Challenge Items?

This is a collection of items that are some combination of unique and versatile that I think would be cool to see in challenges.
In my groups, I almost never do challenge items, but I'm tagging a few people who do: @lashandanista @tacciani @sheryl-lee @justjules2332 @gaburrus @natasha-gayden I'm a member of your groups. If any of these items inspire you, that's great! If not, no worries. At one point, someone asked for suggestions for challenge items, and I don't remember who it was, but I had fun putting this together, and I hope you at least find an item or two that you'd like to use some time.


Wrote one year ago
I know you had specific people in mind for this collection, but I enjoyed it immensely! I found several wonderful items that I hope to use! Thank you for sharing!

Wrote one year ago
Thank you!

Wrote one year ago
Some great items!! The shoes and that bag!!

Wrote one year ago
very interesting collection! thank you


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