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Happy New Year! I'm sooo excited, since it's New Year's Eve tomorrow, and I can't wait for 2O13 :3 Are you guys excited? What are your plans? ^.^

Anyways, I am sure you've all heard of the Cinnamon challenge, maybe the cracker challenge, and a few others, but here I have a list of challenges that I've found around Youtube and the internet.


-The Cinnamon Challenge
I would not recommend it, because I have read on a few blogs that death and serious injury is POSSIBLE. I haven't heard any reports on it actually HAPPENING, but there is a POSSIBILITY. NOW I WILL STOP EMPHASIZING WORDS WITH CAPS. 
Some videos (of ppl doing the cinnamon challenge):

-The Warhead Challenge
There are different variations, some people have a competition with another person, some people set a time limit and eat as many as possible, etc. I will do my version of choiceee
You'll need:
+ A friend (if you don't have one... well...)
+ Warheads, or any other really sour candy
+ Garbage cans (so you have something to throw up in, lol)
+ A timer
+ Prize (optional, or do a bet)

O1. Get your supplies ready. Each player needs an equal amount of warheads
O2. Set your timer to 3O seconds, a minute, 5 minutes, whatever you like
O3. Go!
O4. The person who finishes first wins, if no one finishes all their candy, then the person who has less wins !!

The Banana && Sprite Challenge:
Apparently your body cannot handle Sprite and Banana together, so it's impossible not to throw up (ew), so I guess if you like throwing up... try this challenge, or if you want to be a myth buster or something.

You'll need:
+ 1-3 bananas
+ 1-3 bottles (the small ones, of Sprite)
+ A garbage can
+ A partner

O1. Eat 1 - 3 bananas
O2. Immediately drink 1 - 3 bottles of Sprite
O3. Try not to threw up (ew)!

Personally, I prefer watching this challenge...

Chubby Bunny
Be sure you are not home alone when doing this, because there is a possibility of choking, so I would rather watch this one too :3

The Phone Challenge
I got this one from Chick vs. Dick on clicknetwork

You'll need:
~ A friend
~ Your guys' phones
~ A paper and something to write with

O1. On a piece of paper write:
- Use your own list
- Use your partner's list
O2. Cut them up and set a side, on the side where you can't see the writing
O3. Each of you make a list of 1O words you or your friend will need to say in their phone conversation
O4. Choose a paper which will decide who's list you will use
O5. You will need to use the list of words in order in your conversation on the phone. You can't let them know that you are doing a dare // challenge.
Spice things up by;; calling your parents or relatives. 

Ellen's Dance Dare
You'll need:
+Some friend(s)

O1. Dance behind people until they notice, walk away and do it to more people
O2. This is really fun at school, and you could do it in public =))))

The Impossible Challenge
Try "impossible" things like:
- Lick your elbow or nose
- Move your ears
- Tickle yourself and genuinely laugh
- Lift one eyebrow
- The paralyzed finger
- etc.

Games for challenges, dares and bets:
-Pillow fights

xx maria xx
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