• River Island White chocolate snowman lolly
    White chocolate snowman lolly on a stick.
  • Tassimo Swiss Hazelnut Coffee T-Discs
    A delicate, mellow blend with smooth hazelnut flavor and a hint of vanilla nuances.
  • Williams-Sonoma Cinnamon Sticks
    Prized by chefs around the globe, Korintje cinnamon is famous for its intense spicy flavor, lively fragrance and rich color. The cinnamon sticks are actually curled “quills” of dried evergreen bark, harvested from trees grown in lush volcanic soil on the slopes of Sumatra’s legendary Mt. Korintje. The pristine mountain conditions imbue the spice with an exceptional concentration of aromatic essential oils for rich cinnamon flavor and scent. 3 oz. Made in Indonesia.
  • Tassimo Gevalia Morning Roast Coffee
    Flavorful dark roast in a larger serving size (12oz) to get the morning off to the right start.
  • Williams-Sonoma Organic Peppermint Tea, Sachets
    Our tisane is a vibrant, refreshing sip of organic peppermint leaves, highlighted with citrusy notes of lemon verbena from Paraguay. Peppermint naturally calms the digestive system, making this caffeine-free herbal tea perfect for enjoying after a meal. This custom blend was created especially for Williams-Sonoma by Five Mountains tea company in San Francisco. Named after the ancient five mountains of East Asia where tea harvesting began, Five Mountains sources organic ingredients grown using time-honored, sustainable methods. Our organic tea blends are notable for their heightened antioxidant content and purity of flavor. 15 sachets (1 oz.). Certified organic. Tea sachets are 100% bio-degradable. Blended and packed in USA.
  • Tassimo Cappucino T-Discs, 8 ct
    Cafe Style Cappuccino for Coffee Lovers. For all the lovers of latte and cappuccino it's time to rejoice as you can now indulge in a good cup of Tassimo Cappuccino T-Discs. This pack is a great balance of milk and espresso that's a favorite with most coffee lovers. This coffee has a smooth blend and rich flavor and can engage you with its subtle aroma. These beans are roasted and added to milk to give you a frothy and foamed milk-based cup of Cappuccino. Unique delicious flavor. Includes a mix of milk and espresso. Has an intense taste and aroma. Get ready to prepare cafe style Cappuccino at home with Tassimo Cappuccino T-Discs. With this pack, you can delight in every single sip of your coffee that'll be smooth, rich and flavorful. Just For You: Cappuccino lovers. Essential Elements: This coffee is made with a blend of carefully picked beans for a delightful flavor.
  • Willie Bird Smoked Turkey Whole, Available Now
    Nobody smokes a turkey like Greg "Beagle" Brodsky, the transplanted Aussie who’s in charge of smoked meats at the famous Willie Bird Ranch in Sonoma County, California, where the free-range birds are raised on the tastiest, healthiest natural grains. Our whole, bone-in turkeys are rubbed with a brown-sugar cure and spiked with garlic, then slow-smoked to succulent perfection. The mild, moist meat has a spectacular smoky flavor and is delicious hot or cold. Approx. 12–13 lb. (serves 10–12). Shipped chilled. Quantities are limited; preorder yours today for automatic Thanksgiving or Christmas delivery (see Shipping tab for details). Made in USA.
  • Tassimo Cafe Collection Latte, T-Discs, 8 pk
    Coffee Blend Enriched with Arabica Beans Tassimo Cafe Collection Latte is made for coffee lovers who like to indulge in distinct and exciting flavors. This coffee is put together with fresh and natural Arabica beans. Try this soothing blend to enjoy the variation that it creates. It's aromatic and comes with a bold and intense flavor. Made from Arabica beans. Combines complementary flavors. Comes in bold flavors of espresso. Rich, smooth and flavorful. If you are on the lookout for a coffee that not just tastes good but also holds a subtle aroma, Tassimo Cafe Collection Latte can be your ideal choice. This coffee comes in bold flavors with a rich and inviting aroma that'll enthrall you with every sip. Just For You: Coffee lovers. Essential Elements: This coffee is made using a blend of natural ingredients with special significance of Arabica beans. It comes with a tinge of espresso flavor.
  • Williams-Sonoma Turkish Bay Leaves
    Harvested from the Mediterranean bay laurel tree, our Turkish bay leaves are much milder and have a more complex flavor than their domestic cousins. Use them to add a delicately sweet astringency to your favorite dishes. Just one or two leaves will enhance a large roast or pot of homemade soup. Also called 'sweet bay leaves', these leaves grow wild on the hilly mountains of western Turkey in the area around Izmir (Smyrna). The aromatic leaves have a subtle, complex flavor with a delicate, tangy sweetness. Use this flavorful herb to season roast poultry, pork or beef. Add bay leaves to your favorite marinades, sauces, soups and stews. You can also add the fragrant leaves to cooking water for potatoes or noodles to give a hint of herbal flavor. This premium, all-natural herb is sourced from around the world and expertly blended by a family-owned artisanal spice company in California's Napa Valley. 0.19 oz. Made in the USA of imported ingredients.
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    • Primula Teas of the World Tea Pot & Tea Set
    • Avis test Flavour Art Saveur Cappuccino
    • Rosendahl Grand Cru Soft Latte Glass Set of 4
  • Tassimo Gevalia Swiss Hazelnut T-Discs, 4.5 oz, 16 ct
    Tassimo T-Discs, Gevalia Swiss Hazelnut Coffee (Medium), 16 Count 16 single serve T DISCs. Caffeinated Swiss Hazelnut. For the TASSIMO single cup home brewing system TASSIMO's Intelligent Barcode Technology measures the right amount of water, the perfect brew time and the exact temperature needed for delicious, well-crafted beverages. Medium Roast.
  • Amy's Cookies Fall Flavors Tin
    The Fall Flavors tin contains 40 seasonally flavored cookies. The maple cookies are cut in the shape of a variety of maple leaves. Perfect for gifting these cookies are packed in a gold tin and tied with a brown grosgrain ribbon. Shelf life: 4-6 weeksIncludes 40 cookiesBaked in USA
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  • Tassimo Cappuccino Milk Cream Singles, 12.5 oz, 8 ct
    Tassimo Cappuccino Milk Cream Singles, 12.5 oz, 8 ct.
  • Torn Ranch Ginger Cookie Tin
    All-natural ginger cookies baked fresh with organic flour, sugar and real creamery butter are a crispy treat. 7"W X 2"H8 oz. Shelf life: 12 monthsMade in USA
  • Tassimo Cafe Collection French Roast, T-Discs, 16 ct
    Tassimo Cafe Collection French Roast. A rich, full flavored coffee--a hearty blend truly in line with the French tradition of bold, sophisticated coffee. Full-bodied coffee made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. Custom roasted beans provide a rich aroma--a flavor packed taste that is always ?good to the last drop?
  • River Island Skittles desserts sweets
    Skittles desserts sweets.
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  • Tassimo Cafe Collection Morning Blend, T-Discs, 14 ct
    Coffee with the Goodness of Arabica Beans. Have a nice and flavorful hot cup of coffee with Tassimo Cafe Collection Morning Blend, which is a storehouse of custom-roasted beans. This is a mild flavored coffee that's designed specially to give a refreshing start to your day. Made with a rich blend of natural ingredients, this coffee is simply appetizing with a tempting taste. Made of 100% Arabica beans. Full-bodied and bright coffee. Comes with a smooth and rich texture. Has a mild flavor and rich aroma. T-discs are held in a single box. Add freshness to your Tassimo Cafe Collection mornings and look ahead to a bright and active day with a cup of Morning Blend coffee. Just For You: Coffee lovers. Essential Elements: This coffee is put together using finely and custom roasted Arabica beans that are known to hold a deep flavor.
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    • Starbucks White Coffee Mocha
    • Starbucks cinammon dolce frapuccino
    • GourmetSleuth - Starbucks Copycat Mocha Slush
  • River Island Skittles darkside sweets
    Skittles darkside sweets - the other side of the rainbow.
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  • River Island Skittles dessert sweets
    Skittles dessert sweets.
  • Crate & Barrel 5-Piece Chocolate Bar Gift Set
    Artisanal bars in five classic and creative flavors are boxed for giving to delight the chocolate lover. Toffee brittle, milk chocolate, malted milkshake, s'mores and peanut butter cup bars are crafted by Hammond's Candies, a classic American confectioner founded in Denver in 1920.
  • The Hampton Popcorn Company Sea Salt Kettle Popcorn
    Classic one gallon tin filled with Sea Salt Kettle Popcorn. 128 oz. Shelf life: 3 monthsMade in USASPECIAL PROCESSING & DELIVERYThis item ships directly from the vendor and requires 2-3 business days of vendor processing time. Choose Next Business Day delivery. Order will arrive within 3-4 business days from placement.
  • Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rose 2013
    Pale pink with saffron gold highlights, this powerful rose wine has a soft, firm structure balanced by crisp fruity notes. Tasting Note: Fresh white fruits and wild strawberry sit alongside citrus zest and light cardamom notes for a smooth, suave finish that reflects Clos Mireille’s coastal location.
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  • River Island Strawberry Twizzlers sweets
    Strawberry Twizzlers sweets.