Christian Dior My Dior ring as seen on Emma Roberts
  • David Webb Ski Slope 18-karat gold, enamel and diamond ring
    Internal adjustable band
  • DIOR CRYPT Gold Ring
    Elegant and multihued gold plated ring from Christian Dior designed with extreme accuracy and detail. The ring embodies two snake Cobras colliding with each other. They are separated by two Swarovski crystals formed in one torso. Both Cobras' base is gold but the one is designed with engraved skin and the other decorated with small Swarovski crystals. A very exclusive ring by Dior!
  • Gemvara Marquise-Cut Candace Ring (10mm gem)
    This elegant ring style has a finger-flattering marquise-shaped gem complemented by a delicate and feminine band with gems half-way around the finger.
  • DIOR EXOTIC Silver Flower Ring
    Classy and colorful silver plated ring from Christian Dior designed with an outline of timeless crystals on the side and floral embellishment. Assorted with three beautifully designed flowers, the one with violet crystals, a plain silver one and one with dark purple crystals. It will add effortless style to your every outfit.
  • Gemvara Bella Sera Ring
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    Eleven beautiful gemstones of your choice will make the evening you propose a beautiful one indeed.