chαnel, loubitons, curls, and brαtty girls.

; essence blair kingsley
; fifteen, almost sixteen
; with long, platinum blonde hair and bright blue, green eyes, essence, or essie, is a stunner. she has smooth, porcelain skin and a curved button nose. essie has raspberry lips that pucker when she is mad.
; upper east side, new york.
; - dad - jonathon james kingsley - 43 - ceo of major businesses. -
- mother - jane meredith kingsley - 34 - model and former actress -
; the color pink, snow, summer, smiling, laughing, boys, tans, lipgloss and lipstick, nail polish, mascara, pina colada, coconut, swimming, dancing, acting, singing, sketching, painting.
; bxxches , rude people. unclassy people, oranges, the color orange, blackmail, snobs, hot tea.
; Often referred to that /perfect/ one, essence is one of those elegant, classy, lady-like teenagers who are so prim and proper, they practically drive with their legs crossed. She is nice, and very funny, but can retort something witty back to you within a moment. She is very intelligent, and has attended all the best schools around. maintaining a 4.0 GPA, Essence also has a large vocabulary. Essence is rarely mean, and she is never a party girl. As said above, she isn't really mean, but if you get n her bad side, she can go off on you.
; anorexic, bulimic.
; 4.0
; Beings the better person & Very Self Conscious.
; To be a pediatric oncologist.
; 7 1-2
; nah.

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