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  • Cool Beds To Climb!
    With space being of constant concern in many of our compact homes, or in open plan residences where everything is on show all of the time, may be it's time to t
  • Article "It's Snow White's Moment. What's She Going To Do With It?"
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  • Mariya Olshevska Snowy Fowl
    Snowy Owl + Fox = snowy fowl! This is one of the fantasy hybrid creatures that I painted for a project that is currently on hold (while we’re working on something bigger!). So, I'm sharing a few images in the meantime. You can read more about this project and my process here: Please follow my Facebook Art Page for more frequent updates on my illustration shenanigans: Instagram: @mariya.olshevska.
  • The Secret to These Flawless Denim Styles? The Perfect Flare
    Floral skinnies might be the jean of the moment, but flared jeans have staying power. As much as we love our skinny-fit jeans (and, trust us, we're not knocking the new patterned pairs either), each of these celebrity looks is inspiring a closer look at
  • Anja Rubik, Jac Jagaciak Gap Spring 2011 Ad Campaign.Flare Jeans The New It
    Gap said that flare is officially on. And more: flare and high waist! Yes, I’m talking about jeans! It’s yet unclear from the images released so far, but Gap’s Spring 2011 ad campaign is based on flare legged jeans with high waist (for Jac Jagaciak) and classic low waist (for Anja Rubik). I wish more...