" Hey my name is Mary, and uh my friend just told the guy I like , that I liked him. What should I do? My whole life is ruined! I don't want him to know! Now we will never ever be a couple! Help? ."

Dear Mary,
First of all your life is not need to take a deep breathe and move forward.
If your crush never new your feelings he wouldn't know you want to be a couple. 
Also your friend was only trying to help. Your friend wants what is best for you and to see that you are happy. If you go on about your crush to your friend maybe it is annoy for your friend. So, she wanted to speed things up by telling your crush.
I would say think positively. Although you might be embarrassed and wanted to do things your own way. He knows now and you can only look forward to exciting things to come in your life.
Love is meaningless when you have no one to give it meaning. 
Perhaps the crush likes you back and without asking/ telling him you have feelings for can you tell? 

I hope everything goes well for you and your friend was only trying to help. 

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