• Baccarat NoËL Snowflake
    Baccarat NoËL Snowflake
    Inspired by the crystal pendants of Zénith chandeliers, its refined shape, made in crystal, evokes delicate snowflakes. The snowflake is available in red mirror, and is central to Baccarat's 2014 Christmas Holiday. This year's snowflake, an exceptional edition of the festive best-seller of 2012 and 2013, is decorated in the emblematic Baccarat color. The red snowflake is modern and joyful, designed by Thomas Bastide. Crafted from clear crystal decorated with metallic red mirror, it is an exceptional gift which demonstrates the House's savoir-faire. It is at the heart of an elegant collection which includes stars, a bell, a bauble and trees.
  • Baccarat NoËL Ornament
    Baccarat NoËL Ornament
    Using Baccarat symbols such as the color red and multiple crystal cuts, the Christmas star will enhance your tree this festive season. Inspired by the sun clock designed by Georges Chevalier, the Christmas star is available in clear or red crystal. "Noël 2014" is engraved at the centee of the sun, for a piece which will be loved by Baccarat ornament collectors. Delivered with a red ribbon, it is an object that is both traditional and timeless. The Noël collection also includes a bell, a bauble, trees and a new edition of the Baccarat red crystal snowflake.
  • Baccarat NoËL Noel Crystal Bell Ornament
    Baccarat NoËL Noel Crystal Bell Ornament
    Inspired by Zénith chandeliers, the Baccarat crystal bell will light up your Christmas decorations through its diamond cut. The Baccarat clear crystal bell is highlighted by green and red pearls, symbolic of Christmas but also of the iconic red of Baccarat. Inspired by the shapes of Zénith chandeliers, the bell demonstrates the famous savoir-faire of our crystal craftsmen. The diamond cut is central to the Noël 2014 collection, which also includes stars, a bauble, trees and a new edition of the Baccarat red crystal snowflake.
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