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  • Flower on Violet Vector Graphic
    Flower On Violet Vector Graphic, Categories: Flowers and Swirls, Backgrounds; Tags: background, flower, swirls, violet; Format: EPS Vector
  • Autumn. |
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  • Smoke - a gallery of photos by Bryn Tassell
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  • PJ Lighthouse - Art: Amazing Line Drawing from Jen Stark
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    Pour vous et votre plaisir, images, tubes, masques, textures et autres pour vos créations
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  • FotoKritik - İsimsiz fotoğrafı
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  • Animal clip arts
    Butterfly silhouette clip art [caption id= align=alignnone width=172] (butterfly silhouette clipart)[/caption] [caption id= align=alignnone
  • Jeremy Harnell Through
    Watercolour Panels Design.
  • Design Seeds
    Design Seeds are color palettes created by designer Jessica Colaluca. Explore thousands of combinations to inspire your life's palette.
  • Blurb ebook: Design Seeds by Seed Design Consultancy LLC
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  • Photo Diary A Dream of Paris
    Paris is one of those exquisite places where love, romance, fantasy and dreams come alive -- if only for a moment. We believe it’s the ethereal nature of dreaming that makes a city like this all the more romantic. Lookbooker Matthias Cornilleau is a fashion & style blogger for Stylnoxe who avidly adopts this philosophy of living in the moment, seeing the inherent beauty in change, travel and transition. He looks at the city from a poetically elegant perspective, a “meeting place for people who come from everywhere to drink tasty white wines together in lovely bars or on the Seine banks.” We’re more than honored to embark on a dreamlike journey with Matthias for a typical “day-in-the-life” of a Parisian style icon to explore the homeland of premier haute couture, centuries-old shops, imaginative pursuits and of course, the finest chocolat. “I grew up in the deep countryside of France before moving to Paris to study Political Science. After having spent five years here, I especially like to stay near the center – in the old Paris – where I can peacefully walk and admire all the art, artifact and design galleries where I derive most of my inspiration from.” 6:30 AM | A Tie to Start the Day I tend to wake up very early to enjoy the coveted silence of the morning and to avoid the crowds. After a brewing a quick cup of coffee, I begin the day by selecting the perfect tie from my personal collection. 9:00 AM | Beds of Saffron and Ivory After an invigorating yoga class, I seek out good vibes at the Jardin du Luxembourg. Located in the fashionable left bank, many locals come here to exercise, jog or enjoy fresh air. The garden is an oasis of calm and greenery in the center of the early day’s hustle and bustle. Saffron, ivory and steel blue flower-beds make for a tranquil and picturesque moment. 1:00 PM | It's All In the Details click the image above to view the gallery My school is in the 7th arrondissement of Paris so I have a habit of lunching at the Café de Flore. It’s known to be a celebrity hotspot, but I tend to go more for its traditional cooking and freshly made vegetarian meals. In the afternoon, I visit shops like the Maison Sennelier, an art materials store that’s been around since 1887. It has seen artists like Cézanne,Monet, Picasso and Dali pass through its doors over the past century, and sells pristine accents, like these unique golden frame hooks. 1:00 PM | Tokens of Love The Pont des Arts is where I go to pray about meeting the lover of my life. But all jokes aside, this bridge crossing the river Seine draws painters, artists and photographers from all over the world, who use it as a studio en plein air. It’s also become tradition for tourists to attach engraved padlocks onto the railing before tossing the keys into the river as a gesture of committed love. Films, songs and art exhibitions have been inspired by this tradition (meanwhile, city officials have yet to figure a way to “address” the new fad). 2:30 PM | Style of the Orient click the image above to view the gallery In the afternoon, I like to peruse the newest pieces at my favorite designer store – Dries Van Noten. The eclectic, part old library, part cozy living room design was manifested by architect Geert Voorjans and Van Noten himself. The store features ten-coat, wood paneling installed by Belgium lacquer specialists, in colors of rufous, scarlet and curry. The exotic décor features antique furniture and paintings inspired by China prints. 3:00 PM | One of A Kind click the image above to view the gallery When I’m on a tight budget, I have to choose carefully. After trying on a few things, including this fly flower bomber jacket, I decided to settle on this slick one-of-a-kind embroidered-flower tie. 4:00 PM | No Man's Land click the image above to view the gallery Now it’s time to take some photo of my OOTD (outfit of the day). We found the perfect place in a kind of no man’s land, across the Louvre and the Tuileries garden. My friends and I love contemplating the architecture of old buildings and monuments on each street corner. They make us dream
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  • Beach Sand 12 x 12 Paper
    Beach Sand 12 x 12 Paper - *12 x 12 Paper...
  • U.S. Ceramic Tile Bright Snow White Brick 12 in. x 12 in. x 6 mm Ceramic Mosaic Tile
    Visit The Home Depot to buy U.S. Ceramic Tile Color Collection Bright Snow White 12 in. x 12 in. Brick Mosaic Tile (11.00 sq. ft. /case) U072-12M
  • Artifacts {II}
    Scrapbookgraphics offers digital scrapbooking and altered art supplies, for the digital scrapbooker, computer crafter and digital artists!
  • kristen_springcity_fence01_sh.png
    Фото автора Trissa на Яндекс.Фотках
  • "Burberry With Love" Campaign
    Burberry Gets Festive For "Burberry With Love" Campaign
  • chevron stripe mint
    chevron stripe mint by ninaribena for sale on Spoonflower - custom fabric, wallpaper and decals
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