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  • Lorette Drop Earrings
    Lorette Drop Earrings
    Bright, cheerful, drop earrings with a gold coloured 'trapeze swing' and long, resin beads. Base metal resin. Drop: 5cm.
  • Macae Necklace
    Macae Necklace
    Long necklace, featuring multi strands with hundreds of tiny, teal coloured beads on a gold coloured chain. Base metal. Length: 68.5cm.
  • Kadalo Necklace
    Kadalo Necklace
    Incredibly unique statement necklace, where mishapen ovals are filled with pieces of crushed mother of pearl that are then suspended from a gold coloured, beaded chain. Resin. Mother of Pearl. Length: 50cm.
  • Vicosa Bangle
    Vicosa Bangle
    A gold coloured, wide cuff bangle featuring a gorgeous cut out, lattice design. Base metal. Diameter: 6.3cm.
  • Owl Bangle
    Owl Bangle
    A large, rustic gold coloured cuff bangle, featuring a charming owl with black, faceted crystals for eyes and a hinge closure. Base metal. Inner diameter: 6.5cm. Inner circumference: 18cm.
  • Morada Nova Beaded Bracelet
    Morada Nova Beaded Bracelet
    Delicate, gold coloured bracelet, featuring a beaded aztec design, attached to a double strand, fine link chain. Base metal. Resin beads. Length: 17.5cm.
  • Carhue Turquoise Necklace
    Carhue Turquoise Necklace
    A bold, geometric, statement necklace, on a large link, gold coloured chain, featuring two gold trapezium shaped pendants, suspended beside a beautiful turquoise stone. Reconstituted turquoise. Length: 45cm extending to 52cm.
  • Mage Turquoise Necklace
    Mage Turquoise Necklace
    Grecian inspired, statement necklace, featuring turquoise discs, suspended from a large, double strand, gold coloured chain with zig zags dangling beneath that almost resemble lightning bolts. Reconstituted turquoise. Base metal. Length: 52cm extending to 59cm.
  • Faria Thread Necklace
    Faria Thread Necklace
    Make a bold statement with this colour pop, plaited, rope necklace in neon pink, and threaded through gold coloured twine, with gold cones at each end. Base metal. Nylon thread. Length: 46cm extending to 52cm.
  • Alto Wood Necklace
    Alto Wood Necklace
    An unusual, semi circle shaped, wooden and resin necklace attached to a medium link, gold coloured chain. Wooden. Resin. Length: 67cm extending to 73.5cm.
  • Neon Tassel Chain Necklace
    Neon Tassel Chain Necklace
    Funky, gold coloured, box chain, metal necklace with a mixture of neon coloured fabric plaited through. Base Metal. Fabric chord. Length: 42cm extending to 48cm. Nickel free.
  • Sericita Wood Necklace
    Sericita Wood Necklace
    A unique and bold necklace, featuring a wooden design with gold detailing, attached to a double strand, gold coloured bead chain. Base metal. Wood. Length: 60cm extending to 65.5cm.
  • Brejen Necklace
    Brejen Necklace
    This beautiful, ethnic inspired necklace features coral coloured, resin beads threaded on mulitple strands which are separated into three parts by small, gold coloured beads. This necklace will certainly make a bold statement. Base metal. Resin Beads. Length: 56.5cm extedning to 66.5cm.
  • Triangle Stone Bangle
    Triangle Stone Bangle
    A gorgeous, elasticated, cuff bangle featuring triangular, pastel green, faceted stones with a gold coloured outline. Base metal. Diameter: 5cm. Circumference: 21.5cm.
  • Butterfly Diamante Necklace
    Butterfly Diamante Necklace
    Beautiful gold coloured necklace, on a large link chain featuring pretty, butterfly pendants with pale pink coloured resin set in the wings and a sparkling diamante in the centre. Base metal. Resin. Dimensions: 54.5cm extending to 62cm.
  • Felix Large Stone Bangle
    Felix Large Stone Bangle
    Gorgeous, elasticated, cuff bangle featuring peach, hexagon stones with a gold coloured outline. Base metal. Resin. Circumference: 16.5cm.
  • Lorenzo Resin Earrings
    Lorenzo Resin Earrings
    Unusual, long, drop earrings, featuring two tone resin balls embedded in the gold coloured, caps supended from the earring. Resin. Base metal. Drop: 4.5cm.
  • Caldera Necklace
    Caldera Necklace
    Beautiful, long, necklace, featuring multi-coloured, marquise crystals, attached to a gold coloured, box chain with baby pink fabric spiralled around the chain. Base metal. Fabric. Length: 74.5cm extending to 81.5cm.
  • Junil Wire Ring
    Junil Wire Ring
    Statement, wire ring, where a collection of delicate wire like pieces form a thick band. Choose from either silver or gold coloured rings. Base metal. Adjustable.
  • Izzabella Rose Quartz Necklace
    Izzabella Rose Quartz Necklace
    Gorgeous, long necklace, featuring a rose quartz, heart with a vintage glass oval pendant suspended from a large link, gold coloured chain. Rose quartz. Vintage glass. Length: 68.5cm.
  • Leaf Drop Earrings
    Leaf Drop Earrings
    Beautiful, gold coloured, leaf shaped, stud earrings, set with pastel green coloured, faceted stones and suspended with a cluster of mixed beads. Base metal. Resin. Beads. Drop: 2cm.
  • Fan Cut Out Earrings
    Fan Cut Out Earrings
    Delicate, drop earrings featuring a gold coloured, cut out fan with beautiful, deep blue, sparkling beads suspended from it. Beads. Base metal. Resin. Drop: 4cm.
  • Geo Bangle
    Geo Bangle
    Large, gold coloured, cuff bangle in a geometric, cut out design with a slightly hammered effect finish. Base metal. Width: 5cm. Diameter: 6.5cm.
  • Julia Agate Necklace
    Julia Agate Necklace
    A long, unuusal, interlinking chain necklace in a dusky pink and gold colour, featuring an irregular shaped natural, agate stone. Base metal. Agate. Length: 71cm extending to 76cm.
  • Lyla Earring
    Lyla Earring
    Stunning, oval drop earrings, featuring vintage pink glass that imitates an opal, set in a gold coloured, shiny base. Resin. Vintage glass. Drop:4cm.
  • Ulrica Vintage Glass Agate Necklace
    Ulrica Vintage Glass Agate Necklace
    A truly unique and exquisite, gold coloured necklace, on a large link chain, featuring an oval shaped pendant set with deep blue, vintage glass with a sparkling agate stone suspended from it. Base metal. Vintage glass. Length: 65.5cm.
  • Aklina Peacock Enamel Necklace
    Aklina Peacock Enamel Necklace
    A fun and fanciful, gold coloured, long, double strand chain necklace, with a colourful peacock pendant, that features four beaded chains suspending from it. Base metal. Enamel. Length: 58cm.
  • Tayla Agate Necklace
    Tayla Agate Necklace
    A vintage style, gold coloured, long chain necklace, featuring beautiful, coloured agate stones that each have different tones to them. Base metal. Agate. Length: 40.5cm.
  • Molli Beads Necklace
    Molli Beads Necklace
    A chunky, gold coloured chain, supports this dramatic, sparkly beaded necklace. You'll definitley make an entrance wearing this. Base metal. Beads. Length: 72cm extending to c76.5m.
  • Aglaya Owl Necklace
    Aglaya Owl Necklace
    Long, gold coloured necklace featuring a rather gorgeous, wide-eyed owl pendant with a textured matt finish. Base metal. Medium link chain. Length: 76cm extending to 80cm. Pendant: 7cm x 3.6cm.
  • Katenka Half Moon Sparkle Necklace
    Katenka Half Moon Sparkle Necklace
    Beautifully simple, gold coloured necklace, with a half moon shaped, glittering, cut out pendant. Base metal. Length: 44cm extending to 51cm.
  • Dottie Necklace
    Dottie Necklace
    Long, gold coloured, link chain necklace with a diamond shaped, drop pendant made up of layered, cut-out discs. Base Metal. Length: 74cm. Pendant dimensions: 6.4cm x 3.5cm. Nickel free.
  • Jody Thread Necklace
    Jody Thread Necklace
    Long necklace with a large link, gold coloured chain suspending threaded links in wonderful, autumnul colours. Base metal. Thread. Length: 94cm.
  • Flower Cluster Bracelet
    Flower Cluster Bracelet
    Delicate, gold coloured, link chain bracelet with a cluster of cut-out flowers. Base Metal. Length: 18cm extending to 23cm. Nickel free.
  • Rose Hoop Earring
    Rose Hoop Earring
    Gold coloured, small hoop, in a beautiful ring of roses design. Base Metal. Hoop diameter: 2.5cm. Nickel free.
  • Zeah Round Tear Drop Earrings
    Zeah Round Tear Drop Earrings
    Elegant, drop earring, with a resin stone, set in a gold coloured base. Base Metal. Drop: 1.8cm. Nickel free.
  • Neon Triangle Stud
    Neon Triangle Stud
    Bright, neon, triangle stud earrings set in a gold coloured triangle. Base Metal. Dimensions: 1.4cm x 1.4cm x 1.4cm. Nickel free.
  • Santiago de Cuba Earring
    Santiago de Cuba Earring
    Beautiful, gold coloured earrings with colourful, mottled, vintage glass. Each pair of earrings are unique and being of vintage glass are limited edition too. This makes these earrings a very special gift. Base Metal. Drop: 3.5cm. Nickel free.
  • Summer Palm Necklace
    Summer Palm Necklace
    Double, gold coloured, chain necklace with a dip dye thread running through and leaf shaped, gold drop details. Base Metal. Length: 53cm extending to 58cm. Drop: 2.5cm. Nickel free.
  • Grace Earrings
    Grace Earrings
    Gold coloured earrings featuring a circular drop with a series of textures and shades suspended on a double strand, fine link chain. Base metal. Drop: 6cm.
  • Cute Alphabet Enamel Necklace
    Cute Alphabet Enamel Necklace
    A retro design and neon colours - a winning combination on this gold coloured, enamel necklace. The individual letters make this necklace a brilliantly, personal present. Base metal. Enamel. Length: 48cm extending to 55cm. Pendant: 2cm x 2cm.
  • Nahla Stone and Wood Necklace
    Nahla Stone and Wood Necklace
    Unusual and striking necklace made from deep green, jasper stone or turquoise howlite and wooden beads with gold coloured detailing. Jasper. Howlite. Wood. Base metal. Length: 55cm extending to 61.5cm.
  • Santiago de Cuba Earring
    Santiago de Cuba Earring
    Beautiful, gold coloured earrings with colourful, mottled, vintage glass. Each pair of earrings are unique and being of vintage glass are limited edition too. This makes these earrings a very special gift. Base Metal. Drop: 3.5cm. Nickel free.
  • Hollo Necklace
    Hollo Necklace
    Short, statement necklace featuring a large, coral coloured, howlite pendant on a thick, gold coloured, snake chain. Base Metal. Length: 45cm extending to 52cm. Pendant: 4.5cm x 3.5cm. Please note that each Semi Precious Stone is unique so there may be a slight variation in colour and shape.
  • Luxe Ikolu Quartz Drop Earrings
    Luxe Ikolu Quartz Drop Earrings
    Gold coloured, drop earrings featuring large, quartz stone drops with gentle faceting. The stones are a beautiful, soft coral colour. Base metal with plating. Quartz. Drop: 3.5cm.
  • Arua Earrings
    Arua Earrings
    Large, gold coloured earrings with a cut out tribal geo design on a curved, oval drop and an etched finish. Base metal. Drop: 2.8cm.
  • Jia Bracelet
    Jia Bracelet
    Gold coloured, interlinked chain bracelet with blue enamel 'V' shapes. Perfect gift for your best friend. Base Metal. Length: 16 cm extending to 24.5 cm.
  • Large Leaf Bangle
    Large Leaf Bangle
    Wide, gold coloured, statement bangle in a leaf shape. Exclusive to Oliver Bonas. Base metal Spring clasp. Width: 5cm. Diameter: 6.3cm. Circumference: 18.5cm.
  • Alphabet Charm Necklace
    Alphabet Charm Necklace
    Short Gold-tone link chain necklace with bolt clasp closure by Oliver Bonas. Featuring an Alphabet pendant with leaf and a crystal, faceted, drop bead. Base metal. Length: 41.5cm extending to 48cm. Pendant: 2cm.
  • Juno Earrings
    Juno Earrings
    Gold coloured, drop earrings with a textured spiral and setting for a faceted, resin stone. Base Metal. Resin. Drop: 3cm.
  • Terza Howlite Necklace
    Terza Howlite Necklace
    Long necklace featuring a howlite stone, set in a net of gold coloured wire and a medium link chain with gold beads at regular intervals. Base metal. Length: 70cm. Pendant: 2cm. Please note that each Semi Precious Stone is unique, so there may some variation in colour and shape.
  • Amelia Earrings
    Amelia Earrings
    Oval, drop earrings featuring a faceted pearlescent stone set in high shine gold coloured finish. Very glam. Base metal. Resin. Drop: 2cm.
  • Bambie Earrings
    Bambie Earrings
    Pretty, resin beads suspended on a gold coloured, ridged loop. Base metal. Drop: 2.5cm.
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