expandable cigar band ring features gold hammered raised snake design.
  • Lips Cuff
    Lips Cuff
    Thick cigar band cuff bracelet is smooth all over and features a lips adornment in a raised hammered gold.
  • Snake Cuff
    Snake Cuff
    Thick cigar band cuff bracelet is smooth all around and features a gold hammered snake motif.
  • Heavy Link Arrow Toggle Necklace
    Heavy Link Arrow Toggle Necklace
    Arrow toggle necklace features a chunky flat oval chain and is 18 inches in length.
  • Triple Cuff
    Triple Cuff
    Expandable bracelet features 4 layers and 6 large spheres on bracelet's open ends.
  • Double Ball Choker
    Double Ball Choker
    Choker style necklace features 2 gold layers and 4 mini spheres as decor on all ends.
  • Small Love Knot Choker
    Small Love Knot Choker
    Love knot detail enhances this open expandable choker, which is one size fits all.
  • Love Knot Ring
    Love Knot Ring
    14k gold plated brass love knot ring in size 7.
  • Pave Studs
    Pave Studs
    Circular cubic zirconia stud earrings feature micro pave diamonds.
  • Love Name Necklace
    Love Name Necklace
    Unique nameplate necklace features side heart detail. Chain necklace is available in a variety of metals.
  • Extra Wide Triple Cuff
    Extra Wide Triple Cuff
    Expandable cutout cuff bracelet is expandable and features mini spheres on open ends.
  • Love Bracelet
    Love Bracelet
    7 inch chain bracelet features iconic pop art LOVE image.
  • Half Moon with Stones Necklace
    Half Moon with Stones Necklace
    This half moon necklace is enhanced with mini cubic zirconias. Necklace is 16 inches in length.
  • Letter Earrings
    Letter Earrings
    Initial stud earrings are available in sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil, and 14k solid gold metals.
  • Twirl Ring
    Twirl Ring
    A whimsical flower in labradorite and pink chalcedony is decorated with triangles on each end and features a mini circle diamond center.
  • Terri Necklace
    Terri Necklace
    This bewitching Terri necklace showcases antique gold plated rings to add pizazz to your ensemble. The chain length measures 36 inches.
  • City Trine Ring
    City Trine Ring
    Three 0.75 inch tiered bars in alternating labradorite and pink chalcedony colors stack up above the rest. Ring is set in 22k gold plated.
  • Wined and Dined Cuff
    Wined and Dined Cuff
    22k gold plated expandable cuff is a bold, statement piece. Available in two popping color combinations.
  • Diamond Nail Ring
    Diamond Nail Ring
    div div div divTaking inspiration from the toolbox essential, a nail is extended to form a ring, while the ends are studded with .06 TCW micro pave diamonds. This piece is so intricate that it even features the ridges of a real nail. Ring is set in 14k rose gold./div /div /div /div
  • Swank Ring
    Swank Ring
    Two 0.75 inch bars flank the edges of this open ring and features a triangle cutout towards the base. Available in labradorite and blue chalcedony colors.
  • Highlife Earrings
    Highlife Earrings
    A bold kit shaped pink chalcedony gem hangs from a cluster of three small labradorite teardrops at the base of the fish hook drop earrings.
  • Gallivanting in the City Necklace
    Gallivanting in the City Necklace
    4 chain necklace holds 3 glorious 1 inch agates with a dangling gemstone pendant. Choose from purple or pink agate.
  • Kacey K Diamond Monogram Oval Necklace
    Kacey K Diamond Monogram Oval Necklace
    Kacey K Diamond Monogram Oval Necklace is made of 14k gold and .30ct of diamonds. Please specify, in the notes section at checkout, the order of your initials exactly as you would like them to appear on the pendant. The diameter of the oval pendant is 1 1/8.
  • Kacey K Medium Diamond Circle Monogram Necklace
    Kacey K Medium Diamond Circle Monogram Necklace
    Kacey K Medium Diamond Circle Monogram Necklace is gorgeous. The pendant is 1 in diameter. It is made with 14k yellow gold and .30ct diamonds. Up to 3 letters can be engraved onto the necklace. Please specify, in the notes section at checkout, the order of your initials exactly as you would like them to appear on the pendant.
  • Gold Tassel Earring
    Gold Tassel Earring
    Bold, wearable art. Regal clip-on semicircles feature custom gold plated embossing and a chunky bundle of 14 chain tassels. This product is hand made so please allow 7-10 additional days when ordering.
  • Star Asymmetrical Dangle Earrings
    Star Asymmetrical Dangle Earrings
    divThese earrings are the perfect addition to your fringed earring collection. Delicate and feminine, a Swarovski embellished star takes center stage. From it, hangs an additional charming mini star and 4 slivers of chain fringe. Silver plated earrings drape 3.5 inches in length./div
  • Baroque Cuff
    Baroque Cuff
    divThis open horseshoe shaped hinge bracelet is extra fun and edgy. Large round faceted gemstones at the opening of the bracelet are the stars. Smaller labradorite teardrops circle the perimeter of the centerpiece gemstones. Available in aquamarine blue, aqua chalcedony, and white agate./div
  • Triple Strand Charm Bracelet
    Triple Strand Charm Bracelet
    div div div divChannel the style of old classic Italy with this delicious 24k gold plated charm pendant bracelet. Outer strands feature regal gold lion double-faced pendants while the middle strand features a single malachite green pendant laced with gold trim. Bracelet has a ribbed toggle closure./div /div /div /div
  • Small Star Chain Fringe Earrings
    Small Star Chain Fringe Earrings
    divSister earrings to Ben-Amun's Star Asymmetrical Dangle Earrings, these feature many of the same bright elements on a smaller level. One 0.5 inch star is bathed in 12 sparkling Swarovski clear crystals. Perfect for adding a bit of star power to an everyday look. Earrings are silver plated and 2 inches long./div
  • Liquid Gold Tassel Earrings
    Liquid Gold Tassel Earrings
    These understated stunners take cues from the tassel trend, but keeps it refined. Perfect for those that want to try the style, but not ready to jump in with both feet. A round gold plated polished stud is enhanced by two liquid gold snake chain tassels. Post back /
  • Baroque Double Strand Necklace
    Baroque Double Strand Necklace
    divDouble strand wheat style 24k gold plated chain necklace will add nonstop allure to your personal collection. Artistic craftsmanship is reminiscent of Aztec design with zig zag lines and five teardrop gems. Cabochon pendant is available in moonstone and labradorite colors. /div
  • Faceted Baroque Bangle
    Faceted Baroque Bangle
    divWear the allure of gilded Rome on your wrist and be the envy of the gods. This illustrious 24k gold plated hinged bangle adds a flair of romanticism to any look. Six faceted gems encircle the rustic gold colored band. The faceted gems are placed in a vintage setting. Available in Lemon Topaz, Smokey Topaz, Aquamarine, Sapphire Blue, Amethyst, Peridot, and Tourmaline Pink colors. /div
  • Cabochon Baroque Bangle
    Cabochon Baroque Bangle
    div divThis statement 24k gold plated bracelet brings romantic flair to your wrist. Reminiscent of old world Roman opulence, six cabochon gems encircle the rustic gold colored band. The cabochon's vintage setting adds inspired detail. Available in Aqua Chalcedony, Labradorite, and Moonstone colors. Hinge bracelet is one size fits all./div /div
  • Stars and Studs Necklace
    Stars and Studs Necklace
    divStatement gold plated pendant hangs from a long 31.5 inch rolo necklace chain and features two 1.5 inch stars, a 0.25 carat stud, and 8 slivers of alternating fringe in curb and cable link chain styles. Fringe varies in length, but longest piece is 6 inches in length. /div
  • Star Chain Fringe Necklace
    Star Chain Fringe Necklace
    divWear an icon, be an icon. A 1 inch star shines bright with 25 Swarovski clear crystals. Cluster of 6 metal chain fringe strings hang from star and sway delicately to and fro wherever you go. Star hangs on an 18 inch adjustable rolo chain. Gold plated and silver plated options available. Fringe length measures 4.25 inches./div
  • Four Star Necklace
    Four Star Necklace
    divThis fascinating swirling necklace steals the show with non-stop star power. Four clusters of metal fringe shoot from one of four corresponding large crystal studded star stations. Necklace is available in gold plated and silver plated varieties. Necklace length is 28 inches, while metal fringe is 5 inches./div
  • Gold Double Chain Toggle Bracelet
    Gold Double Chain Toggle Bracelet
    divAmp up the collegiate toggle bracelet with two double cable link chains. A 3 inch gold plated chain link tassel hangs from the bracelet adding a charming touch to any look. All the prepsters are bound to covet your style. Bracelet is 7 inches and features a toggle closure./div
  • Gold Lariat Necklace
    Gold Lariat Necklace
    divOpen lariat two-circle link chain is flanked by not one, but two show stopping pendants. Lush pendants are topped with one large white faux pearl and a gold plated bell cap, metal tassel is equally interesting with varying chain styles. Gold plated necklace is 54 inches long. /div
  • Gold Tassel Necklace
    Gold Tassel Necklace
    divYou can never have enough pendant necklaces and tassels make great statement pieces that are timeless and always chic. Pendant is abstract and metal tassel hangs from a ridged half circle cap. Chain is thick and sturdy, but never heavy. Gold plated necklace is 34.5 inches in length and features a mini oval brand charm near closure./div
  • Starburst Crystal Drop Earrings
    Starburst Crystal Drop Earrings
    This pair of starburst crystal drop earrings boast amazing style with Austrian crystals and your choice of gold or silver plated settings.
  • Gold Hand Chain Bracelet
    Gold Hand Chain Bracelet
    divDecorate your entire hand with a hand chain bracelet. Intricately designed pendant with gold plated droplets and iridescent pearls encased in cutout textured circles hangs from a triple link chain bracelet. A delicate 2.5 inch single link chain wraps around your middle finger. Bracelet is 7 inches in length. /div
  • Gold Cuff
    Gold Cuff
    divThis big and bold cuff is great on its own and perfect for the woman who wants to wow with only one piece of jewelry. Gold plated bracelet features a delicate Turkish garden inspired cutout design. 2 inch wide cuff is expandable and one size fits all./div
  • Double Pearl Studs
    Double Pearl Studs
    These double faced pearl stud earrings are sure to become your new favorite everyday essential. Extremely lightweight, earrings feature faux pearls on both ends with the smaller in the front and larger on the back. Your trendy style will be visible from all angles. Gold plated post backing.
  • Double Drop Earrings
    Double Drop Earrings
    divFollowing the old adage that two stars are better than one, these earrings pack a punch of extra sparkle. Two unique eight point stars are studded in clear Austrian crystals surrounding a centerpiece jewel. Metal: Choose between gold plated, silver plated, and rose gold plated. Length is 1.5 inches on a post backing./div
  • Halo Crystal Teardrop Earrings
    Halo Crystal Teardrop Earrings
    divWhy shoot for the stars when you can shoot for the heavens with these dazzling teardrop earrings that feature a halo cluster of Austrian crystals. Shining mini crystals add extra luster as they encircle the magnificent teardrop centerpiece. The pair create a futuristic optical illusion every time you move. Silver plated metal and post backing./div
  • Druzy Crystal Ring
    Druzy Crystal Ring
    divSpice up your ring routine with the Druzy Crystal Ring. A large 1 1/4 inch diameter disk is wrapped in delicious crystal druzy diamonds. Choose from a variety of color combinations to match a bevy of styles: Hematite plated & jet black diamond, platinum plated & black diamond, 22k gold plated & burgundy topaz, and 22k gold plated & blue crystal druzy. Open ring shank is one size fits all and can be worn on any finger. /div
  • Starburst Cuff
    Starburst Cuff
    divIt's an all-star party for your wrist. Three lustrous stars are each adorned with pave Austrian crystals surrounding a show-stopping centerpiece jewel. A cutout open cuff design brings it all together. Choose between gold plated, silver plated, and rose gold plated. Open cuff is adjustable and one size fits all./div
  • Love What You Do Necklace
    Love What You Do Necklace
    divReversible necklace is multifunctional featuring an inspirational quote on each side. Love What You Do and Do What You Love will keep you smiling all day long, no matter what side you don. Chain length is 18 inches and available in 14k gold plated and sterling silver. Includes mini oval brand charm in matching chain metal./div
  • Faux Pearl Bib Necklace
    Faux Pearl Bib Necklace
    divLet the bubbles flow, they'll say. This multi-strand bib necklace is high volume at its best. Two bouncy rows of faux pearls are connected by a squared oval gold plated chain link. Necklace features a total of 41 faux pearls in varying sizes. It is a fantastic statement piece on its own. Chain length is 15.5 inches with a 2.5 inch extender./div
  • Pave Donut Earrings
    Pave Donut Earrings
    Update the classic everyday earring with these modern pave crystal encrusted stud donuts. They can be worn alone or paired with a pave donut necklace. Variations include 22k gold plated & clear crystal and platinum plated & clear crystal. Earrings are 10 mm in /
  • Criss Cross Ring
    Criss Cross Ring
    div divAll about the normcore style Collect classic pieces like this one for a look that is low key and laid back. Cutout criss cross design is highlighted by 21 tiny Austrian crystals. Lightweight style is great for both day and night wear. Available in gold plated and silver plated in sizes 6, 7, and 8./div /div
  • Cha Cha-Licious Bracelet
    Cha Cha-Licious Bracelet
    divElegant wristwear makes a comeback. Nine rows in width and 24 rows in length create a look of mile high sparkle. Lively color variations include platinum plated olive crystal, platinum plated amethyst, and 22k gold plated turquoise using Swarovski Elements. Size is 6 3/4 inches by 3 inches./div
  • Keepsake Oval Earrings
    Keepsake Oval Earrings
    This keepsake combines the allure of an elongated oval with the sleek design of a round diamond. Earrings are flanked by 2 mini round cubic zirconia and set in 22k gold plate. Timeless jewelry with durable beauty. Also available in platinum plated. Size is 3/4 long x 1/2 wide.
  • Single Starburst Bib Necklace
    Single Starburst Bib Necklace
    divYou can never have enough statement necklaces. Five signature starbursts hang from a bold link chain necklace that alternates between textured circles and polished ovals. Starbursts are separated by one circle link. Center starburst is 1.5 inches and outlying stars are 1.25 inches. Choose between gold plated, silver plated, and rose gold plated options. Chain length is 17 inches with a 3 inch extender./div
  • Blu Bijoux Starburst Chain Necklace
    Blu Bijoux Starburst Chain Necklace
    divThe original Starburst Necklace gets an update with more Austrian crystals and more pendants. The new and improved 36 inch necklace features six crystal studded starbursts and six crystal studded mini textured circles in an alternating pattern spaced appropriately throughout. Metal: Gold plated, silver plated, rose gold plated. Closure: Lobster clasp. Features a mini round clear crystal near closure./div
  • Pave Donut Necklace
    Pave Donut Necklace
    What is sweeter than a regular donut A pave diamond donut, darling. This open circle crystal encrusted pendant is suspended on an exquisite 18 inch adjustable chain. Great for everyday wear or an understated, yet elegant evening look. Choose from 22k gold plated and clear crystal or platinum plated and clear crystal. Pendant is 3/8 /
  • Arrow Necklace
    Arrow Necklace
    Play matchmaker with your own .15 carat champagne diamond, sterling silver plated arrow pendant. Comes in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold chain metals.
  • Large Crystal Druzy Bangle
    Large Crystal Druzy Bangle
    divContinue the druzy dream with this Large Crystal Druzy Bangle. Flat top disk is topped with polished shimmering crystals. Own it in 4 different color variations: Platinum plated / blue crystal druzy; hematite plated / jet black; 22k gold plated / smokey topaz; and platinum plated / black diamond. Bracelet is 2 1/4 inches in diameter and features a hook closure./div
  • Mini Angie Earrings
    Mini Angie Earrings
    These earrings are a best seller, made famous by celebrities Angelina Jolie and Blake Lively. It is also a smaller version of the equally popular Green Crystal Teardrop Earrings, but still has all the glitz and sparkle. Available in your choice of gold plated or platinum plated. Size is 1 1/4 x 1/ /
  • Sparrow Pure Earrings
    Sparrow Pure Earrings
    Let your style soar above the rest with these 14k gold fill sparrow earrings. Intricate hammered details adds some spunk to a boho chic look. Earrings measure 0.38 inches.
  • Open Pearl Bangle
    Open Pearl Bangle
    divTwo small faux pearls adorn the ends of this open pearl gold plated bangle. Wear it alone for a simple signature look or stacked with other bracelets. This timeless item works well with any style, old and new. Open cuff is adjustable and one size fits all./div
  • Petite Vine Ear Cuff
    Petite Vine Ear Cuff
    Ear bands, ear jackets, ear cuffs... Whatever you call them, the 'here to stay' trend is a bold yet sophisticated addition to your jewelry repertoire. At a shorter 1 1/8 inches long, they are the perfect introduction. Variations: 22k gold plated / clear crystal; platinum plated / clear crystal. Post back /
  • To the Moon and Back Necklace
    To the Moon and Back Necklace
    divThere is nothing sweeter than love. A rectangular nameplate features a beautiful i love you to the moon and back hand stamped message in lowercase script on an 18 inch chain. Necklace makes the perfect gift as it comes on a necklace display card with pink ribbon. Available in 14k gold plated or sterling silver plated. Pendant is approximately 1 inch./div
  • Crystal Druzy Cuff Bracelet
    Crystal Druzy Cuff Bracelet
    divHammered metal cuff features a 1 1/4 inch crystal glittered flat disk top. Bold lovers and fashion risk takers, this statement piece is a must-add to your jewelry collection. Style variations: 22k gold plated & burgundy topaz; hematite plated & jet black; platinum plated & black diamond. Note, platinum plated & black diamond appears gray. Thick expandable cuff is one size fits all./div
  • Small Druzy Circle Earrings
    Small Druzy Circle Earrings
    divBack by popular demand and just in time for fall, Small Druzy Circle Earrings are 1 inch of rich sparkle with at least 4 dozen polished burgundy topaz druzy crystals on a 22k gold plate. Earrings are topped with a mini circular diamond for good measure. Earrings are also available in platinum plate with black diamond polished druzy crystals. Note, black diamond appears gray. Length is 1 1/2 inches with fish hook wire backing./div
  • Waterfall Briolette Necklace
    Waterfall Briolette Necklace
    Elongate your style with a cascade of 16 sparkling Swarovski Elements on a delicate single strand rolo chain. Long and lean for a classic look. Variations: 22k gold plated/smoke topaz; platinum plated/clear crystal; hematite plated/jet black. Chain length is 23 inches. br /
  • Druzy Crystal Wire Necklace
    Druzy Crystal Wire Necklace
    divChange up the necklace game with a rustic charmer that taps into the best of nature. Raw, organic, and bohemian, the hand crafted wire chain necklace features a 1 1/4 inch circle pendant of polished druzy crystals. Delicate wire chain sits snugly along collarbone. Choose from a variety of colors and styles: Platinum plated / black diamond (appears gray); Hematite plated / jet black; 22k gold plated / burgundy topaz. Chain length: 5 1/2 inch diameter./div
  • Wide Scroll Bracelet
    Wide Scroll Bracelet
    divOld world artistry meets new world style and luxury. A wide bracelet is carved with whimsical spirals and swirls, an ornate ivy motif. Two variations include light topaz on 22k gold plate and clear crystal on platinum plate. Wear alone or together for two tone versatility. Bracelet is 1 1/4 inches wide by 7 inches long. Hand made with Swarovski Elements./div
  • Wide Vintage Crystal Bracelet
    Wide Vintage Crystal Bracelet
    divCalling all queens, princesses, and duchesses- this bracelet's for you. Antique inspired and all over elegant features including a mix of square, pear, round, and oval cut clear crystals on your choice of platinum plate and 22k gold plate. A design truly fit for royalty. Size is 7 inches long by 1 inch wide./div divbr / /div
  • Pave Circle Necklace
    Pave Circle Necklace
    Similar to its sister piece, the Pave Donut Necklace, it is a 10mm full circle featuring 10 small pave diamonds on a 22k gold plate. For those that prefer silver metal tones, the necklace is also available in platinum plating. Chain length: 18 inches; adjustable. Hand made in the United States with Swarovski Elements.
  • Nova Necklace
    Nova Necklace
    divStraight out of an ethereal wonderland, this 36 inch geometric labradorite necklace will help you accomplish magnificent things all while being stylish. Wear it long and loose or with other layering pieces. Due to the nature of the stone, size, color and shape may vary from stone to stone and necklace./div divbr / /div
  • Barra Champagne Diamond Necklace
    Barra Champagne Diamond Necklace
    Set the bar high for style with the Barra Necklace. The curved bar necklace with .30 carat champagne diamonds is the epitome of understated elegance for all occasions. Necklace chain is 18 inches and available in 14k rose gold and sterling silver.
  • Juno Necklace
    Juno Necklace
    Shine brighter with this star and crescent moon pair, adorned with .60 carats of champagne diamonds on a 48 inch 14k rose gold chain. Wear this two-toned necklaces loose and long or wrap it for a magical layered look that matches all styles and color palettes.
  • Multi Starburst Bib Necklace
    Multi Starburst Bib Necklace
    divThis necklace is a bold charmer featuring tons of detail and craftsmanship. Eight signature starbursts dangle from a slinky multi strand chain and align to form a triangle point. Starbursts are separated by a mix of textured and polished circles. The two centerpiece stars are 1.5 inches in size, while the six complementary stars are 1.25 inches in size. Chain length is 20 inches./div
  • Do What You Love Cuff
    Do What You Love Cuff
    divThis Do What You Love, Love What You Do 1 inch thick cuff bracelet will have you cheerfully humming or singing all day lo-o-ong, do do roo. Wear it alone, as a stack, or with a matching Love What You Do Necklace, by the same brand. Available in 14k gold plated or sterling silver plated. Font is in uppercase print and a shaded heart finishes off the quote./div
  • Reach for the Moon Necklace
    Reach for the Moon Necklace
    divChannel your inner Judy Jetson for a look that is retro space-age chic featuring two pendants on an 18 inch chain. Pendant no. 1 is a crescent moon face, while pendant no. 2 features an inspirational Reach for the Moon on a coin charm. Necklace makes the perfect gift as it comes on a necklace display card with Tiffany blue ribbon. Available in 14k gold plated or sterling silver plated. Pendants are approximately 1 inch./div
  • Life Is a Gift Necklace
    Life Is a Gift Necklace
    divLife is tough, but every moment is special, so make it count with the Life Is a Gift Necklace. Rectangular bar plate is 1 inch in length and available in 14k gold plated pewter or sterling silver plated pewter. Chain length is 18 inches and brass based. /div
  • Family Tree Necklace
    Family Tree Necklace
    divThe Family Tree Necklace is a two-for-one delight featuring two vintage inspired pendants on an 18 inch chain. A tree charm and a hand stamped family nameplate charm are reminders of the abundance in your life. Necklace makes the perfect gift as it comes on a necklace display card with red ribbon. Available in 14k gold plated or sterling silver plated./div
  • Circle Identity Necklace
    Circle Identity Necklace
    Showcase your romantic individuality with this unique 14k gold fill initial necklace. Choose three letters for personalization. The center initial will stand out as the centerpiece of the charm in a larger font. Pendant measures 5/8 inch in diameter. Font is uppercase script.
  • Your Behavior Cuff
    Your Behavior Cuff
    div1/2 inch thick cuff is stamped with a simple message that is easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of daily life: Your Beliefs Don't Make You a Better Person, Your Behavior Does is in uppercase print. Available in 14 gold plated or sterling silver plated. Bracelet is one size fits all. /div
  • Band Identity Ring
    Band Identity Ring
    Glam up the old initial ring with an extended ID bar. Choose up to 5 letters and numbers including spaces in 14k gold fill, sterling silver, and brass colors.
  • Moonstone Cleopatra Goddess Bracelet
    Moonstone Cleopatra Goddess Bracelet
    Moonstone cleopatra goddess bracelet is absolutely amazing. Semi precious moonstones have a dimpled oval shape. Silver plated rosettes are set among the stones to add some extra shine. The charm of Cleopatra that dangles from the bracelet is silver plated and measures 1 1/4 inches long. A smaller disc inscribed with the word Goddess hangs with the Cleopatra charm. Stretch to fit most wrists.