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-model: Bridget Mendler 

- Name: Chelsea Fawkes

-Daughter of Iris

 -quote from your lantern: You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. 

-Today was an amazing day. Chiron planned a day by the lake and bonfire for everyone, which was awesome of him. I spent the day playing volleyball with my good friend Gabby and her boyfriend Will. I also swam in the lake and swans on the rope, which was a blast! I love swimming and doing all those things, so it was great. When the fire started, I sat with my siblings, and we sang along with the Apollo cabin. Sometimes, I would add some color to the fire to surprise people, which made them smile. I loved that. When Chiron had us write our quotes, I made mine one that had always influenced me to live life to the fullest, and make people live life, too. It was the perfect day. 


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