The Chalkboard Adventures of a Newborn Baby
  • lady.annadu - albumet «My Halloween Magisk» på Yandex
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  • Target's Newest Collection Will Have Girls Singing For Tomorrow
    If the December release of Annie wasn't enough to excite your little girl, then this news will make her sing out loud. Target has partnered with Annie's costume designer Renée Ehrlich Kalfus to create a limited-edition line of girls' apparel and
  • Towering Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes
    Such an awe-inspiring collection of harvest-ready cupcakes! Use tip 2A to pipe pumpkins on cupcake tops, add green leaves and green string licorice. These are featured on our 13-Count Cupcakes-N-More Dessert Stand.
  • 5SOS’s “Good Girls” New Music Video Pics!
    5SOS's music video for their new single, "Good Girls," comes out in exactly two days! Eeep! The boys surprised us with a teaser video yesterday, hinting the video was set at a prison for bad girls. Today they've given us even more insider info! Looks like the prison was actually a Reform School! Or maybe the video's set at a prison AND a reform school? Who knows?! We'll have to wait and find out this Friday. How stoked are you for 5SOS's new video? As stoked as Ashton sounded in his tweet? Let us know in the comments below!
  • Fang Club Member Cupcakes
    Dracula is back! He really sinks his teeth into celebrating. Fang Club Member Cupcakes show that he’s not only a member; he’s the life of the party. You’ll be surprised at how quickly these treats will disappear.