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  • Unearthen Pyramid Watch
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    Unearthen Pyramid Watch
    Vintage-inspired and one-of-a-kind, this watch features a quartz pyramid over the watch face that snaps open and closed to reveal the time.
  • Unearthen Gold Lapis Cuff
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    Unearthen Gold Lapis Cuff
    2 banded cuff in 18K gold vermeil with 3 pyramids. One bigger in the centre of lapis lazuli, measuring 1" sq. and high, and then 2 smaller clear quartz pyramids on the sides measuring 1/2"sq. and high. Packaged in a small leather medicine pouch. Made in the USA.
  • Unearthen Helix Silver & Quartz Ring
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    Unearthen Helix Silver & Quartz Ring
    Two organic cast oxixidized silver bands come to a point at the top side of the ring and hold a facet cut rectangular clear quartz stone between them. Band is together and squared off at the bottom side. The cut of the stone has 4 cuts on each side and is extra clear, and very different. Top of ring measures 3/4" square across. Made in the USA.
  • Unearthen Lithium Quartz Phynix Ring
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    Unearthen Lithium Quartz Phynix Ring
    Single curb chain of oxidized sterling silver makes up the band, with tiny dark black diamonds set the entire way around, 8 in total. At the top is an amazing cut raw lithium quartz, in a caged setting. Made in Los Angeles. By 'The Master of Crystals' Gia Bahm of Unearthen.
  • Unearthen Sphere Cuff
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    Unearthen Sphere Cuff
    A sphere of quartz crystal is held within a claw like form that turns this cuff's wearer into a mysterious force.
  • Unearthen Turquoise Silver Prism Cuff
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    Unearthen Turquoise Silver Prism Cuff
    Oxidized silver cast, double braided band with 2 prism cut turquoise stones at the band ends. Prism measures 1/2" high and cuff is 6" around and opening is easily gently adjusted. Turquoise is said to bring strength and protection from harm but is also the symbol of friendship. Go on, be a friend to yourself. Made in the USA.
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