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I'm back! 

I was off in the desert, attempting to not get a sunburn and enjoy the weekend with one of my best friends. It was nice; all we did was be lazy and watch marathon of shows: How I Met Your Mother, Merlin, Doctor Who...and rant about the new seasons of Suits and White Collar. 

But I missed Polyvore, and I missed making sets :(

My computer for some reason has turned...dare I say... anti Polyvore!


It just starts freaking out every time I try and get on Polyvore. It has no problems with other sites, just Polyvore :( It makes me so sad... T__T

So even though I want to make a lot of sets today...I might not be able to because of how slow my computer is going to be >.<

But on a brighter note, I have planned out all the next chapters for Seoul-Mate! It is going to go up to 16-18 chapters in total. And I have settled down, and locked in the guy I'm going to end up with. Which I found very strange because I honestly did not plan to end up with the character I choose 0.o 

It was one of those scenarios where I guess...the story wrote itself. So I'm going to write today and try and get an update in ^^
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